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Science of Pheromone Colognes

Science of pheromone colognes proves that your nose can be an erogenous zone.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 9 min read

The pleasant aroma of cologne can be quite enticing and creates an impression that lasts—scent is said to be linked to memory, after all. But beyond traditional colognes that simply have a nice scent lies the option of pheromone colognes which, are designed to make a much bigger impact on those around you. Studies have shown that people react subconsciously to smells and pheromones can be used to take advantage of this effect in a more deliberate manner.

Many plants and animals use pheromones to communicate with others of the same species, to attract mates, to repel pests, and much more. Humans can use these chemicals to their advantage as well, and using pheromone cologne allows the wearer to choose what kind of message to present. Whether the intention is attracting women, stimulating intimacy with a long-term partner, or gaining the trust of others, pheromones can be used to help accomplish a wide array of personal relationship goals.

How Do Pheromones Influence Our Actions?

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Pheromones are chemicals produced in and secreted by the body that cause involuntary reactions in the individuals exposed to them. Though they can elicit a range of responses, they are not consciously perceived by those affected by them.

When pheromones are present on skin or in the air, they are detected by people nearby. Pheromones were only discovered in the mid-1900s, and scientists aren’t entirely sure how they are detected by humans. In many animals, an organ called the vomeronasal organ (VNO), located in the nose, is responsible for recognizing pheromones and it was believed to be the same for humans. However, further research has discovered that the organ in humans is typically inactive. Regardless, it is in the nasal passages that pheromones are initially picked up, even if it is not yet fully understood how.

From the nasal passages, the pheromones create a signal that is sent to the brain. This signal is received in the hypothalamus—which is the portion of the brain responsible for regulating hormones—and the individual’s mood, emotions, and sex drive are affected. The way hormones are altered results in changes in perception and behavior, and these can vary quite a bit depending on which pheromone the person was exposed to.

Interest in pheromones is often limited to how they affect the opposite sex. While they can certainly be effectively used by men to bring about a certain reaction in women or vice versa, some pheromones can also influence members of the same sex. For this reason, pheromones can be used for improving all kinds of relationships including romantic, sexual, platonic, and business.

Because some pheromones create changes in behavior for both sexes, these chemicals can affect the wearer while also influencing the people surrounding them. When choosing a pheromone cologne, consider how you might want it to affect you and well as how you’d like it to make people perceive you.

Different Types of Pheromones

There are many different pheromones that act in a multitude of ways, but only a handful are commonly used in colognes. Pheromones are selected for colognes based on the effects they can cause and how effective they are at bringing out their intended response.


Androstenone is one of the most commonly used pheromones in pheromone colognes and is considered to be the most effective when it comes to increasing sexual attraction in women. It is a chemical naturally found in male sweat after it has been exposed to oxygen.

The scent of androstenone is quite interesting, because the way it smells to an individual depends on which one of two genotypes they have. People with the first genotype describe androstenone as either undetectable or a having a very mild sweet scent, similar to vanilla. For people with the other genotype, however, it has a very pungent odor that is more like urine. Thankfully, the scent is camouflaged well in musky colognes so men can enjoy the benefits of the chemical without carrying its potentially unappealing odor.

Sexual arousal in women is the primary benefit of using androstenone in pheromone colognes. The chemical helps give the impression that the wearer is an alpha male. Because alpha traits like dominance and confidence are very attractive to women on a biological level, this sparks their desire and causes them to see the man emitting the pheromone as a potential sexual partner. Men wearing cologne containing androstenone also report feeling much more confident themselves, which also helps increase attraction in women.

Bask No. 9 is made with an intense formula designed to attract anyone. Made with 98.8 percent pure pheromones, it is the only pheromone solution of its kind. Bask No. 9 can be used on a daily basis and is made to be combined with any of your favorite colognes or perfumes. Undetectable, the pheromone combination can sway the deepest and most passionate feelings and sexual desires of those you come in contact with.


Androstanone’s chemical structure is very much like that of androstenone and the two share many qualities. The main difference between them is the milder nature of androstanone. This pheromone still has a fairly musky scent but it is described as being very subtle.

It also causes many of the same effects as androstenone, but in a gentler way. Instead of an increase in sexual desire, it tends to bring out friendly behavior in those affected by it. For this reason, colognes containing androstanone are particularly beneficial in situations such as casual social events where the mood is less sexual in nature. Androstanone has a rather unique self-effect as well; Instead of impacting the wearer’s mood, it enhances sense of smell. This isn’t usually the intention when using the chemical, but it is an interesting effect.

The crisp green, fresh citrus, and warm notes of Pheromone for Men by Marilyn Miglin give it an irresistibly manly scent. Perfect for casual wear, the cologne's scent is a blend of dry, aromatic woods. A little goes a long way; One light application of the sharp, arid fragrance of Pheromone for Men lasts all day and into the evening (or all evening and into the night).


In the human body, androsterone influences the development and maintenance of masculine traits in males and is believed to be a by-product of breaking down testosterone. It can be found on men’s skin, especially in the underarm region, and in their urine. This pheromone doesn’t have much of a scent, which makes it easily blended into any type of cologne or perfume.

Andosterone is sometimes also called alpha andosterone. This pheromone makes the wearer appear more masculine to women and causes them to seem more protective, responsible, and charismatic. The impression of these traits increases the likelihood that women will see the wearer as a sexual or romantic partner. It also gives the wearer a boost in confidence. A variation of the chemical, known as beta or epi-androsterone, creates similar effects but with more emphasis on charm. It is slightly more effective in encouraging a sense of positive chemistry and affection. Epi-androsterone affects men as well and can be used to encourage platonic bonding since it makes the wearer seem generally more likable.

AndrosteRONE can be added to your favorite cologne to give you an air of authority and demand attention from the object of your desire. A small amount can produce mood-elevating effects and effectively increase flirtatious behavior from the opposite sex. Perfect for the man that needs a bit of a confidence boost before a night on the town or before approaching a singular love interest, AndrosteRONE adds a surprising amount of power to any pheromone mix.


Found in male sweat, saliva, and semen, androstadienone has a mild musky scent similar to that of androstanone. When women pick up on this pheromone, their cortisol levels become elevated and they experience increased arousal. Androstadienone also helps to improve intimacy, gives women a feeling of comfort, and causes the wearer to appear more attractive. Because of these effects, colognes with androstadienone are often used by men in long-term relationships. Androstadienone colognes are useful in business since its calming effect can be seen in men as well and creates a mood conducive to better cooperation.

Androstadienone provides a soothing and stress-reliving effect in both sexes, especially in women. One of the better-researched pheromones, a small addition of Androstadienone to a cologne will make it easier to approach women and make them feel more comfortable talking to and confiding in you. Whether you're seeking a new relationship or are trying to strengthen your current one, studies have shown that Androstadienone causes women to find men more attractive.


Produced by the adrenal gland, androstenol is another pheromone found in male sweat, specifically when fresh. Its scent is musky with a bit of a pine aroma and is less pungent than the smell of androstenone.

Androstenol has alpha and beta variations and each has slightly different effects. Alpha androstenol-containing cologne is great for making men seem more approachable. Women become more likely to initiate conversation or contact with the wearer and are prompted to behave in a more friendly, outgoing manner. Beta androstenol helps form bonds between individuals and it makes women more likely to open up and share personal details. While the alpha version is better for bars or parties, the beta version is more beneficial when getting to know a woman better in a one-on-one date. Men are also positively affected when wearing androstenol and typically experience improved confidence and feel more extroverted.

AndrosteNOL can be combined with other pheromones, as well as any desired scent, to produce an enhanced effect. This pheromone is naturally found in sweat, and studies have shown that it makes those wearing it more attractive to the opposite sex. While it works on both sexes, it is particularly effective for men trying to attract women. AndrosteNOL makes the wearer seem more approachable, making women more likely to initiate conversation.

Less Frequently Used Pheromones

There are a few other pheromones used in colognes though much less frequently than those listed above. Pregnenolone is one that is sometimes included and makes both the wearer and people around him feel a bit sillier and open to socializing. Androstenetrione and androstatrione are also occasionally used in colognes that are intended to make the wearer appear more attractive as they create visual effects for women. The effects of these pheromones aren’t as in-demand but may be added to colognes containing the more popular ones to enhance the overall effect.

The male human body produces a variety of pheromones that create physiological effects in women when they are exposed to them. The benefit of pheromone colognes is the ability to choose which pheromones to emit and when to emit them so that specific results can be achieved. And because there are so many different reactions that these chemicals can cause, pheromone colognes can be used to improve almost any kind of relationship and to create the impression you intend to give.

So if you’ve been searching for a way to quickly and easily make yourself more appealing to women, pheromone cologne is an option that just might bring you the results you’ve been looking for.

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