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Our First Professional Erotic Photo Shoot

And why we can’t go back to our nude iPhone selfies.

By Chai SteevesPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Our First Professional Erotic Photo Shoot
Photo by Maria Vlasova on Unsplash

My wife and I have taken our fair share of sexy photos. Usually it’s a few impromptu shots with our phones when we’re in a sexy mood. Other times we’ll go to the trouble of getting out the SLR camera, dressing up, and trying for some higher equality ‘boudoir’ photos. But it’s always a little disappointing. The lighting isn’t quite right or our expressions aren’t as sensual as we imagine. These photos always look better in our imagination than they turn our to be on the screen of our computer once we’ve downloaded and looked at them.

With those lacklustre experiences in mind, we were keen, when on vacation in Mexico last year, to see the resort advertised a professional photographer that came on site for ‘intimate, couples, photo shoots’.

The representative from the photography service — a gorgeous Mexican lady — told us that the photographer could be there on any day of our stay. He would bring all of his gear and lighting, and had a number of sites around the resort that would be perfect for shoots. It would be a 2–3 hour shoot and he would take hundreds of photos. We would then sit with him and be able to choose to buy any number that we wished to purchase, and the best 30 could be put into a professionally printed photo album for us. While there was no obligation to buy any of the photos, she said that people always buy at least some. At this point, it was a little hard to figure out cost — she was deliberately vague — but we figured that since there was no obligation to buy any of the photos, there was little risk. We were psyched.

The session was planned for the next day — early in the afternoon. They sent us an email earlier saying that all we had to do was choose five or six outfits we would want for the photo shoot — anything from little dresses, lingerie, bathing suits or sexy costumes for my wife. For me, anything I wanted that we thought would create an erotic feel. A makeup artist arrived about an hour before the session and got my wife ready. Probably not surprisingly, it quickly became clear that a ‘couples’ erotic photo shoot is 80% about the woman — which is, honestly, what we were anticipating and wanting.

The photographer arrived at about 2 o’clock. He was a very confident, artistic, likeable, clearly homosexual man. He had a bottle of Prosecco and we all had a glass as he told us the game plan. We would start with some shots in the room and then move on to a few other sites on the resort that he liked.

The first thing he asked was the ‘mood’ we were looking for. Did we want R or X rated — erotic or more explicit? He said he could do anything, but that most people go for erotic. Most of the photos would be either the woman alone or the two of us as a couple. And normally couples like lingerie and partial nudity, and sometimes some tasteful nudity with nice lighting. He said he could do more sexual than that, but it wasn’t normally what people were looking for. That sounded good to us — we’ve never liked photos that were too extreme or hard core, so tasteful and R rated was ideal.

With that, he looked at the costumes we had chosen, went through my wife’s lingerie drawer and picked some more, and then we were into it.

Over the course of about three hours we did lingerie, bikini and fully nude photos in the room, on the beach (it was a clothing optional resort), in the disco and at a couple other spots on the property. He was fun, professional and patient. We had a series of shots on the disco that were kind of leather themed. We did a series on the room that were erotic near-nude couples erotica. And there was a playful topless series on the beach. It was a blast doing it, and we tried not to really think about what they would look like when done. We figured he was the pro and he knew what he was doing.

After 3 hours of shooting, 8 costume changes, and 5 venues, we were done. He told us he would come back the next morning with the edited photos and we could pick any that we wanted and also put together the best ones for an album.

When we saw the final product the next morning — wow!! It exceeded any expectations we had. They were gorgeous. They captured our love and sexuality perfect. They were both naughty and nice at the same time. And — not to toot our own horns — but they were super sexy. I would life to think we are a decent looking couple, but with his minor touch ups and innate skills, the photos looked gorgeous. Seriously, model quality.

We ended up buying all of them. He laughed and said ‘everyone does’. We also had him put together a nice leather-bound album with our favourite 30 or 40. It’s an amazing keepsake and we still, three years later, will get it out from time to time and look through it. Seriously — it’s an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives.

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