Alystair Kade

English Lit and Film Theory grad, amateur coder and professional shower singer. I love writing, opening discussions and sharing unpopular opinions.

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Naughty By Nature: Revenge
3 months ago
An excerpt from an erotic anthology."Revenge is best served with seduction." Mays'a mouth hung open, as she stood underneath the threshold of her bedroom. She watched the mechanical gyrating of her bo...
Pleasure Points: Discovering My Pleasure Points
3 months ago
Let’s talk about the first time I came. My first Big O moment. Honestly, it is a story worth telling. I think I was 16 and a senior in high school. By this time, most of my classmates are talking abou...
Pleasure Points: A Tale of a Smut Writer
5 months ago
I joined Wattpad in 2012 after the demise of Inkpop (gone, but surely not forgotten). I wanted an outlet where I could showcase my written stories and engage with other writers like me hoping one day ...
Confessions of a Binge Shopper
5 months ago
I’ve been down on my luck for almost a year now since my inevitable university convocation. Within eight months, I’ve managed to obtain four jobs and lose them all before 2018 came to an end. If there...
The Forgotten Guest
a year ago
Like a swift wind that comes and goes is how I enter the lives of people I know. Their memory of me is not strong That's because I don't linger long. With striking force our hearts cling, but only to ...