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Opportunities Arise

by Joyce Hau 3 months ago in advice

Will you let it slip out between your fingertips?

The night sky during the witching hour. Art created by Joyce Hau (me)

It is 3 A.M, the witching hour. I am alone, lost, and heartbroken.


Well, for starters, that b*tch kicked me out of our home.

The home we built together for over a decade. The home we made love in. The home we raised kids in. The home I thought was forever.

Before kicking me out, she did NOT forget to mention reasons why she no longer loves me. Each reason stabbed me in the heart deeper as I thought about it.

1. I am an infertile man. I do not possess the trait of bearing strong children. No woman would want me because of this.

2. I am weak. To call me a man is a disgrace. A man would guard his family through thick and thin. I've failed to do so when I allowed her older brother, who is much larger than I, to kill and eat one of our oldest sons. I was too small to protect all four children then, I had no choice but to protect the other three from harm, allowing my son to take the fall.

The intangible feeling of pain soon turned to anger as she took the liberty to attack me, breaking the skin, allowing my fruitless body to bleed out. Thinking to myself, finally, I can feel something. I then looked at her one last time before leaving the lover I once knew.

The assault opened up my eyes and gave me a new perspective.

"I am free.”

"I am no longer in a contract."

"I can do what I please without hesitation and worry."

As I thought to myself, looking at the dark clouds forming to precipitate. I must seek shelter before I become food for prey.

Left: Dark clouds are forming to rain. Right: Optimistic view of near shelter. -Art created by Joyce Hau

As I got closer, I started to make out a beautiful and young female figure. Not wanting to be frightening, I approached her with a smile and asked if shelter is needed—we both needed it badly. By the time we got to somewhere dry, a miracle happened.

In the darkroom, I can see her eyes twinkle as the moonlight shines through the crack of the wall. Her eyes are mesmerizingly transparent, not hiding anything insight, allowing the public to see her emotions and thoughts. If you looked close enough, you could even see the flame that's building between us.

I am not the most potent male out there, but I know how to love a woman.

Art created by Joyce Hau

As I pin her down to the ground with my full body weight, I make sure I have control, not allowing her to move or think, giving her the satisfaction of pure enjoyment. I then grasp the back of her neck, making sure she feels my masculine presence tightening around her. Her body squirms as pleasure builds up in her temple. Her back arches more prominently with every thrust I give her. Together we sang a sweet melody of love and satisfaction as the moon continued to shine in the night sky as we rested listening to the rain.

Some might say less than 24 hours is too soon to move on. But I would say, if you see an opportunity in front of you, do not hesitate to pounce on it because you might not ever get the chance again. Because I didn't let my heartbreak stop me from evolving, I am proud to say that I am now a successful father with plenty of children having their children. In the end, I am grateful to be a barn owl because I have finally found my compatible mate to give me a fulfilling life.

Watercolor barn owl drawn by Joyce Hau

Joyce Hau
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