Natalie's Confession: I Pretended to Be Seduced into Anal Sex

A short story

Natalie's Confession: I Pretended to Be Seduced into Anal Sex

This happened only a couple of weeks ago, but I’d wanted to try it for years.

You see, I know girls aren’t supposed to like it, but I’m obsessed with anal sex. I think about it loads, and I love watching it in porn, although not when it’s hard and rough. I like the way you see it in amateur porn, where the guy is gentle and loving, the mixture of tenderness and nastiness is so fucking hot. I love to fantasise about being filled there by a man, it’s so naughty, and I love the idea that I’m being coerced into it as well. Not in an aggressive way, but like I’m too much of a good girl, and he has to gradually coax me into letting him put it there.

I’d always been too shy to ask for it though. I guess I was worried the guys I was with wouldn’t understand, that they’d think I was a dirty pervert, so it was only ever a fantasy for me. But then a few months ago I started seeing Darren. We’ve clicked, and the sex is great, and recently we were talking about our fantasies, and what we liked in bed, and Darren let slip that he had a penchant for anal sex.

He looked a bit guilty about it, but my heart fluttered, and my face burned hot at just the mention of it. I tried to act cool though. I spoke in an off-hand manner, and I said that I’d never tried it before, and that I’d never really thought about it. I asked him if it hurt, but Darren said not if you do it right, and that showed he understood. I said I might be willing to give it a try, maybe, and I saw the look in his eyes, and it made me wet to know he wanted it as much as I did.

So Darren came over on a Saturday afternoon, and usually we’d go out together for a meal and to some bars, but I suggested we stay in instead. I opened a bottle of wine, and we drank it together as we made out on the sofa. We kissed and touched each other for ages, and we both got so turned on, but I wouldn’t let Darren have me, not yet. I kept telling him to wait, even though I was getting desperate for it too.

He knew I was playing some sort of game with him, I’d never made him wait like that before, but he didn’t know what game. He seemed determined to get me as horny as possible though, and he really went to town on me. Darren is marvelous with his hands and mouth, and he gives me multiples every time. He stroked and touched my body perfectly that evening. He sucked and pinched my nipples, he stroked my clit, he fingered me and tickled my g-spot, and he made me come over and over, but still I wouldn’t let him fuck me. I wanted us to get as horny as hell before I put the idea of anal sex into his head. I wanted to make sure we were so desperate neither of us would chicken out.

We shared a second bottle of wine, and we kept kissing and playing with each other. I tugged on his cock, and I sucked it, but I made sure he didn’t come all that time, and he got frantic. He looked like he was bursting, and it was so tough to keep resisting him. I was drunk and horny, and aching to get him inside me.

I suggested we take a bath together. I’ve got a large, deep one that fits two easily, and we’d fucked in it before. Darren agreed, but I knew he’d say anything by that point if it meant he could get inside me.

I left Darren on the sofa as I ran the bath. I told him not to touch himself, and I walked on wobbly legs that were weak from all the orgasms he’d given me already. I poured loads of expensive bath lotion into the water so we’d have bubbles, and so it’d make our bodies smooth and silky. I stripped naked, then went to fetch Darren.

He nearly fell off the sofa when he saw me. He’d seen me naked loads already, but he was hot, and he wasn’t expecting it. His eyes widened and he scrambled up and he ran to me. He kissed and groped me urgently, and it’s such a turn-on to have a man want you that badly, and it made me all the more desperate too.

I stripped Darren, and we slipped into the hot, bubble-filled water together. I was panting and throbbing for him, and it would have been so easy to mount him, but I managed to restrain myself.

We kissed, and then I pretended to reach for bottles of lotion around the edge of the bath, and I got onto all fours as I did so, and I made sure my bum poked out of the water and the bubbles. I wiggled it in front of him, and thankfully Darren couldn’t resist. He grabbed hold of me and pulled me towards him. I stayed on all fours to really drive the message home, and I moaned to encourage him as he groped and squeezed my bum.

He slid two fingers into my pussy, and he kept clasping and kneading my bum as he fucked me with them. He spread my cheeks open with his free hand, and I knew he was looking at my arsehole. He did it tentatively though, as if he was scared I’d object, but I most definitely didn’t. It turned me on even more to have him looking at my most private place.

Darren kept doing it, spreading me open to look at me there, but he was moving too slowly and I got impatient. I arched my back to open myself up more and to urge him on. I wriggled some more to try and make it look inviting.

He finally placed a finger against my arsehole, but again he did it tentatively, barely touching me, as if he was worried I’d be offended or something. It felt good though. I was ticklish there, and it was unusual, but great unusual, and it made me feel super naughty. I moaned again to encourage him on, and Darren started rubbing me, moving his finger in a circle around my hole as he continued to fuck my cunt with his other hand.

It felt really good. Way better than I’d thought. I was surprisingly sensitive there. I’d never have guessed. Darren pressed his finger against me, and it was slick and wet, and it came into me easily and without any pain.

I snapped my head around to stare at Darren though. I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, and I tried to look insulted, but I almost laughed when I saw the look on his face, a cunt-clenching mix of lust and fear. He begged to let him keep doing it. He told me it’d feel brilliant, and how much he wanted to do it, and please could he continue?

I pretended to think about it, but the tip of his finger felt wonderful inside me, and I was fighting not to push back against it, so I didn’t hold out for long. I told him yes, but I tried to sound unsure about the whole thing and to look worried. I wanted this, probably as much as he did, but feeling like he was pressuring me into it was all part of the fun.

Darren worked his finger into me slowly, and I loved the feeling of my arsehole coming open around it. He slid it right into me, and it was just one finger, but it felt massive inside me there. He kept touching my pussy though, he alternated between fingering me and stroking my clit, and it made that finger in my bum feel marvelous.

He slid a second finger into my bottom, and again I looked unsure, and I asked him what he thought he was doing. I told him I was a good girl and that he was disrespecting me, but I was moaning too, and I could see the confusion in his eyes. He told me to let him, that I’d love it, and he wasn’t begging now, he was taking control. He was telling me to take it, and it was so hot it made me quiver.

I relented, or at least I pretended to, I told him he could, but really it felt fantastic as he slid his fingers into my behind. He pushed them deep, but it didn’t hurt. He pressed and pulled them in and out of me slowly, and he tickled my clit and my g-spot with his other hand, and I felt myself relaxing around him. I found I loved it when he had his fingers deep inside my pussy and my arse at the same time, it gave me such a wonderful feeling of being filled.

But then Darren’s fingers came out of me, and I felt him move close behind me. I looked over my shoulder again, and he was pouring the thick, slippery bath lotion all over his jutting cock. The sight of it made my whole body tighten, and at last he was going to fuck my arse, but I pretended to look scared.

Darren rested his cock against my arsehole, and he told me he’d go slow and that I’d love it. I was about to tell him that I wasn’t sure; I was loving playing the part of the innocent, frightened, good girl, but he started working his dick into me before I could say anything, the cheeky bastard.

I gasped as I came open around it, and it stretched me more than his fingers, but it still didn’t hurt, not really. He poured more of the lotion over his shaft and my bottom as he eased himself gradually into me, and it was glorious. It was so dirty and wicked, and he felt gigantic inside me.

He started fucking me, but slowly, gently, and sweetly, even though I could hear how desperate he was to move faster. He gasped and groaned like his cock was being squeezed in a vice, and he told me how good it felt, and how wonderful I was, and it made my head spin.

It felt so strange, but so hot to have him there, and after all those orgasms it felt like my body was on fire, and suddenly I was close again.

He moved faster, but gradually, and the pleasure grew and grew, and I found myself moaning loud each time he sank into me. I reached under myself and touched my clit, and all the pleasure from my pussy and my arse merged together, and this wonderful, hot tension spread through me.

Knowing how much Darren wanted this, and how desperate he was, added to it too. And so did the idea that he was making me do this, that I was a good, innocent girl, and that he was corrupting me by making me do something so wicked. Something as unbelievably dirty as fucking my arse, even though secretly I’d been longing for it too.

He moved faster and he got louder, and god, the noises he made, they were thrilling. I rubbed my clit quickly, and as he fucked me harder, that tension reached breaking point, and he went even faster and it peaked and burst and I came. I felt my arse spasming around his prick, and I couldn’t believe I was climaxing with him there.

Darren made a loud groaning sound, and then he was coming too, and he was doing it inside my bum, like in my dirtiest fantasies. He shoved his cock deep into me, and he dug his fingers into my arse cheeks, and I felt his dick twitching inside me as he pumped his come into my bottom.

He made so much noise, and it was so wicked to have him coming there, that my orgasm rose up and I climaxed again. I had the orgasm to end all orgasms with Darren’s cock spurting up my bum.

Afterwards Darren was so attentive and concerned it made me laugh. He cuddled me as we sat in the bath, and he was worried he’d hurt me, that he’d offended me, that I was traumatised, but I told him it hadn’t been too bad. That maybe he’d be able to talk me into doing it again some time. Hopefully soon.

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This story was taken from a collection of ten erotic confessions.

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