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New Years

by Blondie_Sprinkles 5 months ago in relationships

An Olive and Teo short story

“Hey, you made it!” I said to Teo as he walked into my apartment on New Years'. I went up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a big hug. I was a few ciders in and feeling fucking hot. I was wearing a mid-riff top and skirt with a slit down the side. It was a warm New Years being mid-summer and I was going to enjoy every moment of heat today. “Can I get you a drink?” I offered.

“Sure,” He said and we headed to the fridge. There were only a few people here today, mostly just Molly and Molly’s friends but I had Molly, and I had Teo. That was all I needed.

“I stocked up on some beer, I have some whiskey for later," I said.

“I’ll start with beer.” He said and was obviously feeling a little awkward. We hadn’t been speaking much as he was giving me the space I requested and I know it wasn’t exactly fair to him but I needed to know who I was outside of him, or Brian or men in general for that matter. I deserved this, right? Didn’t mean it was easier for him though.

“Hey, thanks for coming. It’s nice to see you.” I smiled up at him and he smiled back.

“I wanted to see you too. Let me know if I can help with food or whatever. I might go find Molly if she’s around.”

“Should be out on the balcony I think,” I said and he nodded, leaving me behind in the kitchen. I had a tonne of things to do but I had overburdened myself. Which wasn’t like me at all, hint the sarcasm.

I had organised cheese platters that were already out, dips, corn chips, and salsa; other snack-like foods, and for dinner, slow cooked pulled pork for some sliders. Was going to be amazing. This took up most of my time for the next hour or so but Teo came back to help me when it was time to serve up.

“Olive, you’ve got to like, order pizzas instead of going to all this trouble.”

“Nonsense, this was nothing,” I said but he rolled his eyes.

“Stop for 30 seconds ok!” He went into the cupboard, pulled out the whiskey, set two short glasses on the table, and poured a couple of shots. “Drink this yeah,” We cheers’ed before we downed the mouthful and I grimaced.

“That's warm.” I croaked out and he laughed.

“And delicious, nice buy.”

“No worries.”

We served dinner and the buzz hit me as I was eating my way through my second slider. The night kicked off after that. Molly was twerking in the lounge room and the music blared. I shared a few more whiskeys with Teo and we started to get a little touchy. A hand here, a touch of a lower back there, my body began to tingle and it was more than the alcohol being in full effect.

It was getting close to midnight when Teo pulled me into the bathroom.

“What are we doing in here?” I asked but he had that look in his eye I had grown to know. He walked slowly up to me and reached his hand out to lock the door behind me then put a finger up to his lips to keep me quiet. From there he dropped to his knees and ran his hands from the back of my calves all the way up to my ass under my skirt. He then lift one of my legs before he set it on the edge of the bath and kissed my inner thigh. I closed my eyes and felt my skin prickle at this unexpected touch. His hot breath could be felt between my legs and I whispered please, giving him full permission to do what he was so longing to. He shifted my g-string out of the way before he licked his way up between my thighs. He was slow and each lick left me aching for more, I tipped my hips forward and had to steady myself on the door. He slid a finger inside me and continued his slow movement, lapping up my pleasure. My body started to shake and I was on the precipice of an orgasm that I desperately needed. He knew that though and pulled back, slipped my panties back in place, and wiped his face on my towel before whispering in my ear.

“My car, now.” He then slipped out of the bathroom like nothing had happened and I took a moment to compose myself before following him out my front door away from my own party and down to his car.

The apartment garage was quiet this time of night, everyone was up partying in the houses whilst we skulked away in the shadows. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work as his car was pretty small but he had obviously thought of that. He pulled me to the front of the car and bent me over the bonnet before lifting up my skirt. My hands splayed out in front of me. I was a little upset he hadn’t kissed me yet but I knew we weren’t here to connect we were here to fuck. He slid a finger back inside me and I could hear him fumbling with his pants. I looked back at him and could see him pull himself free, fully erect. He then spanked my bare ass and the sound echoed across the garage before he slid himself up inside me. The only sound we could hear was that of our quickened breathing and the slap of skin against skin. He pushed me down hard on the car as he thrust again and again. He then pulled out before he finished which wasn’t like him. I looked back again desperately wanting more of him inside me. He was now squatting down with his face back between my ass and licking my wetness. Because of the teasing earlier and the feel of him inside me, this fast paced tongue tipped me over the edge and I shook on his bonnet. He stood up and began to touch himself as he watched me. I licked my lips, sat up, and put him in my mouth, tasting myself on him. He moaned quietly and slowly thrust deeper down my throat. I gagged a little before licking and sucking on him more. He pulled my hair out of my face which was an unspoken cue that he was close. I paid closer attention to the tip before taking him deeper again, my jaw seizing up from the effort. He thrust twice more before he came into my mouth. I usually preferred him to come on my chest or back or something but being the public space with no ability to clean up I swallowed.



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