Naked Outdoor Photography Part 3

by ASHLEY SMITH 3 years ago in photography

Being Seen

Naked Outdoor Photography Part 3

When you spend any time outside naked there’s one obvious risk, namely being seen. Unless of course you want to be seen but that’s easy. In my time taking pictures, I have been seen and, on occasion, so have people I have been photographing. There were a couple of times when we didn’t want to be seen, a couple when we knew it was likely. The feeling is very different when it’s an accident as opposed to when you allow the chance.

Once when taking pictures alone using a tripod, I decided the best way was to park on one side of the road, put the camera by the car, and pose on the opposite side of the road so the background was obvious. It was a fairly quiet road so I was sure I would have the time. So, I stripped, pressed the timer button, and knew I had ten seconds. Standing on the other side of the road I heard a car in the distance but as it was a twisty lane I had no idea how long it would take and stayed naked and exposed. Then the car appeared and proceeded to drive between me and the camera. I panicked and crouched down to cover all I could; the car slowed but didn’t stop.

Another time I waited to pose in a field and saw a woman walking a dog. She walked through a hedge and I gave her some time to make sure she didn’t return. When it was clear, I turned my back to where she left and posed. I took it, dressed, and sat down to dress and check the shot. It was then I saw in the picture that she had gone through the fence, turned right, and came back through the other end. She was in the distance but was clearly looking at me as I took the shot.

Another time I was taking the picture of my then partner. The shot was to have been her naked with a horse in a field. The field was by a crossroad but she decided it was quiet enough to risk. We did the usual checks, looked and listened, and she decided was safe to strip. As she stood with the horse, the one thing appeared we couldn’t hear: a jogger. Cars, lorries, trains, etc., you hear or see. A jogger had a very interesting view as we didn’t hear her approach.

There’s been many times when cars or bikes have passed by when we had no idea if we were seen or not. Nobody has stopped or commented if they had done. We have occasionally stopped if we heard something but if though probably ok have carried on and hoped for the best. Though there have been occasions where being seen was almost inevitable.

One was when we needed a train in the background. We chose a station that had many trains pass through but few stopped. The track was long and straight so we could see the trains appear from a distance. So, we stripped in the waiting area and walked on to the platform as the train passed by, ten feet from approximately 500 people. The train was doing around 60 mph for us both and there was no guarantee which way people were looking so who knows if we were seen.

Another dare called for a road with moving traffic, we used the local motorway and stripped by the side. We took multiple shots to try and get the best shot of traffic. We got shots for each other which had plenty of vehicles including coaches and lorries. We did get a lorry to blast its horn though we didn’t know if it was for us or not. We got the shots so weren’t too worried if anyone else had a treat as well.

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