Night Queen

by Keke Carter 2 years ago in fiction

The Night Has A New Ruler

Night Queen

Chapter 1 England: 1714

My name is Emily Watson and my story begins over 300 yrs. ago. The year was 1714, I lived in England at the time, and at 16 my parents wasted no time having the eldest married off.My life was never exciting, it was never boring either. King George I of Great Britain and Ireland reigned and my choices became limited. Where most girls would be practicing music around this age or sewing, I stayed home making sure my home stayed up to par. My husband's name was Quentin Watson Duke of Cornwall 35 and from what I understand very lucky with the ladies. Becoming his wife hurt me to my heart. Before I was introduced to Quentin my heart belonged and still belongs to my best friend and lover Raphael Lake, heir to his own sort of kingdom. You see Raphael is a vampire……only I knew of that, of his secret. Heir to the Lake Family Crown, and soon to be King of all Vampires. His love for me began when I was only 10 ever since then he's never left my side for a moment. Raphael was changed before he turned 18, but beforehand I knew him to be my best friend and in some cases my lover. When he was changed he was sick from an illness ,his adoptive father changed him and from that day on Raphael was a vampire. His real mother almost cried when her son became a child of the night. She eventually accepted it and dealt with her sons' choice. When I found out I was sort of scared at first but in time he showed me things I thought could never be humanly possible. Changed at the age of 17, he's always stayed by my side, even before he was changed and after. He remained ageless, waiting for the day he could change me himself to a child of the night. When he heard of my forced marriage to Lord Watson, his world came crashing down. I would see him sooner after the first few nights of my marriage with Quentin. We laughed when I told him of how Quentin was distorted when he found out I no longer was a virgin. I could see it in Raphael's eyes that night that he would go back in time in order of replaying that first time with me. Truth be known I would too. The months and years we spent together were in secret and only in secret did we keep our love going. When Quentin left for group meeting and invitations. I remained home; his excuse for not bringing me along was that its men business and no women should be around so many men. Behind closed doors, I have been abused and forced to consent to do his bidding. When he did leave Raphael would come through servants' quarters to find me. One thing about my servants they always kept quiet about what happened when the master was away, truth be known they liked to see Raphael a lot and did not care much for Quentin.A knock at my bedroom door while brushing my hair startled me, in walked the head maid Lucy. "forgive the intrusion madam, Raphael Lake is here to see you" Behind her, I could see his broad stature and ice blue eyes, long black hair and perfect white teeth. It was him my prince, my love. "Show him in".

Raphael walked in from behind the small women and bowed before me. "Milady Watson, If may so bold to say you look beautiful tonight, as you do every night I see you" his fingers traced up my neck sending shivers down my back. I stood keeping my back to him for only a brief moment then turned to face him. "His Highness is very kind with words" I kept my head down remembering I was in the presence of royalty but also not forgetting that this is Raphael and me bowing before him was something he could not accept. His finger went under my chin and pulled my face close to his and his lips brushed against mine softly. "her ladyship is more beautiful than ever….look at me Emily" my eyes slowly made their way to meet his gaze, and the same finger that pulled my face up caressed my check. "Those beautiful brown eyes capture my soul every time I look into do you do it? " Softly but firmly his lips pressed against mine, his tongue parting my mouth to make his kiss deeper, and his arms wrapping around me to hold me close. "the same way you do my lord…I only look.Oh, how I've missed you Raphael" my hands found his chest and gripped the fold that opened his coat. "And I've missed you, my love." Pulling away from his kiss I lead him to my bed where he unclothed and undressed me as well. His legs parting mine so that his length hanging between his legs could enter me. With one wave of his hand, the candles in my room blew out allowing the moonlight to fill the darkness. With his kiss he pushed into me, his ice cold shaft filling my warm entrance. His growl was low and a little feral, but he kept his pace slowly and steady. My hands exploring his freezing back, nails digging into his flesh and my weak voice whispering in his ear begging for more, not wanting him to stop. His lips finding my neck showering with kisses, teeth grazing my skin. "Is tonight the night my love?" he asked while continuing his pace. His whispers made my heart stop; he would ask that question every night until I gave him the answer that he wanted to hear. Tonight was no different. Raphael knew that Quentin abused me and he would love nothing more than to rip his head off. "Not tonight Raphael…soon" he nodded and continued. His eyes changed whenever my presence would make him succumb like this, his hands balling my hair into a fist until he gave one final thrust then collapsing on my weak flushed body.

Slowly he raised his head from my shoulder and kissed my quivering lips, still joined together he held me close. "My father inquires as to when I will make you my bride. I continue to tell him she is bound by this forceful marriage, but it seems that in his eyes Quentin is nothing more than dirt underneath our fingernails" my eyes remained locked on his as he spoke. There were only two ways I could think of to leave this marriage: by death or the wife auction. But keeping up his reputation Quentin was too proud a man to even walk the streets without a wife in his corner especially one he could control. Raphael rubbed his nose against mine and lightly kissed my lips before pulling himself out of me. "Your father has often inquired about our union together. I would want nothing more than to live by your side until the days of this world are no more. But as long as Quentin walks these streets I remain his wife. I am trapped in this life. My family would be poor again. I couldn't do that to them, I couldn't make them suffer." Raphael came to the other side other the bed and placed his hand on my bare back. "Emily my darling, your family will be taken care of. Marry me and become my wife and I will protect your family until you beg me not to do so anymore. What is Quentin's money but as carrots to a family of rabbits?he baits you with your family finances and I know a husband would never do that. I love you more than he, I've always had ever since we met as children on the river bank." I looked at him as a smile grew on my face, his words were a child, I played the violin in secret and he fell into the river bank while watching me. That was our first meeting together. I love him more than anything in this world. "In the week to come my family will send me to the new world to have our people began fresh and I want you by my side." My eyes grew wider. "The new world? Across the sea? But aren't their nomads of your people there already?"

"Yes…there is, and I know it's sudden to ask you without forewarning. But I must know your answer before I leave this room." Raphael held my gaze as my mind raced, my heart began to pound thinking about traveling with him to a new land where we can start new. It would be a chance to leave my husband's ways. If Raphael left me behind I would die. "I will go" his eyes grew bigger "you will?"

"I will go with you, Raphael. If you leave me I would not survive. You cannot leave me in his hands, I will die. Take me with you, please. I beg of you" Raphael picked up from the bed and spun me around the floor with a joyous laugh in his throat. "I must have Lucy come with me I trust them all with our secrets but I've known Lucy more than 5 yrs." "Anything you want my love. this means of course that your marriage is no longer binding to the Duke of Cornwall." I nodded and placed a kiss on his lips. "Wonderful I will have a carriage ready for you at dusk tomorrow evening. Please have your bags packed and out of sight from Quentin. As soon as he leaves I shall take you away from his violent ways".

"And I will belong to you forever" "until God himself walks these streets…princess" a knock at the door startled us both…well, maybe not Raphael but it scared me. In came Lucy who seemed to be almost out of breath.

"My lady…your husband is returning home as we speak" in no time at all Raphael was completely dressed and preparing to exit. Before leaving me he placed a passionate kiss on my lips bowed to Lucy and walked out the door. Before Quentin walked in I explained to Lucy our plan, her heart was overjoyed and she agreed to come with us. Quickly she drew my bath and rush me in the tub.A few moments later Quentin came through the door, making his way up the stairs to my room. He knocked then entered. "Ahh Lucy….Where is my lady?" he asked with such force but profoundness. "she bathes milord" in he walked to see me sitting in a tub of hot water, hair pulled up and bubbles surrounding me. "Ah my dear here you are" "we're you looking for me darling?" he sat in the chair next to the tub.

"Yes, I was, coming to tell you that I may go to a business party tomorrow evening and may not be home for the dinner. I trust you understand. Will you be alright here by yourself?" his hand touched my wet skin his eye contact was shallow and quick. "Yes, I will be fine dear. You need not worry" "of course, you will……… Raphael Lake will be stopping to bed you, soon after I've left…….won't he?" I stared at him at the mention of him knowing Raphael's presence here. "You see my dear, you have your spies and I have mine. And I wouldn't be the least saddened if I was to kill him now and save you the trouble of ever being alone with him again…now would I?" I looked at him and began to rise from the water reaching for my robe before walking to my room. "If your spies are correct how do you know that he was even here with me? He could have been in here with any of the other women in this house" he walked behind me and moved his head next to my ear while looking me in the face from the mirror. "The smell of death is in your clothes Emily. Do not play me for a fool" "what of Lady Seymour…she beds you more than I do and I'm your wife."

"true, but darling don't be such a hypocrite….was not Raphael not here but a moment ago?" I sat silent and walked toward the window, Quentin not far from me. "even if you go against him you will not win. I wish not to be married to you do nothing but break my heart, you have since the day I said I do" "on that we come to an agreement and I know you don't want to be married to me anymore, I see it on your face but would you let your family suffer for….for love ha-ha…..foolish girl" his hand came crashing to the side of my face knocking me to the floor, his form towering over me like a predator. His jacket tossed on my bed and sleeves rolled up to his elbow.

"Love does not exist for me, it only exists in the mind of the weak-hearted and the foolish" I looked at him with a single tear rolling down my face as he continued to speak. "He has you wrapped around his finger so well. I guess he would being friends for all those years would create a bond. Well, allow me to break it by never letting him see you again." Another blow to my face felt like fire on my skin, and when the bell for the front door rang he looked out the window and then at me before fixing himself. Quentin rolled his sleeves back down and put his coat back on. "Lucy!!!" Lucy came in eyes on me as I lay on the floor holding my face. "My lord"

"the stench of death is in this room and I would like to have it permanently removed. And if I ever smell it again I will handle it myself" Lucy curtsied as his cold stare went over my body and landed on my face. He held my gaze with such wickedness then he walked away. "Oh miss. Are you alright?" "Tomorrow can't come soon enough Lucy. Tomorrow can't come soon enough" as I prepared myself for the night's sleep I heard the voice of Lady Alice Seymour of Devon talking to Quentin. Their voices faint but I could still make it out "you look tired dear" "Emily has done that. Little whore cannot keep her legs closed." "Oh goodness, perhaps I should come at a later time" "No….Alice please stay. Emily is in her room gathering herself, too embarrassed to show her infidelity...I insist" when I peeked over the railing out of sight from their eyes, Alice slipped her arms around Quentin's neck and placed a kiss on his lips. "Infidelity….what would you call what we have now." "nothing but a brew of love between longtime friends….such a shame about your husband….a drunken man that drowns in the ocean" yes such a pity" she placed another kiss on his lips holding on longer, then being dragged into his study. I quietly crept back into my room and closed my door. A smile came across my face, he wasn't the only one having fun behind closed doors.

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