Naughty By Nature: Revenge

by Alystair Kade about a year ago in fiction

Best Served with Seduction

Naughty By Nature: Revenge

An excerpt from an erotic anthology.

"Revenge is best served with seduction."

Mays'a mouth hung open, as she stood underneath the threshold of her bedroom. She watched the mechanical gyrating of her boyfriend’s hips thrusting into the perky neighbor from down the hall. All she wanted was to surprise him with midday steamy sex session, but she got this surprise instead. Jack was too busy plummeting into Perky Jenny’s pussy to hear the front door open and close, while Maya made her way through their shared apartment.

To think she'd felt bad whenever she would put off wanting to have sex. Lately, she was working extra hours to pay for their romantic getaway with just her and Jack. Away from all the unbridled tension of Maya’s working schedule and Jack’s unsatisfied libido. Maya got off of work early to stop down at the play shop to get a sexy negligee she was eyeing for a while, knowing it would spike Jack’s interest.

Standing in the doorway, the frilly red and black negligee didn’t seem to hold the same sex appeal it did when she first saw it. Still in disbelief, Maya stood quietly while the engaging couple, unaware of her presence, continued their adulterated coupling. In fact, she has never seen Jack move with such vigor, as if he was impaling Perky Jenny’s womb with his seven inch cock. Meanwhile, Jenny squirmed and squealed, her eyes closed as she received Jack’s offering.

Silent tears meandered down Maya’s face as she witnesses what has been brewing up for a while now. All those late nights she spent in the office that made Jack angry. Jack accusing her of cheating, but it was indeed him, who was doing the horizontal tango with the neighbor; a girl who wears nothing but shorts and belly showing tops.

Presently, Jenny’s eyes flutters open, a look of surprise passed through them. Then, her face stretched into a taunting smirk, like she was the cat that finally got the bird. Maya wanted to vomit, she felt sick to her stomach. Perky Jenny didn’t even feel any contempt towards destroying Maya’s relationship. The girl’s moans got louder, as if taunting Maya even more. Maya couldn’t take this silent omission anymore; she crumbled to the floor in a sobbing heap. The coupling stopped. Jack jumped off of Jenny cussing, his cock dangling, unsatisfied.

“Shit, Maya it isn’t what you think.” Jack tried to reason. His cock still moist from the girl he was just straddling. Perky Jenny sat up in the bed, patting her hair down. Her breasts were on full display; the reason why she got the name Perky Jenny.

Maya saw red. She scrambled off the ground, Jack trying to help her up. She nearly yanked her arm out of its socket as she tries to get away from Jack’s arms. If he wasn’t standing before her, his cock dripping with bodily fluids and Jenny grinning like the Cheshire cat, Maya would never believe anyone if they said Jack was cheating. With every ounce of strength she had, she laid in on him. Pounding on his chest, while he tried to get away from her assailing hands, Maya continued her onslaught on the cheating bastard. All her efforts to make him happy and he turned out to be the disgusting bastard to do the exact same thing he accused her of doing.

After scratching his face and yanking on his hair, she turned her fury towards the still naked girl in her bed. She leaped on Perky Jenny, counting every moan she heard, every thrust she watched as her boyfriend fucked her. No amount of tugging by Jack could have gotten Maya to relinquish the brunette’s hair from her clutches. It was as if Maya was hanging onto the last thread of sanity and she wasn’t going to let it go, if only to stay sane.

It didn’t take Maya very long to pack up all her shit, drive to the nearest ATM and suck all the funds in their joint account dry. She wasn’t thinking straight not when she had received the shock of a lifetime. Four years wasted and thrown in the trenches, all because Jack couldn’t keep his dick locked up. She jumped in her car and everything came rushing in. Maya didn’t have a next move. All the adrenaline had worn out and Maya had placed her head on the steering wheel of her car and recollected all the unfortunate events. Her bag filled with cash, tears streamed down her face and Maya—heartbroken and betrayed by a guy she thought she loved for better or for worse. There was no doubt that she would have to run back to her parents and see their faces with that knowing look that something like this was bound to happen. They had known the unforeseeable future, that Maya had been blinded by her love for Jack. Blindly and stupidly, she plunged herself head first into a relationship without taking in consideration her parents’ protests and warnings towards Jack. Maya's parents could see that Jack seemed sleazy and sly.

She fought her parents tooth and nail to accept Jack, to accept that she loved him despite his faults. Her father refused to let Jack step a foot on their property, and her mother would hang up every time she called Maya when Jack answered the phone. Nothing was worse than having parents that threatened to disown their only child, because they hated their daughter’s choice of a partner.

Now, they would have no other choice but to take her back. Maya couldn’t hide the shame on her face when she turned up on her parents’ doorstep with her bags in her hands and five thousand dollars cash flooding her purse. Marie pulled Maya in her arms, as Maya let out a sob. Her father, Lionel, was livid and nearly got his gun to chase after Jack. After much coaxing and scolding from Maya and her mother, Lionel seemed to calm down. Jack’s life was spared, but only this time. No telling what Maya’s father would do if he ever came across the two-timing bastard.

Long after that fateful day she saw her ex-boyfriend impaling the slutty neighbor, Maya became a new person. It as if a switch went off in her head that very moment she found Jack cheating on her. So much had to be done to make her the woman she was today. She dropped the sweet girl persona and embraced parts of her Jack always seemed to find inappropriate. Jack would only allow Maya to feel sexy in the bedroom—to play out his sick fantasies. On the other hand, when they were in public, and Maya shows just a tinge of skin, Jack always slut shamed her.

When she was too busy being blinded by love, Maya thought that it was sweet that Jack was protective over her, not wanting other men to look at her the only way he should. However, it was all a ploy to control her and demean her. She had worked hard to be successful at her work place, but was always lacking. Jack accusing her of cheating added to that lack and it started a downward spiral with her appearance and self-esteem. Going out of the way to please Jack was the icing on the cake, which had finally toppled over when Jack decided that Maya was not enough. Seeing Jack fuck Jenny, made Maya realize something. She thought it was the end of the world for her, but later realized it was an epiphany. A sudden realization of the piece of shit Jack really was and how he treated her.

Maya wanted revenge. Jack had disarmed her for four years, spewing bullshit lies that he loved her and only her. Even when his cock was dangling in the juices of Perky Jenny, Jack still managed to lie to her, right to her face. That was enough fuel to ignite the fire in Maya’s vengeance. She went on and changed everything Jack said he loved about her, but in return she gained her dignity back. Maya gained her sex appeal and most definitely her confidence that she was denied.

Alystair Kade
Alystair Kade
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