My Recipe for the Perfect Orgasm(s)

by Dan StrawberryHall 2 months ago in advice

You don't have to be shy

My Recipe for the Perfect Orgasm(s)

I love sex, but I’ve always been a little shy talking about it. Even with boyfriends. I’m too shy to even ask for what I want.

But then I had an idea.

I didn’t need to ask; I could write it down instead. I could write my recipe for the perfect orgasm, well more than one really, a girl can hope, and just hand it over to my lover.

It might sound a little utilitarian, not the most romantic of gestures, but it’s worked wonders, so who gives a shit?

You should give it a try. Maybe keep it simple though, like I did. Mine’s only got 50 steps. It goes like this:

1. Hold me in your arms and kiss me. Trace your fingers along my jaw, run them through my hair. Hold my face and kiss me like you’ve been away at sea for the last six months.

2. Run your hands over my body. Rub me through my clothes, squeeze my arse and fondle my tits; keep your hands moving, keep me guessing.

3. Kiss your way down my neck as you open my shirt. Stroke your fingers lightly over my stomach; make me shudder.

4. Take my hand and press it against your cock through your jeans. Show me how hard you are for me. Groan in my ear as I squeeze you.

5. Pop my bra open with a flick of your wrist. Slide my shirt and my bra off and look at my tits like they’re a fucking work of art.

6. Kiss me hard and stroke your fingertips over my breasts. Slide your fingers in circles, getting closer and closer to my nipples with each pass. Move slow, make me moan with anticipation.

7. Brush your fingertips over the tips of my nipples. make me gasp. Keep kissing and stroking me, make me wait and hope, then touch my nipples when I’m not expecting it. Make my knees go weak with pleasure and need.

8. Press me up against the wall and kiss me harder. Run a hand down my body and between my legs. Rub me through the front of my jeans. Press your fingers into me. Be a little rough.

9. Hold my nipples between the fingers and thumb of your other hand. Roll them. Tug on them gently. Make me moan louder. Make my hips start to buck.

10. Kiss me, squeeze my tits, pull my hair, pinch my nipples lightly, massage me through the front of my jeans. Make my legs go so weak I have to hold onto you. Whisper in my ear that you want me naked; that you need me naked. Tell me you’ve never wanted anything more.

11. Unbutton my jeans and drop to your knees as you peel them down. Lift my feet gently, one at a time, as you slip my jeans off over them.

12. Look up at me and grin like the Devil himself. Kiss the inside of my knee, that spot that makes me shiver, and keep kissing upwards. Move your lips up the inside of my thigh, go slow, like your savouring it.

13. Press your mouth against the front of my knickers. Give me big, slow, wet kisses. Lick me, explore the shape of me through my underwear. Suck on me.

14. Reach up and slide my wet knickers down and off; put them in your pocket. Kiss my thighs, trace your lips over me until you’re just about to reach my pussy, then grasp my hips and spin me around.

15. Grab hold of my arse. Squeeze it hard, spread it, shower it with kisses. Lick me, bite me, show me how much you love it. Kiss me all over, up and down the backs of my thighs, on the ticklish spots behind my knees, make me laugh and squirm, then spin me back round again.

16. Bury your face between my legs before I realise what’s happening. Make me gasp in surprise. Make me groan as you run your tongue up the length of my wet, hot pussy.

17. Kiss and lick every inch of me. Suck my outer lips gently into your mouth; make me moan loud. Make my legs tremble.

18. Press your face into me and spread me open. Run your tongue slowly up and down, linger on my clit at the top of each stroke. Touch me lightly, softly, make me press myself against your tongue for more.

19. Keep licking me slowly, but focus more on my clit with each pass of your tongue, make me pant and moan and curl my fingers in your hair. Make me brace myself against the wall my legs are so weak.

20. Trace the tip of your tongue around my clit in quick, tight circles. Make me moan even louder. Make me press myself against you harder.

21. Flick your tongue back and forth over my clit until I can barely stand. Reach up and grab my arse to keep me on my feet. Squeeze it hard and pull me into your face.

22. Lick me faster, suck on my clit, make me gasp and tremble, make me pull your hair as you get me there, you get me so close, I’m right on the edge, my chest tightens, my stomach tenses, and I’m almost… and then stop.

23. Make me shout out in frustration; make me punch your shoulders and pull your hair harder. Laugh at me. Stand up, take hold of me, pick me up in your arms. Carry me towards the bed; throw me onto it.

24. Push me down and climb on top of me. Kiss me, sit back and pull your top off over your head so I can see your chest and your stomach and your arms.

25. Kiss me again, grab my tits, roll my nipples, make me squirm beneath you. Unbutton your jeans and kick them off, along with your underwear.

26. Press your thick, hard cock into my hands. Let me hold and tug on it. Get me even hornier, and even more frustrated.

27. Groan and grunt as I tug on your hard dick. Push me down and move up me until your cock’s right over my face. Tell me to open wide, then shove it into my mouth.

28. Fuck my face. Not too hard, don’t make me gag, but show me you’re in control. Tell me to suck your dick harder; tell me how good it feels, how good it looks to see your prick in my mouth. Reach back and play with my cunt as I suck you.

29. Take your time enjoying my mouth, but pull your dick out before you come. Slide back down my body, kiss me, stroke my face, keep going down, kiss my breasts, keep going, get your mouth on my pussy again.

30. Suck my throbbing clit, lap at it with your tongue. Reach up to maul my tits and pull on my nipples.

31. Move your tongue faster and faster, in time with the bucking of my hips. Gage the pressure to use by how hard I press against you and keep licking and licking with that perfect rhythm and don’t stop, and I’m close again, and it’s stronger this time, and please don’t stop for a second. Keep licking and sucking and playing with my tits, make me scream as I come.

32. For fucks sake, don’t stop now. Keep licking me no matter how hard I buck, how much I thrash, how much I squeeze your head with my thighs, keep me coming for as long as I can take it. Keep licking until I’m laughing and I press your face away from me.

33. Don’t give up so easily though. Dive back in and run your tongue over me again. Make me scream and shriek with laughter at how insistent you are, how much you love it. Keep kissing and licking me, touch me everywhere with your mouth, except my clit, I’m far too sensitive now for any contact.

34. Lap at my cunt, then slide a finger into me. Fuck me with it lazily, then slide a second one in too. Curl your fingers inside me and rub my g-spot.

35. Start slow, but increase your pace. Slide your fingers in and out of me, twist them inside, tickle my g-spot quicker, make me groan and writhe again.

36. Lick alongside my clit, but don’t touch it directly. Keep going with your fingers inside me; make me groan and buck and try and press my clit against your tongue because I need it now.

37. Keep teasing me and teasing me, and just when I think you’re never going to, run your tongue right over my clit. Don’t give me a chance to recover, start flicking the tip of your tongue back and forth over me, make me go crazy.

38. Lick my clit, finger fuck me, stroke my g-spot, and don’t change that wonderful, perfect rhythm.

39. Touch my cunt with your other hand, wet your fingers in the folds of my sopping pussy, then trace them down lower. Rub a fingertip against my arsehole, massage me there, press a little firmer. We don’t talk about this, we’ve never mentioned it, but we both know it makes me come harder, way harder.

40. Push your finger into me slowly into my rear as I relax. Hold it still for me to get used to the feel of it, then press it into me deeper, make me groan long and loud. Don’t ever tell anyone I enjoy this so much; it’s our little secret.

41. Pleasure me in all these places at once; make me rub myself against your tongue and your fingers as I lose control. Push another finger into my cunt, slide a second into my arse, lick my clit more firmly as I press it against your tongue.

42. Keep going as my noises come louder, as I thrust against your face, keep rubbing my g-spot, tickle your fingers in my arse, and I’m almost there, you’ve got me so close again, and then it happens.

43. Suck my clit as I come, press your fingers deep into me, make me climax hard. Keep sucking no matter how much I thrash and buck. Keep sucking as I call out your name; keep sucking until I can’t take anymore and I have to push your face away from me again.

44. Dive back in and try and suck and lick me again, because you love it so much. Make me fight to get your mouth off my pussy. Make me laugh and scream and shout again.

45. You can fuck me now; you’ve earned it. Get on top of me and slide that long, thick, hard cock into my cunt and have your way with me.

46. Fuck me slow, but go faster and faster with each thrust until you’ve reached that pace you know I love.

47. Fuck me on my back, roll us over so I’m on top of you, fuck me on my side, fuck me from behind. Grasp my arse, squeeze my tits, roll my nipples with your fingers.

48. Keep going and going, make me shout and gasp and pant and shake, make sweat drip from our bodies, and keep fucking me with that glorious cock.

49. Tell me to touch myself, so we can finish together. Tell me how much you want to hear me come again.

50. Hold back until I’m there, then as my third climax hits me, release deep inside my body so we come together. Keep fucking me as we orgasm, then hold me as we fall onto our sides, shower me with kisses as the camera fades to black.

See, easy. Now why don’t you go and write yours?

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