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Remote Sex Toy Fun

by Robert Kegel 12 months ago in sex toys
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The sex toy that can be used almost anywhere

I call you up and ask if you want to get a drink and you say yes. I go to pick you up but before we leave, I tell you to put your remote-control toy in your pussy and you answer “I already did” with an evil look on your face. You’re wearing a dress, not to long, but not short either, the top shows off your nice breasts.

We head to the bar, find a seat and have a little conversation as I get out my phone and turn on your toy and start to play. I see the look on your face, it’s already having an effect on you. I turn it down so the feeling subsides, then I ramp it up to give you a vibrating jolt. I can tell waves of pleasure run through your body because you’re starting to wiggle in your seat. I turn it down again and try and continue our conversation. I see the waitress walking over but before she gets to our table, I turn up the machine again, the waitress asks what we want and I ask you to go first as you try not to let her see the waves of pleasure that are coming across you. You order your drink and I order mine; we also order an appetizer. She thanks us and says the beers will be here momentarily. I turn down the toy once more and you try to slap my hand, but I pull away with a smile on my face.

I look under the table pretending I dropped something and you lift the dress showing a wet spot forming on your red cotton panties. I raise back up and you smile and lick your lips, I hold my hand out across the table and you grab it and I look into your eyes. Your foot razes my leg playfully as I turn the toy’s motor back on, giving you another jolt. I turn it down, but not totally off, leaving a slight hum from the vibrator lightly surging through your body.

The waitress comes back with our drinks and tells us our food will be ready soon. I say thank you, as do you and she says “you’re welcome” as she walks off to help other tables.

I see the waitress coming back with our food and I turn up the toy and you jump and squirm as you try and push back an orgasm. She puts down our food and asks if we want anything else and I say no. She gives you a look, with a little grin, “does she know what’s going on?”.

I turn the toy down as I watch her walk away toward another waitress and whisper in her ear, and they look at us with a little laugh and smile, “she just might” I say and you look back with embarrassment and a little smile.

We eat, and drink. The waitress comes back and asks if we want anything else and you give me a smile like I should just ask for the check. I do and she gave it to me and I pay. As we get up, I turn the toy up and you slowly walk toward the door. Some people are looking at you, some aren’t. Our waitress and her friend tell us to have a fun night. I look back at them and I say “thank you’, we will’, with a grin as we walk out the door.

As we’re walking to the car, I give your ass a slap and then pull you closer to me and give you a deep kiss. My hand grabs your ass while yours grabs my cock through my pants. I open the car door for you and as you get into the car, I press on the phone screen to change the pulse of the toy and you let out a squeal. Bending down I give you a deep kiss and put my hand up your dress to feel your wet vibrating pussy, you shove your tongue in my mouth hungerly kissing me. I break the kiss, look into your eyes and you say “I need your cock right now”. We drive back to your place, your hand massaging my cock as the machine continually sends pleasure to you. I look over and you lift your dress, as I see the wet spot on your panties got larger. You pull your panties aside, slide a finger in your dripping pussy and put it to my lips. I lick and suck the juice off your finger, I can’t wait to stick my tongue deep in your drenched hole!

We get back to your place, I grab my keys, you get out of the car and we go into your house. Not being able to wait, as soon as the door closes, we start kissing, and taking off each other's cloths. You take off my pants, and my underwear, get on your knees and hungerly devour my cock. Looking up at my, taking my cock down your throat, looking at each other we can see the lust in each other's eyes. Your tongue licks the tip of my cock, you move all the way down to my balls where you give them a nice lick then back up to my cock, taking it in your mouth again. The toy in your pussy vibrating at full blast my cock falls out of your mouth as you have an orgasm.

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom, almost stumbling over your feet as pleasure comes over you. We get to your bedroom and I push you on the bed. I take the toy out of your pussy and replace it with my tongue, smelling and tasting your beautiful pussy as I lick it lightly from ass to clit. I give your thighs a little nibble, looking up at you and your eyes are closed and you're moaning. Your hands start rubbing my head, and you start pushing it into your pussy, but I tell you “No, I’m in charge” and give you a couple of hard spanks on your ass to punish you, each spank you let out a whimper. I lower my face and continue teasing you, but longer now because you tried to top me. I stop a second to look at your pussy, then I look at you, I give it a spank, then I stick my tongue deep inside. You give a squeal and I give a little snicker. Then I stick a couple of fingers deep in as I lick your clit. I feel your g-spot and start to rub it slowly, my tongue still licking and sucking on your clit. Your hips start gyrating and you start screaming from another orgasm. I feel your juices covering my fingers and hand. With a third finger I start to massage your ass, it’s wet from your dripping juices. I stick a finger in, now fucking both holes and my tongue still on your clit you continue to gyrate your hips.

You say “sir, please fuck me, I need your cock”. I look up at you and take out my fingers from your holes, give the ones from your pussy a lick, then give you a taste. Looking into your eyes I move myself above you and lower my cock so it's just bearley touching your pussy lips. I feel the heat coming from your body and you start trying to push forward, but I give you a look which makes you stop. I lower myself more, and grab my cock, touching your clit with it, then going down your lips. I lower the head into your pussy and slowly enter it, watching your face as I go deeper until I’m all the way in. I sit there a second watching your face, I do Kegel exercises in your pussy and you can feel it moving up and down. I kiss you deeply and give one of your nipples a little tweak as I thrust out, and in, slowly. I pull my cock almost all the way out and do some shallow thrusts only to then do a deep one, I do this a few times and each time you let out a happy sigh.

I do this for a few thrusts until I decide to pick up the pace. I start thrusting deeper and faster, you moan louder. I take my cock from out of your pussy and tell you to get on all fours. You do so and I enter your tight drenched hole again, fucking you deep as I spank your ass. I slow down a bit as I pull your hair back and you look at me as I give you a kiss. Picking up the pace, thrusting into you, spanking your ass I then massage your asshole with my thumb. You cum again. I feel my own orgasm coming and tell you. You say with a quivering voice "I want you to shoot in my mouth". I take my cock out of your vagina and you quickly move your mouth toward my throbbing member, as you suck it like it’s your favorite treat. You massage my balls, lick all the way down the shaft, then up and suck on the head. I tell you "I’m cumming" and you suck harder as you feel the first jet of my orgasm in your mouth. You continue sucking as the second and the third jet enters your mouth. Cum starts dripping from your lips as you try and get every bit. My orgasm subsides and you take my cock out of your mouth and show me what a good girl you are. I see the pool of cum in your mouth, you close it and swallow, then give my cock another suck as I feel how sensitive it is now. Giving my dick a kiss, you look at me and I fall down next to you and start to cuddle. I put my still hard cock in your pussy and hold you tight as I feel your sweating body against mine.

Hopefully I can stay hard for round two!

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Robert Kegel

I'm a rocker, a gamer, a romantic, a Dom, a hiker and l like camping. I'm a geek, who loves Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and technology. I'll try and write about a variety of topics ranging from relationship, tech and every day rants.

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