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Hamlet & Ophelia

The secret love story between Prince Hamlet and Ophelia

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 4 years ago 13 min read

Though she was just a lady in waiting to his mother, the young prince couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful young girl as she sat at the far table with the other servants and handmaids. She was laughing at something he was unable to hear and just the sight of her face lighting up with joy caused a small smile to form on his face. She was so incredibly beautiful and even though he was surrounded by maidens and other high ladies, he found his eyes on only her. He found the jewels and expensive clothes all these women wore distracting. It took away from seeing their true selves.

This girl, however, had nothing like that. She was dressed in the plain fabrics and colours of the house. No jewels, no headpieces, just her long brownish red hair surrounding her small round face and beautiful green eyes.


His mother’s voice pulled him out of his trance and he looked towards her.

“You’re being rude to our guests,” she whispered to him, gesturing her head towards the young princess at the table. It was obvious that his parents had only invited her hoping to court the two. Hamlet looked towards the princess who was smiling at him and he smiled back softly. Her blonde hair pulled up into an extravagant updo with many pins and pearls. She was wearing a gown of burgundy with sleeves so long, Hamlet was unsure how she was able to eat anything without ruining the fabric.

She was pretty, Hamlet thought to himself but she wasn’t beautiful in the simple way the lady in waiting was.

As the night drew to a close, Ophelia and the other ladies in waiting tended to their nightly chores. Helping the queen out of her gown, letting down and brushing her hair then removing the many layers of silks and fabrics on the bed in the master chambers for her and the king.

Ophelia helped the queen into bed and then pulled the blanket over her. The king had not yet returned from the party downstairs but Queen Gertrude was tired and wished to retire. Once she was comfortable in her bed, she dismissed the ladies, and they all bid the queen good-night and left her chambers, extinguishing candles on their way out.

The moment the three ladies were out of earshot of the King and Queen’s chambers, they pulled each other close and began whispering.

“Are we returning to the party?” Maria asked the other two.

“Yes,” Ellis agreed. “There were some very attractive men I wouldn’t mind speaking to some more.”

The three girls giggled as they continued walking down the hall towards the stone staircase. As they walked, out of the corner of her eye, Ophelia saw movement from behind her and she stopped, turning to look at what had caught her eye.

“Ophelia,” Ellis called out, her and Maria now a few steps ahead of her. Ophelia looked back at her friends. “Are you coming?”

“I think I’m just going to retire for the evening,” she told them. “I’m quite exhausted. Have fun for me though.”

Without questioning her a second time, Maria and Ellis linked their arms and continued down the corridor, back to the party.

Once they were out of sight, Ophelia grabbed the front of her dress, pulling it up slightly above her feet and spun around, running quietly down the hallway to where the figure had disappeared too. At the end of the hallway, she turned down another passage where she was grabbed by her shoulders and her back was pressed up against the stone wall.

Prince Hamlet stared down at her and she stared back up at him. At first, Ophelia was unable to read his face based on the expression he wore, but then, a large smile formed on his face and feeling relieved, she smiled back up at him. Bending his head down, he pressed his lips to hers, moving his hands from her shoulders to cupping her small face.

As they kissed, Ophelia wrapped her arms around his waist and held him close to her. She breathed him in, loving his scent. Though he was a prince, he loved being outdoors and smelt like nature and pine, unlike most royalty who drenched themselves in suffocating perfumes. Every time she was with him, she was reminded of the gardens a short distance from the castle that she had grown to love in her many years here. It was the place she often went to to think about the family she never met. It was there that she first fell in love with the prince watching him also wander alone through the gardens with his thoughts. When she was 14, and he was 16, they began sneaking away from the castle together. Ophelia went to enjoy the smells, the colours and the summer air. Hamlet went to escape his duties as a prince. It was walking together through the gardens that they began to form a friendship and where Hamlet took her hand and held it for the first time as more than just a friend. It was under a large tree in the gardens that they shared their first kiss, and under the same tree that they made love to each other for the first time on Ophelia’s 17th birthday.

Releasing her lips after a long kiss, Hamlet smiled at the beautiful girl and held his hand out for hers. Ophelia took it and together, the two of them ran down the dark empty hallway. Ophelia smiled, trying not to giggle in excitement as they went. She picked her dress up so she wouldn’t trip as she ran beside her lover.

Opening the large door to his chambers, Hamlet held it open, allowing Ophelia inside first. Before following behind her, the Prince looked down each hallway, assuring no one had seen them, then went inside, shutting the door and locking it behind them.

Once alone in his chambers, Hamlet turned back to Ophelia, who wore the most beautiful smile on her face, and pulled her into his arms, lifting her up and spinning her in a circle and making her laugh.

“Oh, my beautiful Ophelia,” he said, setting her back down onto her feet. “I’ve been thinking of you all night and wanting to get away to be with you.” He kissed her cheeks as he spoke. “I’ve been surrounded by royalty and princesses all night and yet you’re the only lady who has crossed my mind all evening.” Ophelia craned her head to the side as Hamlet’s lips started down her jawbone towards her neck.

As he kissed her, he brought her further into his room pulling her towards his large bed. Releasing his lips on her neck, Hamlet looked at the plain dress she had been required to wear for the evening. It was a sky blue dress with a modest neckline, simple sleeves that went to her wrists and white buttons at the back of it. Turning her slowly, Hamlet pushed her hair away and began undoing each button slowly. Ophelia closed her eyes as she felt the dress becoming looser on her body and the soft touch of Hamlet’s fingers on her back. The last button sat just above Opehlia’s rear, so the Prince bent down onto his knees to undo it.

With the last button undone, Ophelia turned back to face Hamlet, who was still on his knees in front of her. She pushed the fabric of the dress off her shoulders and let it fall slowly from her skinny frame to her feet. Underneath her dress, she wore a plain white tunic that went down to her knees. It was the standard underclothing of all the help in the castle. Reaching behind herself, she undid the knot that had been tied at the top of the dress piece, then slowly removed the article of clothing. Like the blue dress before it, the tunic fell to her feet, leaving Ophelia standing before her lover completely naked.

Hamlet looked up at her from his position on the floor and bit his lip as he couldn’t help but stare. Though it was warm in his room, her pink nipples were hard from anticipation. They stood out to the Prince as if they were asking to be sucked by him.

He had seen his lover naked many times since the first time he had stripped her out of her clothing that day in the gardens, but everytime he saw her without anything on her body, he was reminded of just how beautiful she truly was. He was a prince, and she was merely a lady in waiting to his mother, and yet, here, in his own bedroom, he kneeled before her, his love for her and her beauty outweighing their titles.

Leaning into her, he placed his lips on her bare legs and kissed his way up them, going back and forth between each leg until he arrived at the sensitive area where her legs met. Ophelia gasped as she felt his lips on her sex and she held onto the top of his head for balance as his tonuge made it’s way between her folds. Hamlet kept her steady by holding onto the back of her legs as he tasted her and Ophelia threw her head back as pleasure worked its way through her body. Since the first time he had tasted her cream, it was the all Hamlet ever craved and he lapped at her as if he had never eaten before.

“Hamlet,” she gasped as her body began to shake, overwhelmed by the sensations he was causing her. He reached up and steadied her back as he stood back up and kissed her lips softly, allowing her body to regain itself.

As they kissed again, Ophelia pulled the clean white tunic Hamlet was wearing out from the pants he had it tucked into. Earlier this evening, he had been dressed in some of the finest of his clothing, but he must have removed it before finding her in the hallway, which only made her job of undressing him easier. Now, all he was wearing a tunic, and a pair of black trousers. His tunic only had three buttons which she quickly undid, then pulled the tunic up and over his head. Returning back to his lips, she ran her hands up and down his shoulders. His body was toned from all his sword training as well as horse riding. While she touched him, Hamlet undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Though he was wearing a pair of long underpants underneath his trousers, Ophelia could see and feel the bulge of his manhood through the thin fabric.

Grabbing her legs, Hamlet lifted Ophelia up, still unable to stop kissing her, and laid her down on his bed. Ophelia sat up and watched as Hamlet removed the underpants he wore and she bit her lip as his cock came into view. He climbed onto the bed and they sat before one another. Hamlet ran his fingers up and down her bare back, causing goosebumps to form on her skin and Ophelia stared into his handsome eyes.

“I love you,” he whispered softly.

A small smile formed on Ophelia’s lips at his words. “I love you too.”

His hand that was on her back went to her face and he caressed her soft cheek for a moment before leaning in and kissing her again.

As they kissed, the Prince pushed her down onto her back so he laid on top of her on the bed. Hamlet rested above her, close that she could feel the warmth of his body, but not that she felt the entirety of his weight on her small frame.

Using his knee to spread her legs apart, Hamlet ground himself into her without entering her yet. He knew she was already damp from when he tasted her earlier, but he didn’t want to hurt her, so he rocked his hips into her, preparing her with the anticipation of what was coming.

The first time they were together, under the tree in the garden, he was careful and delicate with his beautiful Ophelia. He knew she was a virgin and didn’t want to hurt her. Entering her for the first time was like entering heaven. He went slow with her at first, allowing her body to adjust to something so new and forgein, but after a few pumps in and out of her, she stopped biting her lip and began moaning and whispering his name.

When he felt her hips lift off the bed and grind against him in return, he knew she was ready, and without her having to ask verbally, he pushed himself into her. Ophelia threw her head back against the pillow under her head and gasped as she felt him inside her. Hamlet also gasped softly feeling himself surrounded by her. Though they had been together many times since that first time in the garden, it still felt like some sort of miracle every time he entered her. How could one woman make him feel so many things all at once? Being with her made him forget all the responsibilities he had as a Prince. She took him and loved him for him and nothing more. He didn’t have to be a Prince when he was with her. All he needed to be was himself.

Pushing himself in and out of her, he heard her moaning with each movement he made. Finding the sounds she made intoxicating, he began going faster and deeper inside her and she cried out his name loudly.

“Oh Hamlet,” she cried out, as her hands wrapped around him and he felt her nails in the skin of his back.

“Ophelia,” he moaned in response, continuing to push himself as far into her as he could possibly go.

Prior to Hamlet returning from the party, a fire had been lit in the bedroom, making the room warm. Between the warmth from that and all the movement between their two naked bodies, Hamlet found himself sweating as he made love to Ophelia.

He gripped onto the sheets next to her head and panted as he felt his body nearing it’s climax. Ophelia’s inner walls began to tense as she too was brought closer and closer to an orgasim. Her insides gripped onto Hamlet’s cock as she moaned loudly, so loud, the Prince covered her mouth gently with his palm to keep them from being heard.

Knowing they were both close, he forced himself into her as deep as he could go, over and over and over again, still holding her mouth to stop her shrieks of pleasure from being heard beyond the walls of his chambers. He also had to clamp his lips shut to also prevent himself from crying out as utter pleasure rocked through him.

Climaxing together, Ophelia moaned and threw her head back against the pillow as she felt Hamlet’s seed shooting into her womb. Hamlet gasped as he tried to catch his breath and fell on top of Ophelia. They held each other as they breathed in and out deeply, recovering from the intense orgasim they each had.

As Hamlet’s cock softened, it slipped out of Ophelia’s sex and he rolled off of her, but wrapped her into his arms and held her.

Covering themselves with one of the many blankets on his bed, Hamlet held his lover in his arms as he kissed her forehead, between her eyes, her cheeks and finally her lips.

“Hamlet,” she whispered softly each time he kissed her.

As he held her, Hamlet struggled to imagine his future without Ophelia at his side. He grew up with her at the castle, working as a lady to his mother, and he had fallen so in love with her.

“Ophelia, my love,” he said, releasing his lips from hers. Ophelia looked lovingly into his eyes as he spoke. “You are the sun to me,” he told her. “I love you more than anything.” Taking her hands into his, Hamlet looked deep into the eyes of his love. “Will you marry me?” he asked her.

Ophelia was taken aback. Though they loved each other and had shared many secret kisses and moments of intimacy, she was still just a lady in and waiting, and he was the prince.

“Prince Hamlet,” she said, addressing him by his formal title. “I love you, and though we have already shared what only a man and his wife should share,” she said, referring to the many times they had made love already, “I am but a simple servant girl. I can not imagine the king would bless our marriage.”

Hamlet responded by kissing her hard on the mouth. “Though he is the king, he is still my father. I understand that it is in the best interest of the country for me to marry royalty, but I can’t control what my heart feels and my heart only wants you,” he told her. He kissed her knuckles which he still cupped in his hands. “I will talk to him. I’m sure I can get him to understand this is what I want.”

A small smile formed on Ophelia’s face. She had dreamed of this since that first time Hamlet took her hand in the garden. Not of being queen, no, that was never something she was ever envious of, but of marrying the man she loved with all her heart.

“Well?” Hamlet asked after she had been silent for a long moment.

The smile on her face grew larger as she answered him. “Yes,” she finally said. “Yes, my dear Hamlet. I will marry you.”

Hamlet smiled from ear to ear as he cupped her face in his hands and pulled her close, kissing her again.

After a long and passionate kiss, Hamlet pulled away from her and reached for his own hand. On his pinky finger was a silver ring he had been given as a child by his father. It was the only ring he had that would fit Ophelia’s small hands. Taking her left hand, Hamlet slid the ring onto her third finger, sealing their engagement.

Kissing her again, Hamlet rolled back on top of his now fiance and the two of them continued to make love to one another until the light from the sun shone through his window, announcing that morning was upon them.


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