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Scorpio Soul Fantasies part 1: To Serve Him

A Scorpio New Moon series of Poetic Spiritual Erotica

By Raven Shea 🐍🌙Published 8 months ago Updated about a month ago 11 min read
Top Story - November 2023

The altar glows with candlelight fire

Reflected in a clear bowl of holy water

Surrounded by crystals, antlers, & the horn of a bison

Peacock feathers adorn the sides of this mantle

A red lightbulb hue blends with the haze of smoking herbs

There is a silver platter

With slices of pomegranate & strawberries

Amidst a scattering of rose petals

Two steaming cups await our lips

Filled to the brim with blue lotus cacao

You cannot see any of this

You are blindfolded

Your hands are tied behind your back

You are kneeling shirtless in front of the altar

Egyptian melodies play over the speaker as I kneel in front of you with a Python draped around my neck

I speak in a mesmerizing tone

“I’ve come to serve you

Do you trust me?”

You nod

“Do you surrender to me completely?”

You nod

Our ritual has begun

I reach for the blue lotus cacao

Offering a blessing for our hearts

Before bringing the cup to your lips

“As we open this container

We begin with the blessing of water

We activate the flow of pure love in our hearts

Guided by sacred cacao

We activate the flow of sensual pleasure

Guided by sacred blue lotus

We surrender to the flow that wishes to move through us

Guided by the medicine of devotion”

I watch your throat muscles move as you swallow this sweet elixir

The moisture on your lips as your tongue glides over them

I take a drink & notice the stimulation occurring in my body

I can feel my yoni becoming warm

I can feel my heart beating faster

I am in deep devotion to you

This holy liquid begins to circulate through our bodies

I reach for the rose oil

I anoint your third eye

Your throat

Your heart

I untie your wrists temporarily to anoint the palm of each of your hands

Then guide them into a prayer position

Covering them with my own

“We open to the blessing of air

Activating the depths of vocal expression

Guided by our breath

Activating the gentleness of touch

Guided by feathered wings of light

We surrender to the sounds that wish to move through us

Guided by the medicine of liberation”

We breathe in sync

I feel the cacao expanding our hearts

I feel the depth of your trust in me

I feel our energy fields beginning to merge in union

The breath takes us deep into a state of presence

Eyes closed, the air takes on a different quality

There is nothing but the point of contact between our hands

If we let go we may spiral off into a multidimensional vortex

I return your hands behind your back, tying your wrists once more

I trace your skin with peacock feathers

Allowing my gaze to slowly take in every detail of your flesh

Every muscle & vein

Every rise & dip

Every scar

I watch your skin ripple in response to this gentle touch of feather

I lean close to your ear & breathe heavily

Shivers erupt a stream of goosebumps over your flesh

I slide the feathers along your vertebrae

Guiding the pleasure downward

I breathe heavily onto the skin at the base of your spine

More shivers of sensation cause you to tremble

I slide the feathers to the top of your neck

Guiding the pleasure upwards

I grab two of the candle sticks from the altar

A red one & a black one

Kneeling in front of you once more

“We open to the blessing of fire

Activating the deepest of passion

Guided by our inner fire

Activating the power of transmutation

Guided by the heat of the flame

We surrender to what wishes to be ignited within us

Guided by the medicine of sacred sparks”

You are still kneeling with your hands tied behind your back

I guide you to lean back slightly

I tilt the bright red candle above your left shoulder

Watching tiny droplets gather on your skin

Dripping down as they harden against your flesh

I find satisfaction in watching the way your body strains against the burning sensations

Your breathing is rougher

It turns me on

I tilt the black candle above your right shoulder

Watching as thin streaks of black wax slide down your body

The blending of bright red & black creates a brilliant pattern on your tight, muscled skin

You grit your teeth as your breath comes out in sharp bursts

I can feel your warrior spirit

I drip both candles at the same time

Increasing the pain

You cry out with the voice of a proud warrior

I know you are enjoying this

Your shouts sound close to moans & it bring me pleasure

I observe the tension in your muscles decorated by wax before putting the candles back on the altar

I trace my thumb along your cheek

Holding your chin in my hand

I tilt your face up toward me

Reaching for your nipple with my other hand

Squeezing until you clench your teeth in a mixture of pleasure & pain

I love seeing you blindfolded

Witnessing the expressions that come from willingly experiencing pain

I slowly begin to peel the streaks of wax off of your body

You are slick with perspiration

It’s time to remove your blindfold

“As I remove this blindfold

I remove any illusion

That would block you from seeing truth

May you be blessed with clear sight”

My eyes are the first thing to greet yours

I can see the fire of passion in your eyes that has been activated through this experience

I know it is a reflection of my own

You gaze at me with the deepest trust I have ever known

We spend many moments of breath here

Allowing our presence to magnify these embers

Into a fiery blaze

The air between us is thick & hot

I help you to your feet

Guiding you to a throne near the altar

This throne is draped elaborately with beautiful scarves & a soft blanket

I help you get comfortable with your arms still tied behind your back

Your eyes never leave mine

I cross the room & turn my back to you as the next song on my playlist comes on

It is a sensual middle eastern beat

I begin to move my hips from side to side

I can feel the heat of your gaze warming my back

I am wearing a long skirt over a lingerie with scarves over my head & shoulders

I sway my hips back & forth to the beat

Moving my spine like a serpent

Feeling the kundalini energy moving up & down my vertebrae

Each of my chakras fully activated & vibrant

I slowly spin to face you

Your eyes meet mine immediately

Fire of desire blends with a heart full of devoted adoration

I can feel your love charging every electron in this room

I sense my oracle coming alive through this ancient dance

Looking upon you

A sacred warrior

Here to be served by the Goddess

You have come to a priestess

This is a ceremonial rite

I remove the veil covering my head

Allowing it to float to the floor

Offering a full view of my face

Next I remove the scarf draped over my shoulders

Revealing my bare skin adorned with straps & lace from lingerie

I begin to speak poetry for you as I dance

“Blessed is the body of a man anointed

Blessed is the soul of a man who is served

Blessed is the heart of a man devoted

Blessed is the mind of a man who prays

Blessed is he who looks upon the body of a priestess

Blessed is he who gazes into her eyes

Blessed is he who is granted entrance into her sacred chambers

Blessed is he who sips from her sacred waters

Behold the movement of the holy serpent

The rainbow of light that moves up the spine

Behold the healing power of divine Union

The blessings of pleasure amplified in prayer”

I am dancing right in front of you

It is time for our vows

My eyes are connected with yours as I recite sacred vows from my heart

“I vow to honor & receive all of you

I vow to trust in your ability to honor & receive all of me

I vow to remain open to you in the spirit of pure devotion & unconditional love

I vow to trust you to remain open to me in the spirit of pure devotion & unconditional love

I vow to use the energy cultivated between us in sacred Union as a source of healing, empowerment, & the highest benefit of all

I trust you to use the energy cultivated between us in sacred Union as a source of healing, empowerment, & the highest benefit of all

I vow to communicate with honor, integrity, truth & respect

I trust you to communicate with honor, integrity, truth & respect

I vow to love your body as an extension of my own flesh

I trust you to love my body as an extension of your own flesh”

You repeat these vows back to me

Fully embodied in your deliverance of these as deeply resonate truths from your own heart

I bring over the silver platter

Kneeling before you

“We open to the blessing of earth

Activating the deepest levels of nourishment

Guided by her fruitful gifts of abundance

Activating the landscapes of DNA

Guided by the touching of bodies

We surrender to what wishes to be experienced through these earthy vessels

Guided by the wisdom of our flesh”

Presenting you with a pomegranate seed

You open your mouth to receive

Sucking sweetly on my finger each time I feed you

I alternate between us

Feeding each of us one pomegranate seed at a time

Savoring the flavor

My eyes never leave yours

We continue in this dance for as long as it takes

To consume this entire pomegranate

Juices dripping down our faces

Eyes locked in pure presence

I put a sliver of strawberry in my mouth

Playing with its texture against my tongue

Before leaning in to join my mouth with yours

Our tongues dance together

Passing the strawberry back & forth

Dizzy with sensations of sweet saliva

It is but a taste

Your eyes are full of hunger as I pull back from you

The shredded sliver of strawberry still in my mouth

I grab the hair at the base of your neck

Gently tilting your head back

I slip my thumb between your lips

Opening your mouth

Before slowly spitting the strawberry into your open lips

Hands on my hips

I slowly work my skirt down my legs

Until it falls to the floor in a heap

I climb into your lap & begin to dance on you

Grinding against you as I loosen your bound wrists to raise them above your head before tying them again

Leaning in for another sweet kiss

I can feel your cock hardening beneath your pants

My pussy pulses with desire

Our arms are raised above our heads

Channeling the energy up & out

I pull back

Straddled on your lap

Bringing your wrists in front of us

“As I remove these bindings from your wrist

I remove any shackles that have held you back or tied you down

From your ancestry

From society

From past incarnations

May you be free to walk the path of your choosing

Reaching with strength for that which you desire to grasp”

I untie your wrists & guide your hands to my hips

Moving against you in a slow rhythmic grind in tune with the music

Your hands begin to explore the curves of my body

I smell like roses & Egyptian oils

Our tongues are dancing without end

Only pausing to taste other points of flesh

The soft skin of your neck

The curves of my breast

The lobes of your ears

My hard round nipples swollen in pleasure

I slide my legs behind me & come to kneel in front of you

Bowing at your feet

I squeeze & caress the flesh of your feet between kisses

Offering blessings of devotion

“Thank you for letting me serve you”

I glide my hands up your strong legs until I reach the button on your pants

Gently I remove them

Followed by your undies

I gaze at your body in pure adoration

For the beauty that you are

Your rock hard Phallus is worthy of the finest sculpture

You are royalty

A god seated upon his holy throne

I massage your hips with my hands

Gazing up at you with desire

My mouth waters at the sight of you

I allow my drool to drip down my chin

You run your fingers through my hair

Pausing with your hand behind my neck

“Bless the throat of this woman

This throat that acts as a channel

For divine prayers

For sacred truth

For holy songs & sounds

Bless the throat of this woman

This throat that opens to receive

Activating the voice

Activating the flow

Creating more space

Bless the throat of this woman

This throat that delivers pleasure

This throat that swallows nourishment

This throat that speaks life into existence

May this throat be blessed

By the presence of my sacred sexual elixir”

I look up at you with a devotion that is deeper than any ocean

My heart is open

My yoni is pulsing

I indulge in the first taste of you

It is enough to activate a deep primal desire

I am fully present to this act of oral prayer

I am caressing your head with my tongue

Sucking gently on your sack

Pushing you deep into the back of my throat

Feeling expansion as I open to you

Your moans are fuel for this fire

I massage the sensitive areas of your hips

Surrendering to the rhythm that your body is asking me for

I grab your ass cheeks in my hands as I deep throat you

Massaging the area between your scrotum & asshole with my thumbs

Causing waves of sensation from your root to your crown

I am here for as long as you like

Primal sounds escape your lips & you grip my hair with power as you approach the edge of orgasm

I moan onto your cock & the vibrations open my throat even more

I can feel the multidimensional expansion that is happening with this sacred act

My throat chakra is open wide as you offer your entire load of sexual elixir to be swallowed

I feel this life•giving flow fertilizing the soil of my throat where new life is soon to blossom

You collapse back into the throne

Pulsing with the after effects of the deepest pleasure you’ve ever known

I climb into your lap & wrap myself around you

Our hearts beat as one

We stay in this embrace for many breaths

Feeling the circuitry of energy pulsing between us

Feeling your essence traveling through my system

Resting in my belly

Feeling the opening between us

After many moments of integrating this first sacred release

I lean back to look deeply into your eyes

“It is an honor to serve you

Bless this pleasure

Bless this opening

Bless this healing

Bless this expansion

I love you

I see you

I honor you

I am devoted to you, my King”

Your eyes are filled with a love that shines brighter than any star

You receive these declarations with honorable presence

Reaching one hand to my face

Resting the other over my heart

Many moments pass before you speak

“It is the deepest honor known across all timelines

To be served by you

I bow in the deepest of reverence

For your medicine

For your wisdom

For your presence

For your prayers

For your capacity to deliver pleasure

I will find my way back to you again & again

To be served by you, my Queen

& now

Let me have the honor of serving you”


About the Creator

Raven Shea 🐍🌙

Story teller. Spiritual warrior. Dancer. Singer. Sensory energetic healer. Sister. Witch. Teacher. Empath. T1 diabetic. Awakening serpent priestess. Sound meditation practitioner. Energetic doula. Artist.

Come join me in reflection 🔮

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  • Mike Singleton 🌜 Mikeydred 🌛21 days ago

    Hi we are featuring your excellent Top Story in our Community Adventure Thread in The Vocal Social Society on Facebook and would love for you to join us there

  • angela hepworth2 months ago

    Gorgeous erotic writing!!

  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Congrats on ts.

  • Dominic Casey-Lee5 months ago

    This was beautiful. I felt compelled to read it aloud to myself. Thank you. But... Does this man have double-jointed shoulders? Sheesh! The thought of bringing my hands from behind my back to between me and another while they're tied together hurt more than any wax lol.

Raven Shea 🐍🌙Written by Raven Shea 🐍🌙

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