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Pure Unadulterated Ecstacy

by Amy McGuffey about a year ago in erotic
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He took her to new and more exciting heights

Pure Unadulterated Ecstacy
Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

They were young when they met, he was younger than her by two years but that never mattered to either one of them, age was just a number for them. His parents did not mind their relationship while her parents were on the fence about it not because of the age difference but because of what these two were doing together. These two crazy kids had a chemistry and heat between them that was undeniable, it was blatantly obvious to everyone it was no secret. These two were attracted to each other in ways that two young people should not be concerned with, but he wanted her just as much as she wanted him and the passion between them seemed to be so electric that neither one of them could resist each other. Just one touch from him or the look in his eyes would absolutely drive her wild, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame and she knew exactly what to do to send him into overdrive too but that was what made their connection so magical. For some couples to achieve this level of intensity and passion and with such conviction it would take them years of being together to get to this level but for them it was instant, from moment one they found it merely impossible to keep their hands off each other. Just the feel of his hands running up and down her silky smooth and delicate skin sent shivers down her spine, his lips were like wine and she could not get enough, just a simple look from him would have her begging for his touch, for him her lips were like velvet, her skin was so smooth and silky, and how wet she would get just from one touch of his hand would have her soaking wet and ready to cum for him she would climax from him simply sliding one finger inside her hot, wet area, it would send him over the edge her getting this wet and excited he would slowly and sensually take her clothes off one piece at a time exposing her entire glory to him, breathing deeply and slowly, gripping the sheets just trying to control herself, he gently kisses her silky smooth body working his way slowly down to her dripping wet area, then gently slides his tongue slowly up and down pausing at her clit to tease her a bit, she grabs the back of his head and arches her back, curling her toes and biting her bottom lip, moaning out loudly in extreme pleasure he buried his face deep inside her area making her beg for more, she tries to squirm away but he wraps his arms around her legs putting a strong hold on her keeping her from getting away from what was coming next. What he had planned to do next was a complete surprise to her, he starts talking sexually but a bit aggressively to her , at first it shocked her she did not know whether he was being playful or serious but in the moment she decided to roll with the punches, he went from asking what she liked to telling her what to do, how to do it and what position he wanted her in to do it, he demands her to go down on him, this new aggression was thrilling for her and she was liking it and responding to it in a major way. She was taking his instruction and carrying it out splendidly he did not expect this outcome as she had never been introduced to the world of domination. With them being so young and her inexperienced in this type of thing he decided to tone this down even though she seemed to be liking it he did not feel she was fully ready to be thrown into this new type of experimentation. This relationship they had went on for about a year when they got into their first argument and with her temper and solely out of spite, she announced to him that she had cheated on him, not expecting the response she got from him she never thought that he would ever break up with her over this, she figured with all they had together they would be able to work through it and move on. She only said it out of spite, but he was not standing to hear any kind of reasoning. He moved on and continued living his life as so did she, after a while they eventually lost complete contact, for him it appeared as though it was no important thing to him that she was gone but for her it was a total devastation, she found it hard to move on, she held onto their prom picture for years, she never forgot about him, but she knew she had no choice but to let his memory go and move on. For years, every so often a thought of him would cross her mind and she would sit, and smile think of back then, so in a way she kept his memory alive. Now here it is, and 25 years had passed, and it is now the age of social media and Facebook was the next best thing next to sliced bread and everybody had a profile on there, she was a major Facebook junkie and practically lived online. Well she happened to online one day posting what was going on with her and out of the blue the people you may know section popped up so she decided to scroll through to see if she knew anyone on this list, low and behold the first person on this list was the one she let get away when she was a teenager, she had to take a double look when it slapped her like a ton of bricks, suddenly her cheeks were rosy red, she was feeling flushed, her heart started pounding, her breathing increased rapidly, she felt all giddy and excited when she noticed it was him. Without any thought she messaged him and to her surprise he responded. From that moment on like magic everything just fell into place. He came by to visit her one day while he happened to be in town, and they vowed then to not loose contact again and they did not. Soon after that first visit their interactions became more often and he started staying the night with her on occasion, of course he would have to get up early to head back to his now hometown but that did not stop these two from being always in constant contact being always in constant contact about a month into this reunion and she again was finding it harder and harder to let him go when he would come to spend the night. Now they both had been through some rough relationships and had been through some traumatic things, so it was only natural that they both made it noticeably clear to each other that in no way did either one of them ever want to get into another relationship again. They were quite content with the way things were going and only being together on the occasion. As we all know sometimes life has a different plan than what we do. Well with their visits becoming more and more frequent he decided one day to invite her to come with him to his home, at first she is reluctant and gracefully declines his invitation because although she had not mentioned this to him yet already inside her heart she was wanting more than what they had going, she no longer wanted just the occasional visit or overnight here and there, secretly she had fallen back in love with him but did not know if she should tell him or not, even more she did not know if that moment was the right time or not. He had sent off signals that he wanted more too but then again maybe she was just misreading those signals and they did not really mean that at all. She decided to wait for a bit before saying anything to him about how she was feeling then all the sudden out of the quietness her phone rings and it was him, she answers, and he begins telling her that he is making an impromptu trip and wanted to know could he spend a night or two with her at her place. Naturally, she said yes and there it was she got all giddy like a kid in a candy store. They get to the end of their phone call and as they are saying goodbye all the sudden, she hears him say " ok babe I'll see you then, I love you," and then without a thought she responds, " ok babe, I love you too." and they hung up. But wait a second! Did he just say what I heard him say? Better yet did I just say what I just said too? Does he even realize what he just said? Does he realize that I heard what he just said? She was confused, did he mean to say that or was that just out of normal reaction and he did not really mean to say that? She did not care at this precise moment she did not want to question it, it felt too good and it felt too right. As the day goes on and the hours slip away all she can think about is what they said it just keeps replaying in her mind over and over what he said to her and what she said to him, time went by so quick that before she knew it, he was there and knocking at her door, she was so happy to see him it was written all over her face. When she opened the door to let him in the look on his face said it all there was no need to question anything. He was feeling the same way she was, and he meant what he said, and it was plain to see. As he walks in her door, shits and locks it without hesitation he grabs her by her arms, spins her around and wraps his arms around her in the most loving embrace she had ever had from anyone, and they just stood there embracing each other as though this was the last time that they would see each other, this went on for several minutes, next thing they knew they were both stripping down naked, breathing like wild animals, and he grabs her and gently throws her on the bed then he pounces on top of her and begins kissing on her wildly and passionately, just then it was as though the animal in both of them just unleashed and it was as though time had stood still all them years and they just picked up where they left off as teens. The only thing that made this time different was that they were older now and he knew that she was finally ready to grasp and take on his fetish with domination. So once again he just goes for it and begins introducing her to it and to his surprise she jumps in with both feet, takes to him ordering her to do certain things and she fully embraces this new yet thrilling way of having sex and she just falls right in line with it all and goes for it. She is so wrapped up in the fact that she is finally back with the one she let slip away all those years ago, she is so caught up in the moment that all she wants now is to please him and keep him happy so that she never lets him go again. And just like that they were right back where they started and only a few things that turned him on about her back then had changed but they changed for the greater good. Back when they first met with her being so young, she did not have all the physical attributes that she has now. Now her boobs were huge 40D to be exact and her nipples when teased would just stand to attention all nice and perky but that was not all her ass was perfect, her ass was so full, round, soft, irresistible, and worth spanking. Which mixed with pulling her hair drove her up the wall in all the right ways. He decides to take this new road they were on just a bit further but knowing all she had been through in past relationships he wants her to enjoy what he wants to try with her, so he takes it slow with her. He tells her he wants to try anal sex with her and knowing that anal was the one thing that a past boyfriend had used on her as a form of abuse and punishment for his sadistic pleasures he lets her be the one to say yes or no. With a whole lot of resistance from her and a whole lot more of coaching and persuasion from him she finally decides to let him try and what an experience that turned out to be! This just opened up pandora's box for them. All at once she was taken to a whole new level in the sex game, he was taking her to new heights and showing her how to love what she had been taught to hate so many years ago. She was loving this new side of herself that she had never known before, and he was loving the fact that she was being so open and willing to try these things with him, not only did this heighten their sexual experiences together but it took their relationship to a whole other level. Thus, sending them both down the path of extreme unadulterated sex and ecstasy. Which for these two love birds was nothing new just enhanced and more intense and when you all this with the adoration and love they held for each other it creates a bond and love that will make it through to the very ends of time and for that one could never ask for anything more or greater.


About the author

Amy McGuffey

I have a healthy imagination, a eventful reality, and a very creative mind, I'm here to put it to good use and share my stories with the world, I hope you enjoy my content. Some is real and some is not either way enjoy.

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