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The Superpower That Is Seduction

By Davin PaigePublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Courtesy of Davin Paige

One of the pillars included in the foundation of any romantic or intimate relationship is seduction. So often we overlook the importance of this factor. Seduction is relevant and usually present to some degree in every stage of these type of relationships. Seduction provides vibrancy to our relationships.

Seduction is the superpower we all have, the ability to tap into if we choose. How often have we seen someone and immediately thought about how good they look or how sexy they are? What is the factor that keeps us intrigued? Seduction makes us see these people in the most favorable ways possible, even if it requires us to apply our imagination. The model that posts herself in a sports bra and shorts after working out on Instagram that easily receives thousands of likes is a perfect example of seduction. Somewhere in her comments, there are people wishing to meet her or spend a night with her. This is commented under the premise that she would be great company even though, the followers do not know her at all. What factor separates that person from anyone else? They have obviously tapped into this superpower. If you read their comments, you see the results in more detail. People apply all types of stories to others to support their fantasies about them.

You are probably thinking, how does this apply to me in a relationship? Seduction, when done right, provides interest from those being seduced. If ever you wanted the best opportunity to secure the opportunity for any type of relationship, seduction is one of the major factors. There is efficacy in seduction. This is not temporary like control is. Humans gravitate to things they like. Seduction makes you one of those things for the right people. There is no better security than knowing you have your partner or potential partners attention.

Women are usually naturals at the art of seduction. They naturally have the ability to apply there charisma, sex appeal, intelligence, and looks in a way that is appetizing. Men have to try a little harder. I think traditional roles play a huge part but, seduction can be accomplished by anyone. If you have charisma and the gift of gab then use it to your advantage. Great conversation goes a long way. Words have way more power than most of us realize. Spending time conversing and showing interest in this person can be a huge factor in seducing someone, especially a potential partner. If you are creative, then present that world to him/her in an enticing way. In other words, I am saying play to your strengths. The element of surprise is also something that can be used to your advantage. Be the fantasy he/she wants with your unique spin on it. If she loves men in suits that are clean cut and smell good, then be it. Surprise her by going somewhere nice that suits her taste in your formal wear with the sexiest fragrance you can find. If he thinks a submissive woman can be sexy, then play into that fantasy. Surprise him by doing everything he wants without hesitation for one day. Be creative in how you approach seduction. Figure out how their thought process works as well as there likes and dislikes. Use what you know to your advantage in providing an experience that is pleasurable. Understand that this experience is not about you. It is about creating a pleasurable experience for someone else.

Seduction has so much to do with being selfless. However, there can be rewards that surprise you. Your partner may choose to indulge based on your example. Whatever choice you make, just be sure that it works for you and partner. Most importantly, have fun!!!


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Writing about any and everything that resonates. Exploring creativity in a therapeutic way.

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