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Our First Meeting

by Robert Kegel about a year ago in erotic
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Our First Meeting
Photo by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash

We meet at a coffee shop (Starbucks, where ever), talk a bit and see we have a nice amount in common. See for me it's not just the body that turns me on but also the person inside...smarts, personality, charm...etc. We see we have an attraction and each second, I look at your luscious lips, ample breasts and your nice legs (you're wearing a mini skirt), I get harder. You feel it too, and fidget a little in your seat. You catch me looking down at your legs and you spread them, hiking up your skirt a little to let me see you're not wearing any panties. Your pussy looks so beautiful, nice labia, I can see slight moistness. I get up, grab your hand and we walk out, we get to my car and I kiss you deeply, pressing my body against yours, I feel your breasts against my chest. You ask me if I want to follow you to your place and I agree. As I'm driving my cock is hard thinking of seeing you naked.

We get to your place, close the door, and start taking each other's clothes off. You take down my pants and see my hard cock, getting down on your knees you start sucking it right away. I hear little moans of pleasure coming from you as you lick up and down my shaft, to my balls and then try and take as much of my cock down your throat as you can. You lightly massage my balls as you suck my cock, looking up at me as our eyes meet. Licking up and down my shaft, down to my balls, licking and lightly sucking on them again, then back up to my cock. I run my hands through your hair and you look up and smile. You continue running your tongue around the head of my cock, you moan and suck, then back down as far as you can go. I see you take a hand and start rubbing your pussy, I can smell your scent. I feel like I'm going to cum and I explode in your mouth as cum drips down your chin. You show me my cum in your mouth, pushing as much of the cum that's on your face back into your mouth and then you swallow, with a smile on your face.

I tell you you're a "good girl" and get down on my knees with you, and pull your hair to tilt your head back and kiss you deeply, I taste my cum (not really liking it but its the right thing to do). I start feeling your breasts, I pinch a nipple hard as you make a little cry of pleasure and pain. I kiss your neck, biting it as you squirm, and kiss my way to your breasts where my mouth bites and sucks on your other nipple, you give out a nice throaty moan. I lick my way down to your belly button where I give it a little kiss and lick, then kiss just above your pussy.

I push you on your back and lick your thighs I can smell your beautiful scent, but I want to tease you more before I plunge in. I bite your thighs and lick around your pussy, lightly licking your lips which sends a quiver down your spine. I lick from your clit down to your ass, giving it a little lick as well, then back up, I part your lips a little this time. I can't take it anymore myself so dive my tongue deep in your pussy and you let out a gasp, I lick your clit and stick my tongue as deep in your slit as I can, you taste so good and your juices are getting all over my face. I lick and suck your clit and stick a couple fingers in your pussy, thrusting in and out. My other hand reaches up and grabs a breast, pinching your nipple as I continue licking your pretty little clit.

While doing this I take my ring finger and start rubbing it against your ass, your hole is nice and wet from your dripping pussy. You start wiggling as I look up at you, I stick my finger in your ass up to the first knuckle and you moan louder. I pull it out, massaging your asshole again and then stick it in further, looking up at you I see a smile as you moan. I'm not fucking your pussy and ass with my hand as I lick your clit, you start moaning louder and louder as you have an orgasm. Looking into each other's eyes I move up to your lips and give you a deep kiss and you taste your juices.

I want to fuck you so badly, I rub my cock against your pussy, teasing you with just the tip of my cock. I put in a little more then pull out, then I quickly thrust in quickly and You let out a nice gasp and give me a nice naughty smile. I fuck you slow and deep at first, then I thrust faster and harder, thrusting as hard as I can We're both hot and sweaty. I pull you on top of me and you give, sliding into you again you ride me like a champ, your breasts bouncing up and down. I pull you forward by your hair and kiss you deeply as you continue fucking me. You start gyrating your hips on my cock like a hula dancer, then ride it hard again. We switch positions again to doggie, As I fuck you, I give your ass a nice slap, and then another. Each slap you let out a nice moan. I slap it again, and again, one cheek then the other, making them nice and red, I then give your hair a nice pull toward me as I lean over and kiss you.

I take my middle finger and stick it in your ass and you squeal. I'm ready to cum and I tell you let out a throaty yes. I thrust hard into you and I feel the orgasm build until I can't take anymore. I cum jets into you, and you moan loudly, clenching your pussy muscles onto my cock to milk every drop.

I pull out and you turn around and suck my cock, licking our juices off of it. Looking up at me with a content look on your face. I pull you up by the face and kiss you, our wet sticky bodies rubbing against each other. We both fall on to the bed, kissing and touching each other. We cuddle a bit until we're ready for round two.


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Robert Kegel

I'm a rocker, a gamer, a romantic, a Dom, a hiker and l like camping. I'm a geek, who loves Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and technology. I'll try and write about a variety of topics ranging from relationship, tech and every day rants.

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