Naked Outdoor Photography—The Next Chapter, Part Four

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Naked Outdoor Photography—The Next Chapter, Part Four

Part three of this tale was following my holiday with my then girlfriend, who has now been promoted to fiancé. I had managed to have her fully topless last year, and a quick shirt lifting boob flash. I write again because its soon time to go again to the same place as before, and make my attempts to try again.

She is the third person I have tried to get to do these kind of pictures with, and she is also the one who seemed to enjoy it least, and to be most reluctant. She doesn't get the thrill of the risk, or the excitement of being naked in risky, or not so risky, places.

With this in mind I started to think of the other two that have done naked public dares with me in the past, and how they started. It was very different beginnings for them, and very different levels of how long they enjoyed it for. My ex-wife decided to stop after a few years, while my ex-girlfriend couldn't get enough.

With my ex-wife we started with trying to take pictures at home, in fact it was so long ago we used instant cameras. For anyone too young for them the camera was big, and the pictures very expensive. A square card with film on it appeared from the camera, and slowly developed into a picture. The alternative was to use a normal camera and then try and get the shots developed. The choices were certain shops, or to send them away, taking naked shots would put most people off using the local chemist. With effort you could send off to certain companies that would accept adult shots, but at a cost.

We decided after taking shots at home that we would do outdoors for more excitement. we took shots in various locations around where we lived. As we needed a photographer each time, we took it in turns to pose naked in different places. When looking online for ideas for more shots we found the website I remained with for many years, naked public dares. Initially I scanned shots we had taken, and then used them in the site. At first we looked at the different dares, and used pictures that fit. Once joined we were able to see the dares, and then try and take the shots that fit the dares.

I think she enjoyed it at first, but she lost interest, blaming weight gain and age. Luckily we found the rise of digital cameras helped as I could now go and do shots on my own. All I needed was a tripod or a convenient base for the camera, so I could pose with the timer set for the shot.

After many years of doing this, and staying in the site I found a willing mate for more shots. When we got together I showed her the shots I had done and the website. She went from shock, and not a chance, to posing almost anywhere. She started with a couple of topless shots near where we lived. Her first fully naked was at our front door as this was one of the websites dare criteria's. She got so many compliments from people seeing these that she got very eager to carry on and do more. Her first fully outdoor shot she kept her knickers on for at first, but the second was fully naked.

She loved doing the shots, and was often braver than I was. We became very successful in the website, and had a lot of fun. The shots became riskier, and the thrill became more and more for us both, we even became quite competitive. We tried to follow the site rules, but also to outdo each other. She did the bus stop dare, for example, in full view of a number of houses. I tried to do similar, but mine wasn't up to it. When I did the roadside dare she at first wasn't going to do it, but had to compete. The train dares we did were on the opposite platform to two full trains, at a guess with a few hundred people in .

When we came to an end I again started on my own, and hoped my fiancé would join in when we got together. This didn't happen for a while. When she posted her first shot, my ex decided to show her mum the shot, and we decided to remove it from the site. We will probably just do shots for each other, and I may do some extras for old times sake. Whether we publish any again I don't know, but can always hope.

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