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Red’s Return to Wolf Woods

by Lorelei_Sands 2 months ago in erotic
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Red didn't believe in grandma's tales until she saw for herself what lived in the woods

It was years since I had set foot in the woods. Mum and I parted on bad terms after grandma died, and I moved to the city to work. I flicked through books, opened draws and looked through cupboards as I explored the now empty cottage. It all felt alien to me until I found my old red cape.

I crumpled to the floor, tears streaming down my face as I ran the soft red material through my fingers. Memories of trips to grandma’s and warnings about non-existent wolves swam around my head. Wiping my face, I threw the cape over my shoulders. It barely came to my waist where it had once swept along the floor.

I headed out into the woods, just one last trip to grandma’s old cottage before I put everything up for sale. I reached my favourite patch of flowers and knelt to pick a few. I caught a strange smell in the breeze and snapped my head up as I heard a rustling in the bushes in front of me.

A muscular figure emerged, crouching, his eyes level with my cleavage. His smirk grew wider as he stood, towering above my kneeling form. My heart skipped a beat as he moved toward me.

“Don’t you know it’s dangerous to stray from the path, Red? There are worse things than wolves in these woods.”

I knelt motionless before the imposing stranger, completely disarmed. My eyes drifted over his bare chest and broad shoulders, dipping down towards his tight-fitting jeans. A finger under my chin, lifting my head to meet his gaze, pulled me from my thoughts. “So, the little girl in the red cloak that didn’t believe in wolves is all grown up,” he growled.

I finally found my voice. “How do you? Who are you?” I stammered, unable to tear myself away from his eyes. I’d never seen eyes so dark blue that the iris was almost indistinguishable from his pupils.

“My brothers and I used to watch you when we were younger. We hid in the bushes as you skipped along the path, always hoping you’d go adventuring in the woods. And, I’m Troy, by the way.”

I gulped at his words and tried to imagine him as a child hiding in the bushes, but all I could see was the powerful presence before me. “What would you have done if I had?” I asked.

He chuckled and brushed my jaw with his thumb. “Back then, we would have chased you and probably torn you to pieces.”

I shivered at his words, but it wasn’t fear. How could children manage that? He was toying with me, and I was enjoying it. I decided to play his little game. “And now?”

He dropped his hand from my chin. “Now, you can run back to the safety of the city, or you can stay right there, just as you are and find out.”

I stayed on my knees, eyes firmly locked on his. I knew what I wanted, and I wouldn’t find it back in the city. Without another word, Troy undid his jeans and pulled out the thickest, longest cock I’d ever seen. He stepped towards me, brushing the head against my lips.

I willingly opened my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head, taking my time, enjoying the feeling of the weight against my tongue. Troy growled, grasped the back of my head and thrust into my waiting mouth.

“So good, Red,” he moaned. “Just tap out if you can’t take any more.”

I smiled around his cock and changed the angle of my head, opening my throat and taking more of his length. Troy took the opportunity to thrust harder and faster, his nails digging into my head as he used me. He howled as he came, filling my mouth, holding me steady as I swallowed every last drop and licked him clean.

He sunk to his knees in front of me, and only then did the furry ears, tail and claws register. Troy laughed as I reached and stroked the tip of his tail. “You really bring out my beast, Red. Come back with me, and I’ll show you how I eat up naughty girls who stray into the woods.”

Orginally posted by me on Medium as a three-part story for the 100 Story Challenge May 2022


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Professional copywriter and mother during the day. Poet, dabbler in fanfiction and erotica at night. I've been living with a long term chronic condition for over 20 years and I'm not ready to give up the fight yet. Glory or Valhalla.

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