Naked Outdoor Photography Part 2

by ASHLEY SMITH 2 years ago in photography

The Sequel

Naked Outdoor Photography Part 2

As naked outdoor photography was my most successful piece so far, a sequel makes sense. If you missed part one, I talked about photographing and being photographed for a naked dare site, the idea being to have a person or couple naked in front of an object or a place. In my site, you got points for being in the top ten of each dare. There were around a hundred dares, which varied in terms of risk and complexity. For example, one dare was naked in a field. Therefore, you could go out into the countryside, find a field, get naked briefly and take the shot. The other end of the spectrum would be the train dare.

This dare was quite open-ended so you could choose to some degree about the shot and the risk. Some simply stood by a train track, while my partner and I had other ideas. We went to a mainline near us, chose a station that many trains went through, but few stopped at. We could see the trains from a fair way off and so took turns stripping and posing as the trains went through. We both chose high speed intercity trains, which potentially had six or seven hundred passengers. There’s no way of knowing if we were seen but it’s likely. Similarly, we have done road-side dares where you have to have a road with traffic in view. We took a number of shots with traffic to get the best shot. Hopefully, the drivers were watching where they were going, but who knows?

Going back to the basics is where you need to start if you want to try this sort of site or simply taking outdoor shots. There’s a few tricks of the trade you can use to get the best shots in the safest and most legal way.

  1. Check local laws of wherever you are planning to take your shots as the laws change. Don’t get caught going on holiday by different laws.
  2. Be dressed ready to get undressed. Easy-to-remove clothes such as shorts or a dress are good. Also, bear in mind you may need to get dressed quickly again, so things with no straps or zips are good ideas.
  3. Do some research to find the best spots if you want a good background. If you want a sunset, for example, then check times and where the sun will actually set.
  4. If you are going for shots for a dare site, you can do multiple ones just by moving around and moving your photographer. Different angles can be all you need sometimes.
  5. A simple camera with a timer and a tripod to sit on can allow one person to photograph themselves or a couple can do a special selfie. When I started, I used the rucksack I carried as a tripod or anything else that was convenient.
  6. If you want to share with a dare site or any other kind, then decide if you want to use a disguise or at least a false name. Just looking away or dark sunglasses will help.
  7. If you use a car, then undress and dress in the car to save too much exposure, unless you want some.

If you're still unsure, maybe start at home. It’s safe and legal. Then, try outdoors after you have done it a few times. Practise makes perfect and helps lessen any outdoor complications. There’s a fair chance you will be seen if you do enough outdoor shots, though you might not know. Then again, that’s part of the thrill of doing outdoor naked photography.

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