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by Danielle Mosley 2 months ago in fiction
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Eclipse first wife Chapter 3

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

A week has passed and Robin had started her GED classes that very morning. She still felt terrible about leaving Eclipse the way she did. She felt deep down inside for some reason that Eclipse really cared for her, even though the day they made love she only knew her for two days. The past few times she saw her again she didn't know if she should speak to her. Eclipse seemed like she was heartbroken. She finished her studies that morning, turned in her lesson, and headed out the door. She decided to explore a little. She wanted to see what more the place had. While walking down the carpeted hallway she ran into Kyle, who was on his way to the afternoon class.He lifted his head and smiled. "Hi Robin." he said. Robin smiled back. "Hi Kyle." she replied. "Have you seen Eclipse?" Kyle nodded. "Yea. She told me she wanted to speak to you this morning. She is in her living area if you want me to walk you there." Robin nodded. Kyle walked her down the hall and around the corner. They came across two large doors and Kyle knocked on the door. Eclipse opened it. When she saw Robin she smiled. "Come in." she said. Robin smiled and nodded. She stepped inside. "I'll leave you two alone to talk." Kyle said as he shut the door. Robin turned and waved to him. She felt Eclipse take her hand. She spun around. "Come here." Eclipse said as she took Robin's face in her hands and kissed her. Robin kissed her back. Eclipse pulled away. "I'm sorry for how I reacted that day we made love. I understand how you were feeling. I didn't mean to take it to heart. It's just that it felt amazing to have you in my arms." she said, looking into Robin's eyes. Robin touched Eclipse's lips and they kissed again. "I have a gift for you." Eclipse said. She pulled out a rectangular box from her back pocket. Robin opened it and gasped. It was a bracelet with blue diamonds and sapphire stones. It must have been expensive. Tears wielded up in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. "Oh Eclipse. It's so beautiful. she said. "Thank you." Eclipse nodded. "You're welcome. Try it on." She took the delicate bracelet and put it onto Robin wrist. It fit perfectly. She lifted Robin's face to hers and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. She pulled her close and Robin laid her head onto her shoulder. She felt like saying the words I love you. But she barely knew her. Although she did feel that way. She pulled from her arms. Eclipse smiled. "We will take this nice and slow." she said. Robin nodded. "Ok. she said.

That evening everyone gathered together as usual in the small dining area. The table was set and the food and desserts were set out. Hope led them in prayer, they ate, and cleaned up. She decided to stay up a little later but she didn't want to spend the time in her room. She decided to visit their library. While she was at the checkout renting out the books she saw some pamplets sitting on the checkout counter. She pulled out a pamplet. It read "Charity employees needed. $10 per hour." She looked at the librarian. "What's this pamplet about charity employees needed? What kind of work do they do?" she asked. The librarian smiled. "Well, they help cook food and deliver meals to people in need. They also do things like tutor, make sure people on the outside of this place get money for rent payments, deliver clothing. You know, things like that." Robin nodded. "How do I apply?" The librarian cocked her head. "Are you living here at the shelter?" Robin nodded. "Well, you may speak to either Eclipse or Kyle. Those are the only two right now that are working on getting the employment going." Robin smiled. "Ok." she said. The librarian bagged her books, handed them to her, and she went on her way.

Robin ran into Kyle in the hallway on the way to dinner. She had spent the whole afternoon in the courtyard reading and was told it was time for dinner. She waved him down and he smiled. "Hey Robin." he said. "Hi Kyle. I wanted to ask you about this pamplet that says employees need for your charity organization. Are you hiring for people." He raised his eyebrows as if he was surprised she asked. "Yes. We definitely need some people to help work for our charity foundation." Robin smiled. "How do I apply?" she asked. He glanced back toward the dining hall. "Let's go to my office. I'll get you the application to fill out." He led her down the hall to his office. He went to his desk, opened the top drawer, and pulled out an application for Robin. He handed it to her with a pen. "Thank you." she said. "No problem. Let me know later if you need any help on it." he said. They walked down the hall to the dining room. On the way inside Robin made her way to the table for dinner, almost bumping into Eclipse. "Don't rush darling. I won't start dinner without you." she said. Robin reached up and touched Eclipse's cheek. "Do they know?" she whispered. Eclipse looked down at her. "I won't brag about what happened between us but I will never deny you. I'm not like that. You are an amazing woman." she said. Robin trembled at her gentle, tender tone. Eclipse brushed her face with her hand. "Don't be ashamed. And don't be afraid of me." she told her softly but firmly. She gave her a soft kiss on the lips and headed to the table.

Robin sat at the vanity mirror in her room, looking at the application. She took out the pen Kyle gave to her and filled it out. Once she was finished, she put the application on her nightstand to take to Kyle the next morning. She was excited about working. She has always loved to work. She had no experience with what they were hiring for but she wanted to give it a try. Kyle had told her she could bring it to him during breakfast and they would interview. She took a shower, combed her hair, and dressed for bed. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and did her normal bedtime routine. She climbed into bed. There was a knock at the door. "Come in." she said. The door opened. Robin looked up and the heat started to rush through her veins. Eclipse walked through the door. "I thought I'd come say good night." she said. Robin waved her inside. Eclipse stepped in the room and Robin walked over to her, putting her arms around her. "I'm so sorry for making you angry and hurting your feelings." she said. Eclipse looked at her with concern. "No. I should be sorry. I took it too personally. But I also came to ask you is we could have another chance at it." Robin eyes teared up with happiness and she threw her arms around Eclipse. "Hold me tonight. Stay with me." Eclipse nodded. "Ok sweetheart. I'll stay right here with you. I won't go anywhere." They walked to the bed. Robin climbed in and Eclipse laid down beside her. Eclipse put her arm around Robin. Her body felt so warm to Robin. Robin finally whispered the words she wanted to tell her since the day she first met her. "I love you so much, Eclipse." Eclipse gave her a soft kiss on her neck. "I love you too, Robin." Robin closed her eyes. And they soon fell asleep.

Robin woke up the next morning, still in Eclipse's arms. She turned around to find that she was awake. "Good morning." she said. Eclipse lifted her eyes. "Good morning, sweetheart." she replied. "How long have you been awake?"Robin asked. "About an hour." Eclipsed replied. "I didn't want to wake you." Robin smiled. Eclipse sat up, brushed Robin's face and gave her a kiss. "I love you." Robin said. "I love you too." Eclipse replied. She pulled Robin in her arms and kissed her hard. She pulled away and said, "Are you hungry?" Robin nodded. Eclipse stood, extended her hand to Robin, and they walked out the door to the dining room.

During breakfast, she handed the application to Kyle. He looked over it and decided to hire her on the spot. "You won't need any references?" she asked. "No. Just the hours you want to do it." he replied. "Do mornings work?" He nodded. " Sure does." he said. Robin finished her meal, helped clean up, and went to do her homework to turn in that evening.

After breakfast, Robin was called to the front office. She walked through the doors to see a familiar face she hadn't seen in so long. Her sister, Arabella, was sitting at the front waiting for her. "Hi Arabella." Robin said, happy to see her sister. "Robin. How have you been?" Robin wrapped her sister in a hug. "I'm doing well." Arabella nodded. "Good. I've come to get you." Robin shook her head. "No Arabella. I want to stay where I am. I love it here and am getting what I need." Arabella cocked her head. "Alright. If this is where you would rather be and you are happy then that is all that matters." Robin took her sister's hand. "Come inside. I want you to meet someone." She led Arabella inside. She took her down the hall to the dining room where Eclipse was sitting. "Arabella, meet Eclipse. She provides for everyone here." Arabella took Eclipse's hand. "It's nice to meet you." Eclipse smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you too." Arabella smiled. "Let me show you around." Robin said. She showed her sister the library, the courtyard, and her room. Her sister looked at her and sat down on the bed. "Are you involved with her?" Arabella asked. Robin looked at her. "Who?" Arabella looked back at her sister. "Eclipse. Are you and her together? I saw the way you looked at her." Robin nodded. Her sister looked at her and frowned. "You are in a relationship with her?" She laughed. Robin felt a rush of anger wash over her. "Eclipse takes care of me." she said. Arabella shook her head. "I know. It's just I didn't think you would really fall for something like her. You never showed interested in anything that was of vanity." Robin clenched her teeth together. She was pissed that her sister would say that. "That's just her personality." She shot at her. Arabella looked at her, surprised. "Goodness Robin. I didn't mean to upset you." Robin shook her head. "Well you did." she said. Arabella looked up. "I'm sorry Robin." Robin sat beside her. "She is so different than anyone else I've ever met. She is so tender, kind, and giving." Arabella noticed the bracelet on Robin's wrist. "Where did you get that bracelet?" she asked. Robin looked down and then back up at her sister. "Eclipse gave it to me." she said. Arabella's eyes widened. "Really? Wow!" She took Robin's hand to examine the bracelet. "It's beautiful." She exclaimed. She checked her watch. "Well, I have to get going. I've got a long drive ahead of me. Sorry for the short visit." Robin smiled slightly. "Thanks for coming." Arabella nodded. "You're welcome." Robin walked her out the door to the front. Then went back to her room.

That night she decided to talk to Justin about joining the coven. She met with Justin in the library that evening so they could talk about their beliefs, practice, and how to join. He handed her a questionaire to fill out that determined her approval. She filled it out and he took it to Eclipse. "It may take only ten minutes for her to decide." he stated. Robin nodded. "I'll wait here." she replied. He walked out the door and Robin sat at the table. He came back ten minutes later with a smile on his face. "Eclipse said your questionaire was good and you are in." Robin was delighted to hear the news. "To be initiated, you must first attend our annual yearly conference. You can attend the sabbats and esbats without being initiated but in order to be a member of the coven you must be initiated." Robin nodded. "Ok." "When is the next sabbat or esbat?" she asked. "Yule will be our next sabbat. It's at seven in the evening on December twenty first." Robin smiled. "That's next week." she said. "Sure is." he replied. Robin thanked him for his time and set off to bed.


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