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Room Service

Olivia lives her fantasy, as Jenny leaves her tied up for housekeeping

By M.T. StormPublished 12 months ago 8 min read
Room Service
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

Olivia started to panic, every knock startling her as housekeeping worked relentlessly towards their room. She did the only thing she could and tugged at her bound hands and ankles trying to work them free but the leather held tight.

Surely Jenny had left the do not disturb sign on the door, she thought, hoping that their pillow talk of being tied, used, and left for the maid was just a big tease.

Olivia lay still. Bound and blindfolded on the large hotel bed. Dressed only in her black heels and stockings. Jenny’s pink lace panties balled up and taped in her mouth.

Her legs were crudely spread wider than she would have liked. Jenny had teasingly tightened the ankle restraints before heading out to her meeting, exposing her slick pussy to the cool air in the room.

Olivia was all too aware as she laid there of the ache in her jaw from the immovable panty gag, the allure of their combined juices long gone.

Her heart skipped at the rap on a door. It was close. Hoping it was the room across the way she held her breath, just half hour until Jenny was due back.

With an electronic click the hotel room door unlatched.

The newcomer gasped.

Jenny wouldn’t have gasped.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Olivia thought, instantly regretting agreeing to this whole ordeal. It seemed like such a sexy, naughty idea at the time.

The low hum of the AC unit was the only noise, the silence driving her crazy. Olivia was burning up, despite the cool air. Just fucking say something or leave and close the door, she pleaded to no one but herself. She tried in vain to pull her thighs together and roll over in shame.

She sensed movement and tensed, listening as light footsteps approached. Sweet flowery perfume filled the air.

“Miss, are you OK?” the stranger asked in a whisper, her warm breath tickling her ear and sending a shiver through her body.

Olivia weighed her options. If she indicated no this could spiral into a big mess, likely involving security, police and more. Nod her head yes and be stuck here until Jenny gets back whenever the fuck that may be.

“Miss, I can help you. My name is Hayley”

Olivia fought back images of being passionately taken right there, being forced to lick and serve an unknown and uninvited guest. Come on woman, just tell her you are OK and get her out of here, she thought.

Dragging herself back to reality Olivia nodded that she was indeed, just fine.

Listening intently as the maid retreated, she hoped that it was done. Instantly planning the ass chewing she would be dishing out to Jenny when she got back.

The door closed with a soft click, and she finally relaxed.

Olivia was all too aware of her growing wetness of her exposed pussy, her juices starting to run down her ass into the sheets. The cool air from the AC sending shivers through her body and causing her nipples to harden, demanding attention.

“You are beautiful miss,” Hayley said from the foot of the bed, causing Olivia to jump. She pulled her restraints in shock, skin covered in goosebumps.

Confusion crossed her face, hidden behind the blindfold. She tried to ask why she was still in the room, but managed only a muffled moan.

“May I touch you?” the maid asked in a whisper as she teased herself, running her hand down into her work shorts as she admired the tied up beauty on the bed.

The aching in Olivia’s pussy couldn’t be ignored any longer, her desire to feel a warm mouth and soft fingers over her body were too much. You left me here Jen, this is your fault, Olivia thought as she nodded her head slowly, pushing down the small pang of guilt.

Hayley ran her fingers in long sweeping circles over Olivia’s stomach and chest, enjoying the twitching of muscles as her nails scraped their path. She moved her hand down to the inside of Olivia’s thigh, scraping as she went.

She brought her own hand out of her now soaked pussy, coating Olivia’s tits in her sticky sweet mess.

Olivia clenched her ass as the fingers traced teasingly around her body. She desperately thrust her pelvis up to meet Hayley’s touch. Determined to get some attention on her aching pussy. She moaned as soft lips enveloped her budding nipple, Hayley’s expert tongue dancing over the sensitive nub. Another hand gripped her neck, pushing her head to the side and nibbling at her neck.

Hayley stood and peeled off her uniform, tossing it into a pile on the floor. She worked her white lace panties down and brought them to her nose, enjoying her musky smell. She smiled and placed them over Olivia’s nose before climbing onto the bed.

Olivia felt the fabric cover her nose and moaned deeply into her gag, recognizing the smell instantly. She loved panties and had yet to find a dirty pair that didn’t work her up into a frenzy. If only she could taste.

“You are so wet,” Hayley said, teasing the slick exposed lips of Olivia’s cunt, she slid two fingers in with ease and smiled as she felt the wanting pussy gripping her.

Olivia wanted more, she thrust her hips again, wanting to be filled. Past caring how wanton she looked.

“Do you like being exposed and used miss?” Hayley teased as she thrust her fingers, “I wouldn’t have left you here alone,” she said, adding a third finger into Olivia’s waiting pussy.

Olivia could feel her orgasm building, It was like Hayley could read her mind as she hit all the right spots. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold off.

Hayley shifted and leaned down to admire the trim pussy wrapped around her fingers. Gently, she teased Olivia’s clit and outer lips. Her fingers thrusting harder. With her fingers buried in Olivia’s soaked pussy she added two fingers from her other hand. Pushing down away from the three massaging the roof of her pussy she was stretched wide. Hayley’s could feel her own pussy, slick with juices as she brought Olivia closer to orgasm.

Glad for the panty gag in her mouth, Olivia moaned, lost in her building orgasm. The pressure was intense as she was stretched and filled, her orgasm coming from deep inside. Heat was spreading through her body as the fingers inside her worked their magic. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore Hayley added the third finger from her second hand and pushed all six inside her, while assaulting her clit with her soft tongue.

Olivia let out a low primal growl as her body tensed as her orgasm washed over her, soaking the fingers inside of her. The pressure and speed of Hayley’s expert touch bringing her another level of pleasure she hadn’t had in a long time. With her juices pooling around the invading fingers, her body shook in the afterglow.

Hayley gently pulled her soaked fingers away, licking the sweet sticky mess. She rubbed it into her small pert breasts and she grabbed the panties that were still on Olivia’s nose and used them to clean the mess on her hands and the soaked pussy in front of her.

Olivia trembled at Hayley’s touch on her sensitive pussy as she finished cleaning her up. She felt pressure at her opening and realized that Hayley had started working the dirty panties inside of her with her fingers. Stopping the flow of her juices l, the maid’s white panties were now fully inside her pussy.

Hayley moved up Olivia’s body and turned, resting her wet pussy on her chest. Eager for her own relief. She could feel the heat emanating from her desire as she slowly slid her ass back over Olivia’s face. Rubbing her slickness over her chin before coming to rest on her nose.

Olivia panicked when she realized what was happening, she took a long breath just before the pussy enveloped her nose feeling the wetness coating her as she sat.

Hayley never moved, letting Olivia get used to the restricted breathing before lifting slightly to let her catch a breath.

Olivia was determined to return the favor with an amazing orgasm for Hayley, she started to move her head up and down, trying to stimulate her opening and tease her clit. Olivia was in heaven, her nose was filled with hot pussy, the smell was her whole world, it invaded her core.

Hayley knew she was close already as her fingers worked her clit. She ground down hard on the nose below her. She lifted, letting Olivia take another breath. She shivered as the cool air rushed between her ass cheeks, enjoying the unique feeling. Deciding it was enough she lowered herself again onto the sultry face buried between her legs.

She massaged her own tits, pulling hard at her nipple. The pain shooting through her body tipped her over the edge. Her whole body shaking as she came, her orgasm crashing over her.

Shaking she collapsed forward on the spread eagle body below.

Olivia took a deep breath, filling her lungs through the smell of Hayley’s sweet pussy juices. She was soaked, her whole face was sticky and cold in the air conditioning. She was still desperately horny, she had never had someone use her so intensely.

Olivia, listened as Hayley went to the bathroom to relieve herself and clean up. The pressure in her bladder reminded her how much she needed to pee too. She twisted in the restraints desperate not to pee on the bed.

“Thank you,” Hayley said, planting a tender kiss on her cheek before heading to the door, “If you ever need room service call me.”

The door opened as Jenny announced she was back. Hayley had just finished up cleaning the room and turned flustered, trying to hide the blush in her cheeks and the after-fuck glow.

“I’m all done here Ma’am,” Hayley said, passing in the doorway, her head bowed.

“No problem, the place looks great,” Jenny said with a giggle, “I do hope the decoration on the bed wasn’t too noisy for you.”

“Not at all, Ma’am. I, I Left my number if you guys need any room service anytime,” she said shyly. Without waiting for an answer she headed off down the hall.

“Well well well, you dirty minx,” Jenny smiled, slowly pulling the white lace panties out of Olivia’s pussy, “just what have you been up to?”


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