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My true sex stories (long read ahead)

My true sex stories

By sagar dhitalPublished 17 days ago 11 min read

Well this will become a sequel if you guys enjoy it I’ll be talking about all my sexual encounters starting with how I lost my virginity.

Well now let’s start by saying I lost my virginity very young and I do not recommend it but it did open my life up to some exciting encounters.

I was 13 when I lost my virginity. It wasn’t special and it wasn’t romantic it was a mistake but I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember it was in the middle of my 7th grade year I just started developing my woman body I did have pretty big boobs for my age so I easily looked 16. I was tall , long black hair everyone always told me I was pretty but I still was getting in tune with my body. I use to walk to school and back and whenever I did there was never a day a man would not beep or stop and ask for my number so I really didn’t think about it much. One day I was walking back from school with my headphones in when a car stopped besides me I kept going as I was used to this and I just didn’t pay attention but the car kept following me so I finally looked towards it. I was met with the intense brown eyes of David. Now let me tell you David looked like your typical bad boy he had an eyebrow piercing, dark spiked hair, a devilish smile and a face you just wanted to sit on. He started talking but I still had my headphones in. So I pulled them out of my ears and I heard him say “So you ain’t gonna talk at all” I laughed and told him I had my headphones in. His friend parked in front of me and he told me to come to the window, I did. We started talking for a moment and I found out he was 19. Now I know this isn’t a good idea but I immediately say I’m 16. He smiled and said he would’ve guessed 18 but he still asked for my number. We texted for a few days just getting to know each other and he invited me to hang out at night I so innocently said yes. I had to sneak out since of course I just turned into a teenager and my mother was super strict so I jumped out my bedroom window after I made sure my mother and sister were asleep. He met me in the ally by my house with a few of his friends. I knew they were a bad crowd you could see it in the way they handled themselves. The two girls that were in the car had shorts and crop tops to show their much matured body. Me? I was wearing some skinny jeans and a loose shirt but you could still see my big boobs. I went to sit down and David was in front he passed me a bottle of tequila. I’ve never drank before and I made that known. They all kinda laughed and gave me a chaser to drink it with. My first shot it burned and I almost threw up but they said it was fine and to keep drinking, so I did. After a few shots I was already drunk. David took notice and told one of the girls to sit in front while he took her place, she did. Once she was in the front the driver immediately started making out with her and their was heavy petting involved I kinda just stared since I never really encountered that before. David started laughing and said if their was something I liked, I could feel myself getting red so he just said he was playing and pulled my face towards him. He was looking gooooood, maybe it was the tequila talking. But he started to smile and he slowly licked his lips. I just kinda stared at him with a half smile since I never even been kissed before. So I blurted that out. Everyone looked at me and started laughing so hard and David told them to shut up. He looked at me and pulled me closer and gave me a kiss. He kissed me with raw lust. He started grabbing my back to pull me closer and my instinct kicked in I started kissing him back slowly sticking my tongue in and out of his mouth, biting his soft juicy lips and he pulled back and gave me that devilish smile “and here I thought you didn’t know how to kiss cabrona” he said. I chuckled not knowing what got into me he told the driver to drop us off at his house. I was too drunk to even notice where we were going I just kept looking at this hot ass guy. We got to his house and he pulled me out. We went into a door that was in the back. There was a couch a radio and a table filled with what I now know were roaches from blunts. He told me that’s where they hang out and chill. He started making out with me again ; and again my mouth automatically responded he started getting more handsy grabbing my ass and pulling me towards him. I told him to chill and he just pulled away and sat down. I felt warm in between my legs which was a new feeling for me. He looked at me and said “you’re wet huh?” And smiled that fucking smile. I just looked at him and smiled he pulled me towards the couch and got me on top of him and started kissing my neck, then started to go down. He got one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking and biting them I let out a moan. He then started to make me grind on him I felt something hard in between my legs but I liked it. He started kissing me faster and harder this time. He flipped me and started dry humping me from the back I was so shocked and so filled with new emotion I just grabbed onto the couch and let him while I closed my eyes. He then stopped I opened my eyes wondering what happened. I turned around and he was sitting on the couch smiling while he lit up a joint. I panted out “what are you doing?” He just put the joint in his mouth and started smoking. He was toying with me. I just sat down next to him and he passed me the joint. I never smoked either and he knew that so he told me to inhale, so I did. I started coughing and my eyes watered he laughed and took the joint from my hands. He smoked it and occasionally passed it to me, I was such a lightweight. I was high and drunk and fucking horny. All new experiences that David brought with his fucking smile. He proceeded to kiss me again I had fucking Cotton mouth so i really couldn’t kiss him back, he got wind of this and he showed me the tequila with the chaser I laughed. I started chugging I couldn’t taste the tequila anymore. After a while I was feeling good and I felt even better when he started kissing my neck again I put my head back and let him explore slowly down my neck towards my nipple he started sucking again but this time he pulled me so I sat right on top of him; there’s that hard thing in between my legs again but this time it felt bigger. He then took off my shirt and started kissing me with more power he pulled my long hair and i fucking liked it. He then started to thrust again this time more aggressively. He grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me so I couldn’t move and he started hammering on my pussy I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I wanted more. I feel his hand trying to get into my pants but they were too tight so he unbuttons them. I feel nervous and uneasy but he looks at me and says “is it okay” I nod. He starts exploring going under my panties I feel his finger on my clit he slowly started rubbing it and he groaned i loved hearing it. He then starting going in and I felt him on my pussy lips I was so wet and he took noticed he looked up at me and just said “someone’s excited” I just felt my legs shake. One finger started to slide inside me, it hurt. I flinched and he just adjusted himself. He kept pushing it further and i just heard him say under his breath “fuck you’re so tight.” I just sat there taking it I didn’t know because I liked it or because I was already there. He slid another finger in i let out a moan and told him to slow down. He did for a moment but then started fingering the hell out of my tight virgin pussy. I kept moaning and I just felt myself getting wetter. He then starts to pull my pants down he couldn’t with just one hand so I felt his fingers pull out of my pussy and he yanked them to my knees he told me to stand up, I obeyed. He then pulled one of my legs up then the other. I just stood there half naked in my bra an panties looking at him. He looked so fucking fine... he then proceeded to take off my bra and just looked at my boobs “fuck they’re so big” he started kissing them and sucking on my nipples grabbing my whole boob and squeezing. He sat down again taking me with him. He took off his shirt and started making out with me again. I felt his abs and started slowly feeling more down;until I felt his belt buckle I stopped and he just helped me take his pants off, I saw his dick print. When I tell you I got scared when I saw it I jumped off and sat next to him. He just looked at me and said “don’t worry I’ll be gentle” he pulled me back on top of him and we started making out again. He started humping me again and I felt his dick trying to find its way into my hole. My legs were shaking and I felt his finger inside me again. He finger fucked me like I was his puppet I just kept moaning and closing my eyes. I started to kiss his neck and he just lost control. He grabbed my waist and I felt his dick on my pussy he started rubbing it up and down just looking straight into my eyes; I saw pure hunger in his. He asked me “im going to put in just the tip, is that okay?” I nod. I felt pressure, it fucking hurt. I flinched and he just grabbed me tighter I felt the head of his penis trying to get inside me. He then proceeded to slowly pull in and out he was struggling to even get the full head of his penis inside he moaned and under his breath just kept saying “fuck” “you’re so fucking tight” “you weren’t lying when you said you’re a virgin” I couldn’t even breath. I was loosing my virginity to a man ; I didn’t even know his last name. All I felt was pain he pushed his way inside me. It wasn’t just the head he forced his whole dick inside my pussy. I screamed he put his hand over my mouth and started to drill his penis deeper. I was on top so I felt every inch. Tears started rolling down my face. He proceeded to fuck the living shit out of me for straight 5 minutes. Up and down up and down he pushed me. Then I felt something throbbing inside me and a warm sensation. “I came inside you I’m sorry you’re just so fucking tight” he murmured his head in between my boobs. I just said “um it’s okay” he then let me get up and he smoked another joint after we got dressed. The next day he brought me a plan B and I drank it. I blocked his number after that.

Well there you have it guys hope you enjoyed ! And tell me if you guys want to hear more of my encounters.


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I'm a creative writer in the way that I write. I hold the pen in this unique and creative way you've never seen. The content which I write... well, it's still to be determined if that's any good.

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  • Salman siddique17 days ago

    make it look real and use some keywords too like i do

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