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Old love

Old love

By April AveryPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The love story here may disappoint some readers, but I believe that some readers will feel a little shocked when I finish the story.

In the 1970s, there was an old couple on our Chinese Toon Tree Street. They were 60 or 70 years old. She was tall, white, and wide-eyed, and could be seen to have been a beauty in her youth; The husband, though not ugly, was a short man. They appear in the street, at first glance, do not deserve, a closer look, but it is a match made in heaven. Why do you say that? The elderly couple is a mirror to each other. Apart from gender differences, their eyes are similar. Even the moles on their faces, one on the left cheek and one on the right cheek, match perfectly. They go to the coal shop to buy coal, a laundry basket, a pole, the husband in the front, the wife in the back, which is different from the position of other couples carrying coal. No way, not their ingenious, because the husband is short, strength is small, do the wife of the male Angle.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and as the daughter knocked on the door, there was a loud pounding of footsteps, and the old couple appeared at the door at the same time, with two old, happy smiles, and the corners of their mouths tilted to the right.

But instead of coming home to smile, the daughter's mission seemed to be to blame and lecture her parents. She rattles off a list of the blunders her parents have done, including leaving too much water on the floor with their mops, and indulging their child by overeating and overdressing him. As she sipped the red date soup the old man had made for her, she said, "Well, it doesn't matter how many times I tell you. I think you are seniless."

Hearing this, the old couple hurried off to undress their grandson, looking ashamed and not daring to argue, as if acquiescing to the fact that they were old and a little senility.

After a while, the old woman, gathering her soup bowl, suddenly clutched her chest and fell dead. The cause of death was said to be a myocardial infarction. The dead man was so popular that the neighbors heard about it and paid their respects. They were surprised to see their daughter, who was not usually so dutiful, burst into tears. It was strange that such a good mother should not cry after her death. They wondered about the old man, his face expressionless, sitting beside his dead wife, looking so calm. The grandson didn't understand, so he asked, "Grandpa, why don't you cry?"

The old man said, "Grandpa can't cry. Grandma died and Grandpa will die, and Grandpa will die today."

The child said: "You lie, you have no disease, will not die."

The old man shook his head and said: "Grandpa is not a liar, grandpa is going to die today. You see grandma dying refused to close her eyes, she can not lose me, I can not lose her. I'll stay with your grandmother."

After listening to the old man's words, the adults were more considerate and watched him carefully. But the old man showed no signs of suicide. He sat quietly by his wife's side in a chair. Late in the night, the watchmen heard a phlegm in the old man's throat, and before anyone could respond, the old man slumped under his dead wife's deathbed. At this time I heard the hall bell "Dangdang dang" rang up, people looked, it is 12 o 'clock at night!

As announced, the little old man went with his wife. Who would believe such a thing unless people saw it with their own eyes? But the story is true, and the old man who lived and died together was a real person. They were my neighbors who died on the same night in the late 1970s. The old clock was then frozen at twelve o 'clock, as rusty as rust, and could not be turned without moving at night.

It's such a simple story to tell. I don't know about you, but I always thought it was the most moving love story I could tell in my life.


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