Is this supposed to hurt?


I had heard all the stories about how big he was. And I don’t mean his height. I mean, I was told he had a whole horse between his legs. I have never rode a real horse, now I’m attempting to ride a whole man horse penis. Can you say, “young and completely dumb”? I also don’t know what in hell even made me want to find out for myself. I was a virgin! Yep, I said it, a virgin. But that was all about to change, or so I thought!

The neighborhood “man-whore” was about to take my virginity. Then we were going to be a couple and live happily ever after! Lmbo.....yeah right!

On this particular day, I was ready. I mean I wasn’t, but I thought I was. I had the look-outs in place or so I thought. They were busy playing hanky panky. Had my parents came home, all of us would have gotten an ass whooping. And I would be killed. Let’s just say since you’re reading this, I’m still here.

Okay, back to the story!

So, we’re on my bed. I am naked from the waste down. I don’t know what made my little inexperienced ass think I could do this. Hell, I struggled riding bicycles! Stupid!!!!!

It started with kissing! Clearly, I like kissing as you can see. But that’s neither here nor there. His tongue, like his lips and dick were big! It felt weird! Anyway, he tells me to get on top! Mind you, I have never rode anything other than a damn bicycle! But let’s do this. I stupidly straddle him and we kiss some more. And that’s when I felt “it” start to wake up! And I got scared! But it was too late to back out now!

“Relax”, he says! “Just lift up and I’ll put it in.”

I do as I am told. I lift up and he adjusts himself to try to put it in. It felt like my body was ripping in half. Matter of fact, not my body, just my “cukies”! The head would barely go in. Every time he tried to push me down, I resisted. This shit hurt!!!!! But I didn’t want to be a punk. Damn it was taking forever. But it was only about a minute. So, to try and ease the pain, I stupidly say.....”you get on top”. Damn I was so naive!

So, we switch positions and he starts trying again. Every time he tried, I scooted further I on the bed until I was damn near on top of the headboard.

“Man, calm down! If you relax, it won’t hurt.” HE LIED!!!!

But being young and dumb, I slid back down under him to try again. This time, he trying harder. And it was burning. It felt like a hot iron was being pushed up in my cukies! With every thrust, I would stop breathing. Damn this, after about another three minutes, I acted like I heard a car door and he stops. We all scramble to get out the house.

I walked funny for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to sit down! And man, when I had to pee, it hurt like hell!!!!!! But he never went in in! Lol!

Needless to say, that day, I got dumped. There was no happily ever after! No love story! He walked away and acted like I never existed. So not only was I sitting here with sore cukies, but also a broken heart!

Damn this shit hurts!

Jasmina S Covington
Jasmina S Covington
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