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Personal Shopper

Part one

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 4 years ago 14 min read

Emptying her gym bag for a third time, Riley muttered “fuck” under her breath as she realized she forgot to pack a bra.

She had worn her sports bra under her athletic clothing to the gym with the intention of showering and getting ready after her work out and heading straight to work. All her work clothes were packed into her bag, expect a bra.

Normally she would just wear her sports bra, however, this morning, she took a hot yoga class, and her sports bra needed to be washed before another wear. There was no way she could wear it to work. Plus it would look unflattering under the black tank top she had picked to wear to work.

Packing up her gym bag, she put her arms into the Nike sweater she had worn to the gym and zipped it up to her chin. Unfortunately, working as a personal shopper in a high class department store meant she had to dress professionally and wouldn’t be allowed to wear a Nike sweater while she was with her clients.

Checking the time on her phone, she wouldn’t have time to run back to her apartment, but if she ran, she might have time to buy a new bra at the department store she worked at to wear for the day.

Racing out of the gym, Riley made her way as quick as she could to the store. She only had about 15 minutes before she was due to meet with her first client of the day. Luckily, it was a Wednesday so the store wouldn’t be busy, meaning she wouldn’t have to wait in any lines to purchase a new bra.

However, luck was not on her side. Not only were the streets of Las Vegas packed with tourists, but construction had started on the sidewalk meaning she had to cross to the opposite side of the street and then back again at the next intersection, all while dodging the Vegas crowds.

When she ran into the store, without checking the time, she immediately began speed walking to the lingerie department to grab herself a bra.

“Miss. Ellen.”

“Shit,” Riley said under her breath when she heard the voice of her manager.

Turning, Riley saw Mr. Tons approaching her. “Mr. Tons,” she said, smiling, crossing her arms over her chest in an attempt to hide her breasts even though they were underneath her sweater.

“Your first client is waiting for you in dressing room 12,” he told her.

Riley’s eyes shot open and she pulled her phone out of her pocket to check the time. The detour on the sidewalk took her a lot longer than she thought, because she was due to clock in in only two minutes, leaving her enough time to put her sweater away, but not enough time to buy herself a new bra.

Not wanting to disappoint her boss, Riley smiled and said, “Sounds great. I will just run to my locker and I will be right there.”

Mr. Tons smiled at her and turned away, heading back into the store.

“Damnit!” Riley said quietly to herself, turning on her heel and heading through the door marked ‘employees only.’

At her locker, Riley threw her gym bag inside and unzipped her sweater. Looking at herself in the mirror she had on her locker door, she looked down at her breasts. Luckily, she wasn’t very busty. Her breasts were only a 34A cup, so she did sometimes go out without a bra, especially when she wore backless clothes and she was able to get away with it. However, she never went without when she was working an eight hour shift in an air conditioned store. She figured at first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, however, her nipples might start to get harder as she was trapped in the store all day. As she shut her locker door, she made a mental note that she would just have to be careful and the first chance she got, she would take some bandaids from the first aid kit in the employees bathroom, and make herself some make-shift pasties.

After clocking in, Riley made her way to dressing room 12. She started working at this department store two years ago when she moved to Las Vegas to study Fashion Design at UNLV and six months ago, she was promoted to a personal shopper and she had been absolutely loving it. Her manager was amazing and allowed her to cut her hours back when she was in school. She loved working more personally with the clients to find them exactly what they were looking for.

Outside the door to every dressing room, a client folder was placed to give each shopper a brief of the client they’d be working with. It informed them who they were, what they were shopping for and their budget, then as each shopper worked with them, they would make notes for the next shopper to follow up on.

As she reached for the folder, Riley already knew who her first client was since she checked the schedule yesterday. It was Mrs. Triggerson, a young woman who married a very wealthy restaurant owner and was looking to max out the credit card he had given her.

Opening the folder to read the follow up notes, Riley knocked on the dressing room door and then entered.

“Good to see you again, Mrs. Triggerson,” she said, looking down at the folder as she entered the room. “What are we shopping for today?”

As she looked up, Riley stopped in her tracks as she realized it wasn’t Mrs. Triggerson sitting in the room, but Harrison Fauxten. A tall, handsome, muscular and rich man who Riley had worked with several times and had a massive crush on.

“Oh,” Mr. Fauxten,” she said, holding the folder against her chest. “I was not expecting you today.”

Harrison shrugged and stood up. “I am in desperate need of a new suit and when I called, I was told you had an opening today.”

Riley noted to herself that she would have to check into that later, but for now, she was here to help Mr. Fauxten.

“Well, you know I am always happy to help you out,” she told him smiling. “You’re looking for a suit, you said?”

Harrison began walking towards her. He was wearing the cologne she had sold him the last time he was here and Riley was having trouble concentrating as he got closer.

“Yes,” he answered. “I’ve been invited to a benefit tomorrow evening and my good suit is currently in a suitcase that American Airlines lost.”

“Well, I can definitely help you get a new one,” Riley said, looking up at him as he stepped closer to her. “Why don’t we head down to the men’s department and see what we can find you?”

While Riley and Harrison shopped through the store, Riley had learned that another personal shopper had taken on Mrs. Triggerson when Harrison had called and requested Riley. That had shocked her, wondering why he wanted her, but she pretended she didn’t know about the request as she showed him multiple suits, gaging what he liked and disliked about each one.

Walking around the air conditioned store, Riley felt her nipples under her tank top starting to harden so she tried to keep her top half covered. But there had been a couple times she had been so caught up working with Harrison, she hadn’t even realized she wasn’t covering herself until it was too late. Once or twice, she did catch Harrison looking, but she brushed it off and pretended nothing happened.

They had been shopping around the store for thirty minutes, Riley helping Harrison make decisions about his new suit when they finally narrowed down three options for him.

“Let’s go back to the dressing room, you can begin trying these on, and I’ll go and get the Gucci one in your size from the back,” she suggested.

“Sounds great,” he agreed.

Together the two of them walked back to the private dressing rooms and she hung two of the suits up for him to try on.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, smiling, still holding his client folder against her chest.

Riley left the dressing room, closing the door behind her, and leaving Harrison to try the suits on privately.

In the back storage room, Riley found the black Gucci suit in Harrison’s size, and she returned to the dressing room, suit in hand. She knocked twice and announced herself before she heard Harrison’s voice inviting her in. “Good news,” she said, as she opened the door and went inside the dressing room. “Not only did we have the black suit, but we had -” Riley gasped and was at a loss for words as she looked towards her client. For the second time today, Harrison stopped Riley in her tracks and she stared towards him not expecting what she had walked into. Earlier today, she had been expecting to see Mrs. Triggerson, but this time, she had been expecting to see him trying on one of the suits. So she was shocked when she saw him standing before her, completely naked.

“Oh my God,” she said, looking down. “Mr. Fauxten, I am so sorry.” Unsure of what to do with herself, she stared at the ground. “I’ll-umm-I’ll come back,” she said, turning to leave the room.

“No,” he told her. “Come here.”

Riley didn’t go towards him, but she also didn’t leave the dressing room. She stood completely frozen, staring at the carpet.

She heard his footsteps as he walked closer to her then saw his feet as he shut and locked the dressing room door. He took her chin in his fingers and lifted her face up to look at him. Riley kept her eyes closed, feeling unable to face him.

“Open your eyes,” he ordered her. And she did, looking straight up into his handsome grey eyes. “I know you want me, Riley,” he told her.

She felt her body shaking. “Mr. Fauxten,” she said, trying to pull her face away. His grip was gentle but still firm and she was unable to move.

“Harrison,” he corrected her.

She gulped. “Harrison, I’m sorry if I ever gave the impression that I was interested in you,” she began. “But you are strictly my client, and I-”

She was cut off when Harrison dipped his head down and smothered her lips with his. Though startled at first, Riley couldn’t stop herself and kissed him back momentarily before he pulled away from her.

“I know you have been flirting with me,” he told her. “And if you aren’t trying to send me a signal,” he said, “then what is this,” he reached under her shirt and grasped one of her breasts, “all about?”

Now she was able to pull away from him, though she didn’t have anywhere to go, as he had her backed up against the door of the dressing room. “Mr. Fauxten,” she said, wrapping her arms around herself to cover her chest. “That wasn’t supposed to be any type of signal. I honestly forgot to bring my bra to the gym. I didn’t even know I would be seeing you today.”

“So it’s just a coincidence that the day you don’t wear a bra to cover your tits is the same day I need a suit?” he asked her.

He voice was so fucking sexy and Riley wanted so bad to continue that kiss, but she shook those thoughts from her head.

“Yes, Mr. Fauxten. It is just a coincidence.”

“Well then,” he said, stepping towards her. “I guess that makes me the luckiest man alive.”

He was in front of her again. He was so close Riley could feel his hard cock against her. He was so tall it was almost pressing into her stomach, which made all logical thoughts disappear from Riley’s brain.

“I know you want me, Riley,” Harrison said.

Fuck, he was sexy, she thought to herself as she stared up at him.

“And I want you even more,” he told her.

She felt her knees getting weaker with every second she stood there.

“So,” he said, matter-of-factly, “you are going to take off that top so I can see those tits you’ve been teasing me with all day, and then I am going to fuck you.”

Then he was kissing her again. He had her back so far pressed up against the door, she had nowhere to go, not that she would. Riley kissed him back eagerly, needed his mouth on hers in the same way he needed it.

Harrison wasted no time, grabbing at the tank top she was wearing and pulled it up and over her head. He let go of her lips and stared down at her chest. The same breasts she had been trying to hide all day from him, now she displayed confidently for him.

He cupped one of her small tits in his huge hand and squeezed it lightly. “God fucking damn,” he said. “I knew you had gorgeous tits underneath your clothes.”

He kissed her neck as his thumb circled one of her nipples, making them even harder than they already were from the A/C.

“Oh God,” Riley moaned, resting her head back against the door as she felt his lips on her neck. How badly she wanted his lips all over her body.

Harrison grabbed her under her thighs and lifted her up, still kissing her neck, and carried her across the room.

The dressing rooms for privates clients weren’t like the dressing rooms for regular paying customers. They were small, fully furnished rooms that housed a couch for the clients, a desk and computer for the shoppers and had more than enough room for whatever Harrison had in mind for them.

Harrison placed Riley down on her feet beside the couch. From there, he got onto his knees in front of her and undid the fly of the dress pants she was wearing. He pulled them down her legs and looked straight at the lace thong she was wearing.

Looking up at her, Riley saw a devilish grin spread across his face. “I can smell you,” he told her. “I can’t wait to see how wet I already got you.” And then, he pulled the thong down her legs, revealing her bare pussy for him.

Harrison was nearly growling as he stared at her wet sex. It took all the strength he had not to pouch on her. Pushing her legs slightly apart, he took two fingers and ran them through her wet folds, causing a gasp to come from her lips.

He looked up at her. “You are soaking,” he told her, licking the wetness off his fingertips.

Standing back up, he pressed his lips to hers, cupping her small face in his huge hands. “I’m going to fuck you so hard,” he told her.

Pulling away, he lightly spanked her. “Turn around and bend over,” he ordered her.

Riley did what she was told, turning around and bending over the arm of the couch. She felt his hands on her ass, caressing it softly. For a moment, she thought he was going to be gentle with her, until she felt the sting of his hand across her ass. Using his knee, he spread her legs and then she felt it. The tip of his cock.

Before today, Riley knew he had a large package. She had seen him in boxers and she had fitted him in many suits and custom pants. She didn’t need to see him naked today to know he had a long and thick cock. And now she felt that long and thick cock at her entrance and the anticipation of having it inside her was killing her.

Then, with one painful thrust, he was inside her.

“Oh fuck!” Riley almost screamed. She had to bite her tongue to keep herself from screaming too loud, remembering she was still at work.

“Jesus,” Harrison groaned out. “You are so fucking tight,” he told her, continuing to pull himself out and then slam back into her.

His cock was so big inside her, it was like nothing she had ever seen or had before. Riley bit down so hard on her lip, she could taste blood, but it was all she could do to keep herself from screaming his name. God, how badly she wanted to yell and curse as he filled her with pleasure. He felt so fucking good inside her.

She felt his hand smack her ass again, pulling her out of the sexual daze he had put her in.

“Cum for me,” he told her. “Cum all over my cock.”

It didn’t take her much longer after that. Only a few more hard thrusts and she felt as though she was exploding.

Her cunt tightened around him as she climaxed and Harrison cried out as he emptied himself inside her snatch.

As they both settled from their orgasims, Harrison held her ass, not letting her go and remaining inside her as his cock finished milking every last drop of cum. Finally, it softened and slipped out of her, a mixture of their fluids dripped out of her and then down her leg.

Rising slowly from the couch, Riley turned and looked at him. She opened her mouth to speak, but he silenced her with a kiss.

“If you tell me we can’t do that again, I’ll jump off a building,” he told her.

Riley kept quiet. She knew they shouldn’t do that again, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t do it again.

So instead she said. “I have another client in 20 minutes.”

“I want you to do something for me,” he told her. He kissed her lightly on the lips then he walked over to the leather chair where he had his clothes folded up. He began dressing as he spoke. “Put all three suits on my account,” he told her.

“Wait,” Riley said, still leaning, naked on the arm of the couch. “You want all three? The Gucci suit alone is $8,000.”

Harrison acted as if she hadn’t said anything and continued speaking as he buttoned the fly of his pants.

“I also want you to buy yourself a dress, on my account.”

Riley’s eyes shot open. “What for?”

He turned and looked at her. “I told you, I was invited to a benefit tomorrow. I need a suit, and a date.”

Riley stared at him. Was he asking her out?

Harrison finished dressing himself, doing up the final button of the Calvin Klien shirt he had come into the store in, and walked over to Riley, still naked. “Buy yourself something on my account, maybe some nice lingerie,” he told her, looking down at her tits. “I will pick you up tomorrow at 6.”

Without saying or doing anything else, Harrison stepped away from her, unlocked the dressing room door, and left the room, leaving her alone, trying to catch her breath as she thought to herself, what the fuck just happened?


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