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by Danielle Mosley about a month ago in erotic
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Eclipse first wife Chapter 4

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

It was the day of the sabbat of Yule and Robin decided she wanted to spend her day in the library. She returned the books she borrowed the week before and searched around for more books. As she was making her way around the library she caught a glimpse of Eclipse standing in the religion section of the library. She walked over to her and put her hand on her shoulder. Eclipse turned around and put her hood down. Robin felt her heart beat from her chest to her stomach. Eclipse had her hair in an english braid. She looked so good to her. "Hi." Robin whispered, Eclipse smiled. "Hi." she said back. Robin tucked her dark hair behind her ear. She looked at Eclipse to find her gaze was trailing up and down her body. "I'm looking for the romance....oh....I mean." She blushed in embarrassment. "I mean I'm looking for books on Wicca." Eclipse laughed. "Follow me." she said. Robin followed her a few sections back where the Wicca and Witchcraft books where stocked. "Your best bet would be in this section." Eclipse said. "Thank you." she said. "You're welcome. Eclipse replied. Robin looked at each book. She came across a shelf that held two different books that caught her eye. She pulled them both out. They were both books on reading astrology. She turned to go to the checkout counter when she noticed a tiny yellow book peeking from beneath the bookcase. She pulled the book out to reveal it was a book on reading oracle and tarot cards. She smiled. She walked the three books to the checkout counter. The librarian smiled at Robin as she scanned her library card and bagged the books. "These books are great. They have good information in them and talk in specifics about astrology and tarot reading." Robin smiled. She picked up the bag of book and walked out the door.

Robin sat on her bed reading the book on astrology. She was enjoying this. She had only been reading the book for thirty minutes and was already on the fourth chapter. She understood every bit of what she was reading. There was a knock on her door. She laid her book down, walked to the door and opened it. Justin and Kyle were at the door. "Hey Robin. I thought you might like a robe to wear to ceremony. Eclipse had it bought for you." Robin smiled. "Thank you very much." she said. "We will be back in twenty minutes to take you to Yule. We are having a party after with food and gifts. We would love for you to join us." Kyle said. "I don't have a gift for anyone." Robin replied. Kyle laughed. "No worries. Neither do I." Robin shrugged her shoulders. "I'd love to go." she said. "Alright. We will be back." Robin closed the door and stripped off her dress to dress into her robe.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at the door. Robin opened the door to find Kyle and Justin. "Are you ready?" they asked smiling. "Yes. I am." Robin stepped out into the hallway and walked with them to the outside temple. It was beautiful. It had a circle of green, yellow, and red candles, red and green decorations with red and yellow roses adored the altar, the cauldron sat in the middle of the altar filled with red and yellow flowers and green herbs. A chalice of wine sat in the middle as well as an offering bowl and a dozen other things. They walked into the circle and waited. The light dimmed and the lights in front of the altar lit up. Robin looked up to see Eclipse was holding the ceremony. She felt her heart start to pound. Eclipse turned to look at her. "After." she mouthed. Robin nodded. Eclipse turned her gaze to the coven and started the ceremony.

After the sabbat the coven had dinner. They cleaned up and everyone gathered in the living room for the party. There were people crowding the halls, in and out of different rooms. Children were running, laughing and playing. She walked into the dining room. She had some dessert, played a game with Hope, and sat in the living room to read. She felt a hand brush across her face and she looked up to see Eclipse standing over her. She sat up. Eclipse pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. She pulled out a gift wrapped in red paper and a bow. "For you, my love." she said. Robin blushed and took the gift. She untied the bow, unwrapped it, and opened the case. She burst in tears when she saw it was a heart-shaped diamond ring made of rose gold. They stood and Eclipse lifted her face to hers. Everyone stood still smiling. "Try it one, baby." Eclipse said. Robin wiped her tears away as Eclipse took the ring from the case and place it on her finger. She caressed her fingers for a long moment, closing her own eyes. When she opened them, she looked up at the ceiling, then down at Robin. Robin could see Eclipse was trying not to cry. "It's so beautiful." Robin said. "Not as beautiful as you." Eclipse said. She pulled Robin's head onto her chest and Robin could hear the beating of her heart. She closed her eyes for a moment enjoying her time being close to her.

Robin opened the door to her room and stepped inside. She decided to light the fireplace that night and decorate her room with some candles. She loved candles. She lite the vanilla and lavender candles she had and turned on the fireplace. She sat on her bed and thought about Eclipse. She turned her head when she heard a knock at the door. "Come in." she said. The door opened. Eclipse stepped inside. Robin looked up and smiled. "Hi." she said. Eclipse smiled. "Hi." she replied. Robin stood up from her bed and put her arms around Eclipse. Eclipse wrapped her arms around Robin's waist. She buried her face into Eclipse neck as Eclipse pulled her closer. Robin's breath became shaky as Eclipse unzipped her nightgown. She pulled her gown down, lifted her face to hers and kissed her hard. She cupped her breast in her hands, messaging them, stroking the tips with her thumbs. "Robin. God! I want you." she said. She bent her head down and kissed Robin's neck. She let her lips trail to Robin's breast and suckled her, teasing her both both breasts until Robin's trembled. "I love you so much, Eclipse." Robin said through her trembling breath. "I love you too." she replied. She let go of Robin's gown and let it fall to the floor. She let her fingers trail across her stomach. She looked into Robin's eyes and smiled wickedly. She played with the band of her panties. "May I?" she asked. Robin smiled. She nodded. Eclipse pulled her panties off. She walked Robin backward until the back of her thighs touched the bed. She kissed her again, picked her up, and laid her onto the bed. She cursed with impatience as she stripped her own clothing, laying herself on top of Robin. She kissed Robin, sweeping gentle kisses from her moth, down her neck, between her breasts, then down her stomach. She wrapped her arms around Robin's thighs and kissed up her thighs. She went down on her and Robin gasped at the feeling of her tongue inside of her. She gripped the sheets. "How does that feel?" Eclipse whispered stroking her inner thighs. "It feels wonderful." she said shaking. Eclipse let out a chuckle. "Good." She laid herself on top of Robin, moving her hips back and forth. Robin surrendered to the rush of passion between them, wanting to savor every moment she spent with her. She wanted something she would remember. She buried her face in Eclipse shoulder, trying to muffle the little cries she made. When she reached her climax she felt a pulsating pleasure more satisfying than the first.

Robin laid in Eclipse's arms, shaking. She wanted this relationship with her to last forever. They had made love all night and the sun was almost up. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

When she woke up it was mid-afternoon. Eclipse was still laying beside her stroking her hair. "You ok?" she asked. Robin nodded. "You sure?" She lifted her head and looked into Eclipse's eyes. All of a sudden, there was someone at the end of the hall outside calling Eclipse's name. Eclipse looked at the ceiling in annoyance. Robin burst out laughing at the look she made. Eclipse just laid there with her eyes at the ceiling and Robin laughed harder, feeling like she would piss herself. "Fuck! Always wanting something, right?" Eclipse said. "I guess." Robin could barely speak she was laughing so hard. Eclipse laid there for a few seconds then raised her eyebrows and looked at Robin. "I'll be back." she said. Robin snickered. Eclipse got her robe on and stepped outside. A few minutes later she walked back in. She stripped her robe off and and crawled into bed next to Robin. Robin had her mouth covered, giggling. "What?" Eclipse asked smiling. "It's annoying." She pulled Robin on top of her and they kissed. "I'm hungry." said Robin. Eclipse smiled and chuckled. "Ok. Let's eat." She grabbed the phone by the bed and called the cafeteria.


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  • Babs Iversonabout a month ago

    Splendid story!

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