Need Me: Part 2

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Need Me: Part 2
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Overbooking myself with meetings was how I decided to punish myself for crossing the professional line with Lucas. We had rules for a reason. They kept us in line, away from trouble, away from dire consequences. Knowing you weren't supposed to test certain waters with your employees did nothing to stop the lust parade Lucas invited me into last week. How could I face him now? What if he filed a sexual harassment suit?

It dampened the ache between my legs but not enough to stop me from staring at him as he walked into my office and closed the door.

"Here," Lucas announced, placing a folded letter on top of my desk, completely disregarding how he hadn't bothered to knock first.

"What is this?" I asked, as I unfolded the letter and decided not to wait for his response. My eyes scanned over the words and I slammed the piece of paper on my desk, outraged by his decision.

"You can't quit. You're the best IT guy I have," I responded honestly. Despite our...mishap last week, there was no denying he had a way technology; his talents weren't replaceable. At least, not in a short amount of time.

"May I speak frankly?" he asked me, placing his hands on my desk, leaning in inches away from my face. I straightened, not looking away from his determined gaze.

"If this is about last week—" I started, but it only made him look down at my lips, and damn it, I could feel myself throbbing for him already, so I crossed my legs tightly and tried to ignore it.

"Tech is my thing. You give me codes and data and I'm good to go. But you? You're an entirely different virus I can't seem to get rid of." Lucas admitted, and he seemed particularly irritated by that conclusion. Which meant I wasn't the only one who's been dreading going home to an empty bed at night.

"So your solution is to quit?"

"Damn right it is. I can't walk by your office every day without being able to touch you the way I want to."

"That's unfortunate," I countered, dragging out what was left of my dismissive attitude, which I knew was an alluring tactic. I shouldn't be resuming the game we started, but there was something about him that made me want to keep playing.

"Yeah well, I cleaned out my desk," he added, and I smirked. He sounded like a child and even though he was younger than I was, he still held a twinkle of maturity in his eyes that still gave me shivers.

It was around six in the afternoon. Everyone would be clearing out of their cubicles to head on home soon. We'd be alone once again, in my office, exchanging wishful thoughts.

I couldn't wait.

"Sit down," I ordered, and he seemed taken aback by the command. But he listened and sat in one of the chairs that stood neatly in front of my desk. I watched him fold his hands on his lap as I stood up and walked around my desk, resting my behind on the edge, crossing my legs in his line of vision. I tried not to smile when he took notice and moved slightly in his seat, sitting straight while he watched me place a stiletto heel in between his legs.

He didn't seem threatened by my gesture. In fact, I could see the bulge in his slacks grow bigger the more he stared at me. Lucas had no idea what was coming to him.

"Take off your tie and belt. Use them to tie your hands on the chair." I commanded firmly, and he licked his lips, his eyes wide with anticipation. Once he was finished, I pulled at his hands, to make sure he tied them up good, then proceeded to reach for my scarf that I had neatly tucked away in my cabinet. Wrapping it around his eyes, I leaned over his ear and brushed my lips against his cheek. His jaw tightened, his hands already trying to break free. He was about to learn who he was messing with.

"You're standing on your balcony again. This time in the middle of the day, during the hottest day of the summer. You look across the courtyard just as you settle down on your lounge chair with a glass of whiskey in your hand. My window is open, you could see into my bedroom, where I am laying in bed, rubbing ice cubes down my neck and chest to relieve some of the heat on my body, my ruby red robe barely covering any skin. Your shorts grow tight around your shaft when you see me dip the ice cube in between my thighs, rubbing the outer walls slowly, making you wish the melting cube was your tongue instead. You're thirsty enough to down the whiskey in one shot, your eyes still glued to the ice cubes as I rub them up and down my inner thighs, in between my legs, up my bare chest and over my nipples..." I described vividly, and smiled with victory at how turned on he was.

"I hate that we're not neighbors," Lucas growled, his voice raspy with eagerness. I chuckled and walked over towards my door, locking it, then returned to the dying man in my chair. Stopping right in front of Lucas, I hovered over him but was careful not to touch him. At least not yet. It was part of the game. A very crucial part, in my opinion.

"I can see you watching me, Lucas. I can see how your hips are trying hard not to mimic the movements of the ice cubes. You can practically taste my skin, the wetness dripping down my thighs. But you can't get to me," I explained, and licked my lips as I watched him swallow hard.

"What if I get to you anyway? What if I decide to find your apartment number, and show up at your door? What if upon seeing me, your robe decides to finish falling off those curves of yours? My hands would not stop exploring you until every inch of your skin has been kissed and properly stimulated," Lucas argued, and I shook my head. No. I wasn't supposed to surrender. The rest of the men I've played this game with always did. Why was he trying to be different?

"You're not the narrator of this story," I reminded him, tightening the belt and tie around his hands lightly, careful not to hurt him as much.

"I will be. I can smell how much want me from here, Marlena. You can't hide behind your fears forever," Lucas answered stiffly, and I untied the scarf from his eyes so he'd be able to look at me when I told him what the deal was.

"It bothers you, doesn't it? Not having enough power to pull me into your trap," I commented, and he smirked, leaning into my personal space, his mouth just a breath away from my own.

"You fell into it the moment you felt your panties soak through just by watching me trying to figure you out."

"Why would that turn me on?"

"Because no other man has tried before," he concluded, raising his chin, challenging me to deny it. He was wrong. They've all tried to figure me out before. They just all went about it the wrong way. Using their bodies instead of their minds. I was grateful in the end, of course. No one had been able to figure out the secret I buried years ago, along with my heart.

"You're free to go," I claimed, untying his restraints and I knew better than to meet his eyes, but I did it anyway. Big mistake. His hands took a hold of my hips and pulled me onto his lap, my skirt riding up in the process. He didn't ask for permission to touch me, but he did so regardless of my waning protest. It wasn't the desperate grip I was used to from men. His touch was more careful than that. He took his time to make sure every nerve ending in my body was awakened by his fingertips, sparking and igniting a fire I thought I put out years ago.

The foggy cloud of desire started to morph into pure need once I was fully exposed to him, no clothes, no witty words to exchange in this line of fire. My resolve to let him get past that wall I've spent my entire life building dissolved temporarily when I felt his fingertips enter my slick walls. It was a relief I didn't know I needed until now but, damn, it felt good to be touched like this. I moved against his hand, urging him to go faster and he did at first, bringing me as close to the edge as possible and then he retreated. My eyes held his sharply, questioning his reasoning and he pulled away from me then, gesturing towards the clothes he'd taken off me earlier.

"I want this moment to replay over and over again in your mind after I leave this office. My fingers deep inside you, moving against the tight and wet walls, the sound alone driving you nuts..." Lucas trailed off, but he made no move towards me. He wanted me to be desperate enough to give in to him and I was dangerously close to doing so. But then what? He'd have his way with me and then we'd turn into strangers, occasionally picturing each other's bodies in our minds at night while we touched ourselves beneath the sheets.

It wasn't in me to picture a future outside of the bedroom, but Lucas was making me question everything I've ever known and it was making my blood boil with anger.

"Did you think about me all week? Bending me over my desk, taking me up against the wall?" I asked, as I started to get dressed, starting with my skirt. The ache between my legs was almost too much to bear when I felt him behind me, not a hand on my body but I swear I could feel them all over me.

"Just as much as you did. Probably more," he confessed as his mouth hovered over my ear, my back to chest, sending quick shivers to flow throughout my body.

"Why not do it now? We're alone. I'm still naked," I inquired, and braced myself on top of my desk as I turned to face him, my hands slowly caressing the soft skin against my chest. His eyes followed every movement of my fingertips, closing when I started to rub the hard peaks that were calling out for his mouth.

"I'm afraid I'd lose my mind if I did," Lucas admitted heatedly against my forehead, his lips brushing it lightly. My throat dried when I reached for his belt and he allowed me to stroke the prominent bulge I created. His grunt informed me he was close to breaking his control, and I smiled against his cheek. I wasn't the only one who suffered from a dominant personality.

It was clear to me now that Lucas hated surrendering just as much as I did and it was going to make the outcome of this encounter that much more rewarding.

"Say it. I need to hear you say it, Lucas," I ordered in a breathless whisper, just as his fingertips found their way back in between my thighs and entered painfully slow.

"Ladies first," he croaked out, kneeling before me, his lips igniting a trail of hot kisses that led all the way to my inner thigh. When I felt his teeth nibbling and his tongue soothing the injured skin, I almost gave in. Almost.

His mouth toyed around my aching clit but never gave it the release it so desperately wanted. I could lie. He wouldn't know the difference. We were both too turned on to analyze the chaos we'd no doubt cause later on.

Just when I thought the brush of his lips against the sensitive nub would be the start of him finally taking me, he pulled away again. My body wanted to collapse with need and I hated that he knew that. His knowing smirk should've made me furious. It only made me want him even more.

"You need my tongue to ease that ache of yours and I'd be more than willing to do that for you. You just have to say it," Lucas offered, and I contemplated what it would mean if I did for a moment but decided lying would be the best option right now. I'd keep my sanity and gain an orgasm. It was a win-win.

"I need your tongue on me. I need it to start up here, over my breasts, down my abdomen, licking down my thighs at the wetness your fingers created. It would make me very content if you started soon..." I tempted him, parting my legs for him so he wouldn't be able to resist any longer. When he licked his lips, I rejoiced silently in my head, excitement flowing through my veins when his mouth grew closer to my thighs.

"That's not the confession I wanted, Marlena. When you're ready to give it to me, you know where I'll be," Lucas informed, his voice now sharp, but his eyes were pleading with me silently, begging me to surrender to him.

I watched him unlock the door to my office and close it behind him, trying to focus on the aftermath of what just happened.

I needed to lose. If I wanted him as much my body wanted him, craved for him, I needed to lose and allow myself to enter the next level of the game.

For that, I needed a test run. And I knew just where to find him.

Sharlene Alba
Sharlene Alba
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