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Outlaw Biker and 18-Year-OId Get Freaky

Erotica Age Gap

By Ted's TalesPublished 15 days ago 7 min read

The sun bathed Maddies bedroom walls in a golden glow casting light on the numerous posters that adorned the space. The air was filled with a sense of anticipation as if nature itself sensed something forbidden was about to unfold. With a creak the door opened, revealing Mr. Woodcock in all his glory. His sturdy frame resembled that of a biker, accentuated by his T-shirt that made Maddie's heart race with excitement. His eyes sparkled with desire. She couldn't help but notice the slight bulge in his jeans. He had a presence, heightened by his well groomed beard.

"I've missed you so much, " he whispered softly as he pulled her closer.

They both understood that her parents would never approve of her dating someone from the biker community; after all, she was headed off to college soon and society would expect her to focus on more conventional relationships.

Plus the fact he was almost thirty years older than her!

His warm breath caressed her neck as their lips met in a tender kiss filled with passion. Maddie felt a fire ignite, within her; it was a burning desire that had only grown stronger during their time apart.

He reached down and helped her take off her yoga top.

"You look absolutely stunning, Maddie " he whispered, gently caressing one of her breasts. She arched her back, enjoying the sensation of his touch.

"I can't believe we finally have this moment alone together," he whispered.

Maddie smiled playfully, running her fingers through his brown hair. “I've been thinking about you too, Mr. Outlaw! Hehe!"

Without wasting any more time, he swiftly removed her athleisure pants and tossed them onto the carpet.

"Here please put this on, " Maddie requested as she handed him a condom.

"Oh man do I really have to?" he joked with a grin. Promptly complied.

Like an animal pouncing on its prey he climbed onto the bed. Positioned himself near her smooth intimate area.

"It's time to experience that alluring 18 year sensuality " he growled softly as he buried his face between her legs.

He savored the scent of her arousal, akin, to heavenly nectar.

Her pubic hair was barely noticeable just starting to grow out. He eagerly licked it all up. As he tasted her he couldn't. Imagine how much more delicious she would be when fully aroused. The idea of this girl willingly surrendering herself to a confident man like him caused his excitement to intensify even further. His erect member stood tall and proud, a testament to his conquests.

It was significantly larger than anything Maddie had ever encountered before. This wasn't the size of a boy's penis; it was that of a man’s and it thrilled her immensely. As Mr. Woodcock pulled down his underwear, fully revealing himself, he smirked with satisfaction as Maddie’s eyes gazed.

"Impressed?" he playfully teased while reaching between her legs to stroke her moistness.

"Oh my goodness, yes..." Maddie moaned in response, arching her back as he applied pressure to her sensitive areas.

Climbing on top of her he guided himself towards her entrance, with his erection.

"Wow! I had forgotten how incredibly tight you are " he remarked with a chuckle.

"Ouch! It hurts!" she whimpered, her face displaying discomfort.

He felt her muscles tighten around him. He knew it wouldn't cause any harm as he gently entered allowing her to adjust to his size.

"Take it easy sweetheart " he comforted, planting kisses along her jawline. "I won't hurt you."

She whimpered again, holding onto his shoulders tighter. He moved inside sensing her body accommodating and stretching for him. Each inch he went in seemed to bring her pleasure. With each thrust she wriggled beneath him, her nails lightly grazing his skin.

"darling " she gasped, arching her back. "Make love to me with intensity!"

"Are you sure about that, my dear?" he smirked playfully while picking up the pace. "This experienced lover might overwhelm you."

"Yes... Please..." she whimpered as her hips moved vigorously. "I want to feel you completely fill me!"

Mr. Woodcock moaned as he pushed deeper into her tightness and savored the sensation of their connection. He suppressed a chuckle at the thought of how peculiar and amusing they must look – him on top, with his solid build contrasting against her figure.

Every movement sent waves of delight rushing through his veins igniting his passion. Mr. Woodcock let out a grunt feeling the vibrations against her skin.

"This feels incredible " he whispered, thrusting harder. "You're more satisfying than anyone I've ever been with."

Maddie wriggled beneath him, her moans of pleasure reverberating off the walls. Their bodies moved together flawlessly, their skin glistening with sweat. He caught a whiff of her captivating scent, a mix of innocence and primal longing.

Mr. Woodcock leaned in closer, pressing his lips against hers. Their tongues danced in sync as he savored the softness and yielding nature of her flesh under him. He adored how she responded to his touch willingly succumbing to their desires.

"Please " she pleaded with a trembling voice. "Don't stop."

Her words only fueled his desire further as he delved deeper into their embrace. Each thrust brought him closer to complete bliss until he could feel the pulsation in his core. His movements became more urgent, driven by a hunger that consumed him.

Mr. Woodcock couldn't recall the time he had experienced such unfiltered and intense pleasure. His moans filled the room alongside Maddies pleas, for more.

He could almost sense the beating of her heart perfectly synchronized with the intertwined movements of their bodies.

"I love hearing your voice calling out my name, " he whispered, his voice filled with strain. "You are mine now aren't you?"

"Yes " she whimpered softly, her voice hoarse.

"Good... Now let me make love to you from behind my dear."

She followed his request. Positioned herself on all fours on the soft mattress as he positioned himself closely behind her. With one hand holding her buttocks and the other securing her hips he began to thrust forward

his impressive length entering her once again. The room was filled with the sounds of their bodies colliding occasionally accompanied by her muffled cries. He continued his pace driving deeper into her trembling core. Her tightness enveloped him, completely coaxing every drop of pleasure from within him. She let out a mixture of pain and desire as he passionately explored every inch of her opening. Despite the intensity of sensation she craved more. A need that pulsed through every fiber of her being, with each forceful movement.

He continued to pound into her his large member stretching her opening wider and wider. Their passionate cries filled the room, their intense connection undeniable. A moments later they both reached a powerful climax holding each other close.

The moment was idyllic; that is until the sound of the garage door opening alerted them that they were at risk of being discovered.

"Oh no! It's my parents! You have to leave!"

Sharing a kiss, Mr. Woodcock hurriedly dressed while she made a beeline for the shower. He managed to get dressed in time but the sound of her parents coming up the stairs informed him that he only had one means of escape. In a clichéd move, he opened her window, and his husky ass discreetly crawled out, hoping no neighbors would catch sight of him.

"Damn it," he muttered as he jumped from the second story window and landed on a cushioned table that was soon destroyed; as if an explosion had struck it.

"Son of a bitch," he grumbled as he stood up and quickly made his way to his motorcycle parked down the street.

"My patio table!! What the fuck just happened?!"" Maddie's mother was deeply concerned, unable to comprehend the kind of twisted individual who would maliciously damage her inanimate belongings.

All she could hear in response was the rumble of his motorcycle and the powerful roar of its engine.

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