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Frustration Rage Sex

Erotic Domination Story by Tim Rowland

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 years ago 9 min read
Frustration Rage Sex
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I’m sitting and arguing with the computer for the second hour. The computer, the programs, nothing is working like it should. I’m in a bad mood. I hear you walking around and obviously; you’re in a good mood. You’re bouncing around and I can hear you being cheerful. I like when you’re happy, but right now; it’s getting to me…and not in a good way.

I hear you go into the bathroom and the door close behind you. A moment later I hear music pouring out of the bathroom and you singing along with it; getting a lot of the words wrong, I might add. I shake it off and concentrate on the last bit of design I have left to do. Finally; a couple more tweaks and it will be what I pictured in my head.

Just as I start on the last tweak, I hear the bathroom door open again; and the sudden increase in volume of the music. You are still in a great mood; I can tell. You walk past a moment glancing around as though you are looking for something. I can see you are in just a towel, though you haven’t gotten in the shower yet. I grin at that- I always do- but it’s not enough to keep me from my bad mood… or being further annoyed by your good one.

You settle; standing by the table and fiddling with something in your hand. I concentrate back at the computer screen. Watching you dance around has me hard as a rock, but still annoyed and in a bad mood. I breathe a second of relief as I begin to move the last item in place…and then… blank screen.

The computer has crashed and my work is lost. The whole project is lost. I feel the storm inside grow overwhelming and as it reaches its peak…I hear you singing…the wrong lyrics…. again. I look over and see you dancing around ever so slightly.

Your back is to me as I stand up and pull my clothes off like they are made of nothing.

Then… in an instant… I’m directly behind you, so close you feel the heat from my body on the back of your shoulders and neck.

Before you can say a word or even turn around, I’ve reached around to where you have the towel tucked in. In one motion I rip the towel from your body and take hold of the back of your neck, just where it meets your shoulders.

An all-in-one motion has you overpowered; your breasts and cheek now pressed down against the table top; your ass pulled toward me and your legs spread apart.

By We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

The head of my dick presses against your opening, but only enough to apply pressure. My free hand spanks your ass; one hard slap the second your ass stops moving from the last one. The tip of my dick is getting wet from your now wetting pussy.

You know we’re close. You know I care. You know I’ve got you anytime in any situation. But in this moment; you also know that you are my toy. As you feel the open air of the air conditioning blow across your wet pussy and bare ass… you know I’m about to take out my frustrations on your wanting body.

Suddenly; half my length is pushed into you; opening you up to me fully and sending the full wetness rushing onto me.

The hands- often so gently laid upon you- now take tight, claw-like, grips. One on a cheek of your ass and the other on your hip. There is no escape from the coming punishment.

You open your mouth to say the first words heard since the moment I approached, but are silenced by the hard thrust; sending my full length deep inside you. No more hesitation; your body is ready for me now.

You grip at the table as thrust after merciless thrust; I drive deep. Each stroke quakes harder and faster than the last. You whimper in pleasure as the table threatens to give, but neither brings any slowing or softening of the storm that now equal parts, lust and rage. You know the rage isn’t at or for you; but you feel the ferocity of it in each powerful hit…. Each time my pelvic muscle spanks your ass; telling of the full length of me buried inside you.

You feel the rush and your body tightens; you know there is no way you can hold it in. As the explosion of your orgasm takes hold of you, I grab your hair and pull your head back with it while pushing deep into you and holding it there, just as your muscles tighten down around my cock. Even as you tremble and each wave tries to push me out; I hold my full length, buried inside you; forcing you to cum on it.

By Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

The rush and tensing are over… but the punishment is not.

As you sink into the table, I begin to plunge deep, fast and hard again a moment; until finally…

… you feel my dick pulled out fast and I quickly pull you standing up and spin you around to face me.

You’re sure of what’s “coming” next; though you wonder where I will direct you now in order to take it.

Instead; you are lifted up and sat on the edge of the table; then pushed onto your back.

I wrap my arms under your legs and pull you to me; nearly off the table. You see my still rock-hard cock- shinning from your juices and cum-awaiting your pussy to be wrapped and abused again.

Instead; it vanishes below the edge of the table, as I go to my knees. I playfully bight lightly at your inner thighs and then I lick the juices from between your inner thigh and the outside of your pussy.

For a moment you feel the cold from the air conditioner blow across your exposed pussy and ass, but it is quickly replaced with the heat of my mouth.

My tongue begins licking and swirling at your opening; making tightening circles; each one moving a little closer to my tongue entering you.

Finally; my tongue moves quickly in and out of your opening… and then slowly up the center; swaying back and forth as it ascends toward your clit.

You feel the tension build inside… you know I have a powerful tongue that moves like a serpent; when it has cause to. Unlike other men; I’ve never claimed your pussy to be mine… I give it reason to proclaim itself mine.

Circle trace around your clit… first the tip of my tongue…and then the flat of my tongue; allowing not one part to be spared.

With no warning; the whole of your clit and much of your pussy is sucked into my mouth; and my tongue creates a storm of sensation inside a vortex of suction.

At first, I continue to hold you down and in place; forcing you to squirm, yet not escape in any direction. Then; as you let out a cry of pleasure, I loosen my grip; allowing you to move and put it where you want it.

Still sensitive from the rough fuck, and taken by surprise by the suctioning licked sensation; you again cum. This time into my mouth; though my tongue doesn’t give you mercy as you cum hard.

Only the briefest of moments passes before I pull you up off the table and set you on your feet. Your knees give like jelly, but it doesn’t matter; as I push you down to your knees.

You take my now semi-hard dick into your mouth and look up at me as you begin to feel it grow on your tongue with each stroke in and out of your mouth.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

As you take me in your mouth and look up at me, you can see that the lust and rage are not entirely gone yet…and your pussy gets a tingling sensation that continues up your spine; as you realize what that means for you.

Soon- my cock now fully hard again- you are pulled onto your feet once again. Still weak, your knees threaten to give under you a moment. Your balance is thrown off even more as I push you back and against the wall a few feet away.

The wall is cold against your back and ass; sending shivers up and down your spine. The feeling only lasts a second; as your waist is pulled forward and your legs apart at the same time.

Your surprised and a moment of fear sweeps through you as you feel your feet leave the floor. Quickly you know you are safe from gravity, though, as your legs are wrapped around my waist and my hands grab you under your ass.

Passionately; I kiss your lips. The kiss is deep but not overly deep.

When the kiss is broken, you arch your back against the wall; simultaneously pushing your breast into my awaiting mouth, and causing my cock to slide its full length deep inside you. Despite the animalistic and rough pleasure of this encounter; you are happy to feel my tongue and mouth teasing your nipples and breasts the way you’ve gotten used to me doing.

I continue teasing your nipples as we both begin to move our hips; driving me inside you; over and over, hard. Each time it feels as though the Earth is trying to pull you down beneath the ground…and only my deep, quaking, thrusting stops you from falling below it’s gravity.

A moment later; I pull you away from the wall and fully into my arms; your body pressed against me so tightly that your breasts are hard pressed into my chest and pushed aside a little.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

I walk us over to the couch and standing in front of it; I hold you up- my arms under each leg- and fuck hard, deep, and fast…but only a moment. Sudden burst of rapid pleasurable abuse.

After that; I lean forward and put you on your back…and your legs onto my shoulders. With me leaning forward, you are rolled up beneath me and unable to escape each hard and rapid thrust; as each one is delivered within seconds of the last.

The pounding equals that of the fuck bent over the table; only with less room for your body to give way; forcing it to absorb the power of each hitting sensation.

You are now so wet that the very suction and speed of my thrusts pulls droplets of your wetness out each time it slides out of you a bit.

Just as the droplets form together and threaten to begin a small stream down your ass and back; with your lower body in the air as it is… I lean back and slide a pillow under your ass and lower back as your body comes down.

With your lower half still elevated and at my mercy; I take hold of your thighs and resume the intense speed and powerful fucking…until….

… you begin to cum; tightening down on me once again.

This time; it is too much for me to withstand…and I push deep and hold there as we both explode into orgasm.

As we both settle…I smile… lean down and kiss you passionately, yet softly on the lips. Lean up slightly… another quick gentle kiss to the lips. Lean up slightly again…. smile again….

“There. Now we’re both in a good mood.”

First words to be spoken in almost an hour.


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Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial from the United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you. Available for writing projects at:

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