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Nights of Passion

Erotic Romantic Story by Tim Rowland

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 years ago 20 min read
Nights of Passion
Photo by Davids Kokainis on Unsplash

In the warmth of the room, a gentle breeze flickers the on looking flames of the vanilla scented candles filling the room. You glare across the room and through the bathroom door. The tub is filled, though all you are able to see are the rose pedals covering the surface of the water. Despite the fact that the faucet is turned off it seems as though the pedals are dancing on the water. Slowly something enters your vision on your right side… it’s a single rose being offered as I reach around your body. Before you can turn to face me, my chest is pushed against your back closely. You take the rose from my hand and as you lift it to your nose to softly take in its scent, my fingertips gently run through your hair brushing it lightly off of your neck. As my left hand falls tenderly upon your abdomen, and you feel slow waves of heat upon your neck- telling you my lips are close to your skin- you set the rose down lovingly upon the bed. You begin to wonder how all of that you see came about as you slept peacefully just moments ago.

I begin to kiss your neck so softly it seems little more than a tickle on your neck. You feel my fingertips travel slowly, caressing downward on the skin behind your ears, down each side of your neck, and then lightly tracing your shoulders…until I once again reach your neckline. Softly my fingertips sweep up the back of your neck and beneath your flowing hair. I move my kisses to the opposite side of your neck, taking a moment to gingerly massage your scalp in back with the whole of my fingers, just before allowing my hands to slide back through your hair lifting it off your neck and shoulders once again as each section is reached. I take a half step away pulling you with me, so that you are now leaned back against me fully, and I have become your sole support for standing. As you lean your head back upon my shoulder and turn your face toward me, our lips meet in a passionately soft kiss. A twinge of heat passes through your body as you feel my hands fall onto your waist. You think to yourself that surely I will now finally begin to remove your shirt. However, my fingers simply begin to caress your stomach, then travel upward… slowly… lightly…grazing your skin…stopping just before reaching your breast. Lightly, they make their way outward to your sides, then down slowly until again resting on your hips. A sudden heat befalls your abdomen, and this time it takes a slight moment before you realize it’s my hand. However, you can easily recognize my touch as I reach between us with the other hand and lightly slide my fingertips up the small of your back… and then higher….higher still…until before you know it, I’ve undone the confining strap of your bra.

Standing you again erect on your feet, I take a hold of the bottom of your shirt on each side, brushing the backs of my fingers against your skin. You lift your arms up as I slowly pull your shirt up and over your head toward the front, so that your shirt now rests only on your arms at your sides and stringed across your stomach. As you think to pull your shirt off of your arms, I place my hands on your shoulders. Softly, but swiftly I run my hands down your arms, pushing your shirt as I go, allowing my hands to brush over yours as your shirt falls to the floor in front of you. Caressingly I run my fingers down your neck again, and allow for a soft kiss on each side, as I take hold of your bra straps-my fingertips brushing your skin lightly- and remove them in the same manner in which I had removed your shirt, but this time my fingers slide between yours before traveling up your arms again. As I pull you against me again and my head turns toward your neck to lay another kiss on your skin, you feel hints of warm air brush across your now exposed breast…and you know it is from our combined breathes, now heightened. Still kissing your neck, my fingers run ever so slowly across your collar bone, and then down even slower between your breasts. I take caution not to allow my hands to touch your breast just yet, but you can feel the heat from my skin on your breast. Instead of again moving my caress back upward, as you would expect me to do… I continue the downward caress so that my hand slips just underneath the waistline of your jeans and panties. Deeper still my touch travels…slowly drawing closer and closer to your awaiting clit. But alas, my touch stops less than an inch away, again close enough for you to feel the heat of my skin upon your clit, but without touching it. With moderate swiftness my hand fans open to sweep across your skin.

By Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

With a genuine smile you unbutton and then unzip your pants in order to place your hands on top of mine. With a soft kiss to your lips… I pull away… but only for a moment. Standing behind you, my hands to myself again, I reach out and touch your sides up high, parallel to your breast-but without touching them. Tenderly I begin to kiss your back, between your shoulders. Ever so slowly my caress glides down your sides, and my kisses upon your back follow suit. At the point of reaching your waist, I begin to remove your pants and panties together slowly- never pausing my caressing kisses. As I return to my feet, I take your hand in mine and lead you to the end of the room, as you step out of your discarded clothes. Once we’ve reached the other side of the room… near the bed… you turn to me as you glance at the bed, and then deep into my blue eyes. You smile at me with that look as though you know what I’m thinking. I smile back…but only because I know you’re wrong about what I’m thinking. We come together with only a couple steps, and are once again against one another- your breast pressed firmly against my chest. It is then it occurs to you that I am now naked, having stripped as we walked… me walking behind you. Deeply we kiss, our tongues dancing together in harmony. Unwrapping my arms from around you, I take your right hand with my left and slowly begin to spin you- so closely that your skin glides across mine as you turn- so that your back is against me… and your breast are now only inches away from the rather cold wall. Playfully, but tenderly I push you against the wall, stepping forward so that my chest is again pressed against your back. I begin to kiss your neck as I raise your arms over your head and place your hands against the wall, your palms flat against the surface. As my hard dick presses tightly against you and my arms again wrap around you- my hands coming to rest on the underside of your breast, before sweeping painfully slow upward until they now cover them- I first kiss your shoulder…then your neck…then just behind your ear. Just then I lean closer to your ear and whisper… “I’m going to make you want it.”

Slowly my palms lift away from your breast, till only the tip of your nipple is pressed against the center and my fingertips rest between your breasts. With the lightest of touches, fingertips begin a slow decent down between your breast, with no other part of my hand touching. Just as my fingers reach the underside of your breast they sweep out to glide gently back and forth down your body while moving further down. For a moment as I lower my body to continue my caresses, my dick, slips underneath and presses firmly against your pussy, but without entering. All you feel is the pressure of it pressed against your opening along with the heat pouring from every fiber…mixing with your own heat. Quickly the pressure and heat are now gone-as I lower myself to my knees- and the soft caress of fingertips glide across your pelvic area and then trace around your waist so that my fingertips are now on the small of your back. Lightly and slowly the caress moves up your back….and then back down again…then back up….and then down again. Fingers fan out as they glide down the cheeks of your ass, barely pressing on the flesh as they trace down the contours. You shiver a little as you feel them move back up this time trailed by my palms-and all the heat that my palms hold- with moderate pressure so that it massages the muscles in your ass. As my hands move back down and glide off the underside of your ass…they move inward seemingly toward your underside toward the front of your body. However, before they have reached the intense heat that is coming from your woman-hood, they suddenly begin to move down the inside of each thigh…still with a light touch. All the way down to the insides of your feet, this continues, until upon reaching the bottoms of the inside of your feet- my hands sweep back and then travel lightly but caressingly up your calves….then even lighter still as they reach the bend in your legs, barely a tickle…then back to moderate caressing touch as they reach the backs of your upper legs.

As I slowly rise to my feet again, soft kisses are placed up your legs…then your back…until I am finally standing and a final kiss is placed on the back of your neck. With only one finger I caress down each side of your neck…then across your shoulders….and finally down your arms, until my fingers slip through yours and your hand is now in mine. Slowly you are turned, again causing your skin to brush against me. As your vision falls deep into my blue eyes, I gently press you against the wall so that your leg is between mine and my arm brushes against your stomach as I lean in and kiss your lips tenderly….and then lead you by the hand to the rose pedal filled tub.

As we near the tub, you catch the scent of lavender in the air, mixed in with the fresh rose pedals’ aroma. As you watch the pedals dance on the water a moment, you again wonder how all this came to be as you slept-so you turn to ask me. But, as you turn to face me, I softly, but quickly put a finger to your lips and smile at you. My finger is then replaced with my lips as I again kiss you tenderly. Guiding you by hand I help you to step into the warm water filling the tub. Then as you sit carefully, I kneel beside you remaining on the outside of the tub. With one hand cradling your neck and head, and the other placed softly on your abdomen-I lay you back…your head coming to rest on the soft, satin covered pillow you hadn’t even noticed was there. As you rest a moment-your arms to your sides- I caress from your abdomen, slowly upward to the top of your chest, gliding my fingers between your breasts but not touching them with each stroke. On the final stroke upward, my fingers continue upward so that they travel up your neck…and then through your hair tenderly. I look into your eyes softly as my fingers continue to run through your hair from front to back-making sure to massage your scalp along the way. As you close your eyes from the relaxation I lean in slowly and very softly kiss your forehead…and then playfully, but still softly the tip of your nose … and then finally your lips- so softly that it barely makes a sound. Again I cradle your head and neck as I sit you up a little and lean your head back slightly. Reaching next to me beside the tub I pick up a stain glass pitcher that shimmers blue, purple, green, and white. With my hand still supporting you I use the pitcher-one handed- to gingerly poor water through your hair…and then again so that every strand of hair is wet. As I lean over the tub to grab the shampoo, I kiss your still closed eyes ever so delicately. Making sure that it stays away from your beautiful face, I poor a little shampoo over your hair and begin to massage it in…until every strand has been given full attention. Again I bring the pitcher up-this time filling it with warm water from the sink-and once again allow it to stream carefully through your hair as my fingertips begin to massage through again.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I first lay your head back down on the pillow slowly…and then take your hand and help you to stand. Holding your hand I escort you out of the tub and onto the stretched out towel. As I wrap a large warm towel around you I lean in kissing your lips with a lingering yet passionately soft kiss. I then dry your hair carefully….and then your body-kissing each part of you after it has been dried off. Again taking you by the hand I lead you out of the bathroom. Once we have stepped out of the bathroom, I sweep you into my arms and kiss your lips as I carry you to the bed. Without breaking our kiss, I lay you down on the soft sheets, allowing your body to make contact first, and then gingerly letting your head hit the pillow so that it supports your head and neck. Kneeling to the side of you, I run my fingertips from your forehead, downward, tracing the contours of your face along your jaw bone. Leaning down so slowly that you feel the warm of my breath on your skin for seconds before feeling my lips, I kiss along your collar bone…and then trail the kisses down your chest….between your breast….down your stomach….your abdomen…and then finally down your pelvic area- stopping just short of your clit. A steady but slow stream of warm air flows downward over your clit….and then another tender kiss just above it. My hands, still hot, rest on your abdomen so that my fingers point to your side…slowly- and with only slight pressure it makes its way up your abs….your stomach…and then as one hand sweeps up one of your breast, tracing its shape- the muscle of my forearm does the same in unison to the other breast…the flow of my touch not stopping until it reaches your collar bone again. As I start to move my body toward your feet, my hands trail along the sides of your leg, so as to not break the contact between us. Then soft caressing motions are made on the tops of your feet….which begin to travel up the insides of your legs…until I reach the tops of your inner thighs. Fingertips sweep upward against the skin between your pussy and inner thigh, and then meet above your clit, but still without touching it. Instinctually you open your legs a little wider as you feel my chest slide up nearing the tops of your legs. My arms slide underneath your legs and then wrap around your waist…holding you to me. With the tips of my fingers I open you up more to me…exposing your clit to the mild temperature of the room even more. And then…suddenly you feel the warmth of my breath and the heat from my mouth draw closer to your awaiting pussy….and a surge of heat and excitement shoots through you….you know what’s coming next.

Softly and slowly I trace along the outside of the lips with the tip of my tongue, moving up one side and then slowly down the other. With short, light brushes of my tongue I sweep up and down the lips before taking them in my mouth and sucking gently. Already I can see and taste the heavenly juices that flow from your hot pussy. I can even feel the heat of it on my cheeks. Not able to hold off any more without a real taste of your love flow…I push my tongue softly against the bottom of your opening and with a torturously slow pace, begin to make little sweeps upward… taking the juices off of your pussy from bottom to top until I lick your wetness off of your clit…only to replace it with the wetness of my tongue. Steady streams of warm breathe flows over your clit, before it is engulfed in my open mouth. My suction pulls the entire top of your pussy-along with your now hard clit-deep inside my mouth, leaving it defenseless against the quick and semi-hard back and forth movements of my powerful hunger. As your body squirms you realize quickly that it won’t break my hold on you…there is no mercy in my hunger as I eat your pussy with such wild abandon that not even a single drop of your flowing juices escape my mouth. The more you squirm and claw at me…the harder and faster I tease your pussy and bask in the taste of you. As you begin to cum you are sure that I will ease up allowing you your orgasm…but instead I pull you toward me and lift my body…and your waist comes off the ground…your legs still over my shoulders and my arms holding your pussy tight against my mouth. As you cum harder and harder I swallow each wave that comes rushing from your hot pussy, even pushing my tongue deep inside you to pull your orgasm out of you.

As your body begins to relax from your orgasm, I allow your legs to slide down my body so that you lay in front of me exposed, the hints of light glistening on your skin. As I hover my body over yours, you feel me brushing lightly against your skin. You lift your hips slightly in wanting as you feel the head of my manhood push against your opening. As I slowly bend down and bite into your neck…lovingly…each inch of me slides deep inside you. Our bodies begin to move together causing each stroke to sink deep inside to that place you love to be reached. As our kisses get deeper and more passionate, you feel my heartbeat against your chest and my hands all over your body. Softly I kiss your neck…your collar bone….your shoulder…and then your chest. As the long, deep strokes continue, my kisses fall to your breast- trapping one between my lips-and my hands on your ass…so that I can pull your body into each stroke, forcing you to feel every hard inch. Over and over my hot & hard dick is pushed inside you as I bring my eyes to meet yours. With our eyes locked and our bodies melted together, we are inside the moment…and deep inside each other’s beings.

Slowly my body slides down yours, as I kiss each inch of you softly and my dick slowly and gently slides out. I kiss all the way down to the tops of your feet…and then back up again to your awaiting soft lips. We both take the moment to share lingering kisses on the lips and neck, as my still hard dick brushes against your abdomen…an unspoken promise that it will soon be inside you again. Lifting my body slightly I roll you onto your stomach…allowing your body to brush against mine as you roll. You feel the nibbling at your ear as the pillow is slid underneath your waist. A soft bite to the neck…followed by a healing kiss. Then as I once again slide deep inside you from behind…pressing your body into the bed with my own… “I love you” tickles your ear.

By Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Softly yet passionately I kiss your neck as I begin to make love to you…allowing the entire length of my dick to slide in and out of you. My movements are fast enough to make you feel the passion but slow enough to ensure that you feel each inch as it moves with in the depths of your awaiting body. We both smile as kisses fall sweetly on your neck and shoulders and your hot, wet, pussy gives way to my every thrust. You begin to push back against me harder and I know that you will soon cum for me again. You turn your head back just enough for me to kiss your lips and then you begin to cum the moment I break our kiss and bite into your neck…without slowing the pace of my strokes. Only when your pussy clamps down on my dick hard enough that I cannot move anymore without hurting you do I push deep inside one final time and hold you to me as you ride the rest of your orgasm out.

I get to my knees on the bed and you turn over as you grab me and pull me down onto my back. You kiss my lips…then down my body. With a sensual caress of your mouth and tongue, you take me in and begin to tenderly suck my dick in and out of your mouth. You smile a little as you see the look on my face and the one in my eyes. I reach down and pull you up so that I can kiss your lips again. As our lips come together, you reach down and lift my dick to the opening of your still wet pussy. Our kiss doesn’t break as you lower yourself onto me and begin to ride me slow and passionately. With another smile you lean your body back a little to look into my eyes, which only interrupted when I lean forward and begin to tease your hard nipples with the tip of my tongue. Playfully I kiss and bite your breast as our love making becomes a little faster and harder.

Suddenly, you throw your body forward tightly against me and lock my lips to yours in a kiss as you begin to cum hard on my dick. The tightening of your pussy and the wave of orgasm I feel inside you causes me to explode deep inside you. As we both cum together we hold tight…lost in a world that only we two making love could ever create. After taking a moment with your body laying atop mine… you let your body fall next to me with one leg thrown over my waist. As you lay your head upon my chest, I kiss the top of your head and we both say “I love you” at the same time. Softly we laugh at the unison of our words, and then as I hold you to me…moments later…I feel the steadiness of your breathing and I know that you are asleep. I smile into the top of your head as I close my eyes and soon drift off to dream.


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Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial from the United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you. Available for writing projects at:

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