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My OnlyFans Journey

Starting from absolute 0 on all channels to promote - find out how I did

By Maura DudasPublished 3 years ago 14 min read
Image by @johnny_sham

Let’s be honest - this past year was literally all of the Ben-Affleck-stress-smoking memes in vibes and ambiance.

So, I decided that 2021 is going to be different. I modelled for awhile now so I thought I’d monetise my sexiness and start an OnlyFans channel. My goal is to get any money and I’m going to do it for about a month and see what happens. Here’s my diary from day one:

Image by @stevelillyphotography

Day 1.

So my account was verified and approved. Celebrations all around. I do have some content that I haven’t shared on my social media account so I started monetising that. I have watched a ton of YouTube videos about it and decided to go with a free account with individual images that subscribers can pay for. Uploaded ten saucy images and one catfish video of me petting my cat titled ‘stroking the kitty’, as well. My bio says I’m a fashion model and the content is boudoir, lingerie or implied - so that’s quite clear. No idea about tips yet at all.

Started promoting everywhere. Sent out a ton of dms on IG, went through my messenger list, downloaded Bumble and Tinder as well as changed my bio on YouTube - where somehow I have 130 followers that I did not know about. Reddit I found sweaty business as I don’t think I have enough upvotes to join the promotion subreddits designated for OnlyFans. So I uploaded a couple of images with a link and vowed to research this further tomorrow. I have also made a linktree account to hide the onlyfans link on IG as I’ve heard they do not like it in bios. Contemplating making a separate IG account just for promos for onlyfans content. Going to have to make another Twitter account as well for safety reasons. TikTok also crossed my mind and I am planning to enliven my YouTube channel as well and rebrand. Maybe not only with OF but perhaps some ASMR content, as well ? Tomorrow is a new day.

Feedback so far :

One guy who had a massive crush on me in high school upon receiving the link stated that he ‘did not think I would lower myself to this’. I told him off and he apologised and we parted ways. Another photographer guy subbed then un-subbed and then subbed again. Strange tides, these are.

Fans count: 4

image by @johnny_sham

Day 2.

Woke up to two purchases of single pictures and a request for some free content. I said I’d think about it. Opened an Instagram account just to promote there as well. Have to be careful not to post images I would otherwise like to monetise. Scheduled about four to five images. Uploaded a video onto YouTube about me doing my make-up... Search for video editing apps. Found Splice and another one. Looked promising but they insist on monthly payments... I shall think about it.

Tinder and Bumble are not as productive as I thought they would be with two brand new accounts. I don’t really know why but I’ll keep trying I believe still, that they’re a great way of promoting this. On Bumble especially it says I’ve got multiple matches but they don’t show up even though I have sent a message. Same on Tinder - I seem to only be having one match despite many showing up as a match while swiping ? I will also look into this. Will continue to post on Reddit as well. But so far I’m more than happy with the little money I made - and so fast as well!

Feedback so far: Why no free content and can I follow for free. Understandable. Also someone said they’re making content not consuming it. I told them it could’ve been both you never know.

Day 2.2 Update

Figured out why Reddit doesn’t work. Didn’t enable NSFW content for viewing. Remedied. Posted in a ton of groups. These mostly seem to be VERY NSFW content so I’m definitely in the minority. There’s so many subreddits for promotion it’s unreal, actually. What a goldmine. Con to this is the competition you have to face to get subs. Oh, well.

Got a couple more subs but no purchase apart from this morning’s. Tinder and Bumble seem to be a bust. Going to try on sites for sugar babies it might be a good market. Made a Twitter account and got two promo sites jumping on me which I might use. Nothing much yet, though. Instagram seems to be doing a bit better almost 20 followers. I don’t think I’m ready to announce it on my main IG yet, though. I realised that while I don’t think this is shameful in any way I still have some qualms about letting some people I professionally modelled for know that I opened an account. I am afraid of their judgement as I was always a staunch believer in that I’m good enough to not have to compromise my values and not only do nudity to get by. I guess times change and people change and so do their values. Just something to get over, I guess. Not that any of this is shameful but I believe my fashion model image might suffer a little... I might of course be wrong but nevertheless I’m not ready yet.

Another experience is from a guy who added me on FB wanting to have a chat in the waaaay before times. I sent him the link to my OF. To which he replied saying that he was more interested in getting to know me as a person before looking at lewd pictures which was flattering but a bit frustrating. I do wonder what we expect of men sometimes. I’d have thought they’d be flocking to me, hungry to see me in a more compromised ‘position’. However it’s a lot of strangely bittersweet rejection instead... These do make me face my own misconceptions.

Although, the little devil on my shoulder does whisper into my ear the fact that men might not be flocking because my content is not explicit ‘enough’... So there’s that. Or that they’d expect a preview for free because they think they’re more special than the rest of them or for some reason more deserving of my content and me ? My psychologist brain does go into overdrive these days...

Fan count: 12

Image by @johnny_sham

Day 3.

Sitting here with my busted knee and I’m absolutely miserable. Today did not yield a fruitful outcome. I was told I’m too cute for OF. Opened an account on Seeking Arrengements, a previously favoured website for sugar babies. That is absolutely the best response I’ve got so far. Everyone’s requesting to see my private photos. However I have a feeling that shameless plugs won’t work on these people. There’s a new feature which hides private images and they can request to view it. For those who have requested it I sent a message back about how they can find more on OF. Not with any success yet but it’s 9.30 so the day is young. I will keep sending out messages on IG. And posting on Reddit. I will seek out thirsty people on my messenger as well who might potentially want to see more. I will try and grow my Twitter following as well.

Had two photographers offer me that they’d love to edit any selfies that I take for OF purposes which I said I might be utilising a little later once I’m not this tragically crippled (knee sprain).

All in all I’m just as gloomy as the morning...

Fan count: 14

Image by @johnny_sham

Day 4.


Only been doing this for four days but it feels like an age, honestly...

Anyway, two more purchases today. One of the hardest things is gauging where your followers come from. Like I promote on Reddit, I promote on IG, I promote on Messenger... But I don’t actually know where the subs come from when they occasionally do.

Reached out on WhatsApp as well to former tinder acquaintances/ people I had relations with who I know for a fact found me cute. Ended up having three hour long conversations about the good old days... While it was nice taking a trip down memory lane definitely did not achieve what I wanted to achieve...

Oh, and the sugar daddy website - wow it’s blowing up like crazy. There’s a feature where they can request your private images of which I uploaded two - and they can apparently request to see it without having to talk to you. And those cheeky monkeys get a link to my OF without permission granted. Not a successful tactic to date but it makes me feel better. I’m thinking of not actually including any private stuff or including a catfishy (but not really) one and redirecting them once they request to see it to my OF. Someone must appreciate it, right ? Right?

Gathering data on a YouTube video...

Day 4.2 Update

So around 7 o’clock after I posted a couple of pics on Reddit this dude arrives and starts bulk buying my images. Had a nice chat with him. Jerked off to me. I’m about a hundred dollars richer for It and I didn’t have to compromise my values. Yay! So good day all in all. Right when I started to get utterly demoralised. He unfortunately deleted his account after the chat and once he was done. The money stays with me, though.

Fan count: 17

Image by @portraits_by_morris

Day 5.

Still kind of reeling from yesterday’s experience as it came out of nowhere! I was so giddy afterwards. I saved the private messages I sent for later if someone else might request similar stuff.

I have a suspicion that this one client came from Reddit. So I posted there some more. People have also bombarded me on IG with a ton of paid promotions which I’m turning down as there’s absolutely no guarantee any of it will turn into actual followers or people who buy content. Anyway, yesterday was fun. Hope more of these will come in the next two days.

Still attempting to hook some sugar daddies into the loop. Thought they would be a perfect audience. They don’t seem to understand that I could give them the same connection just not for free on OF that I am doing there. Plus, actual exclusive images.

Day 5.2

Just to be inkeeping with the chronology of the experience - sold four more pictures and another one which I really wanted to sell as I thought it really artsy. Anyway after paying the dude said it wasn’t naked enough so he requested more exclusive nudity for free. I corrected him that my account is for implied content and that he requested a nude - this is what nudes are in this account. He then pressed for levels of nudity I am not comfortable with and got quite aggressive. Hopefully he won’t file for a refund and I get to keep the money as it’s not my fault he didn’t find my nudes ( on a page where I do implied images only) nude enough. At least I hope that if the refund were to occur OF would allow me some say in it. I blocked the user. I guess I need thicker skin as this might definitely happen.

Another person also subbed and started messaging me, first it was fine and I thought I’d get some income but he wouldn’t pay for anything I threw in his way. Didn’t hesitate to throw me a picture of his penis, though when I told him that I’d rate it. He accused me of having no original content as that he won’t pay for any of it if he can find it on my IG or Reddit for free. Which is fair enough but I do have original content and you message me for custom content as well. So, he probably had no idea how to use the site properly. Anyway but of a downer...

Also I think their follower count is wrong. It says I’ve got 22 followers but I blocked someone and then two other people subbed. I should have 23. Anyway...

Fans count: 22

Image by @johnny_sham

Day 6.

But demoralised by yesterday’s actions. Trying my luck on Tinder. What makes it harder is that I can’t send them a link I have to type it up ? Like what if I anted to share a journal article with people on there...? I’m aware how ridiculous that sounds but still. Anyway not much success on there. I’ve decided that since my subs usually arrive later at night I will only promote on Reddit then. I will continue to grow my Twitter account and continue to grow my IG account which I have now turned private because of the person yesterday. Also have deleted all but one social media account from my bio on OF. They can find me through there but not the other way around.

We’ll see what today yields...

Fans count: 22

Day 7.

My new purchase came from an old admirer to which I have reached out via messenger. He was really into it and wanted more and offered to pay well for my half-naked pictures. When I named my price he said it was too much but that he’s going to sub further. No hard feelings.

I was more active on Reddit yesterday in the evening but to no particular avail. I was told that people would be interested in pictures of me in boots, though. So that’s another shoot idea.

My IG and Twitter are picking up but I’ve yet to reach out to my Twitter followers in their dms. Tinder seemed to be working majestically but has now stopped so I’m preparing for a ban (*eye roll*). The sugar daddy site is alright but the views slowed significantly.

Spent a week on this and to this day I have no idea as to where the followers or indeed those two well paying clients came from. It’s a mystery but I guess time will tell.

Fans count: 30


I mean... it is hard work. I spent almost everyday promoting like crazy, opening new channels, creating catchy one-liners for subs and coming up with content ideas.

Since I expected not half of this to even occur, I believe what I’ve got is a good results still.

The stats show that most of my earnings come from customs and chats - which I could’ve told you. The least amount I sold was through pay-per-view images. Basically, the guys want the experience and the exclusivity of chatting to you and paying for yo ur attention more than the lewd images themsleves although they would pay for those as well as a taster.

I found the community utterly sweet and supporting, though. They got your back and are the wind in your sails. You can ask for advice - you shall receive. You can ask for likes, you can vent, you can pitch things and you will be given a space. It truly feels like everyone’s rowing in the same boat some of us have just hired a bunch of thirdty people quicker to share some of the burden and they’re not afraid to give us tips about how to do that to make our rowing faster as well. Does that make sense ? I hope so.

It’s takes a lot of thinking like a horny dude with the head of a female who’s just trying to make some money on the side. My experience was good but bittersweet and it’s definitely much harder to get following when you don’t already have a base somewhere. There’s much to try and you can get really creative with marketing and content as there’s so many tastes and kinks people do buy. It’s making it far harder that I don’t cater to most of those as I primarily wanted an account I was comfortable with. And you should by the way always do what you’re comfortable with regardless of whethe that’s going to make you money or not.

If you feel like giving it a try - do. Keep in mind that this is just my vanilla experience and my vanilla OnlyFans and I still made about $300 (w/o %20) a week just by sheer fluke mostly. So, if you’re comfortable with it definitely give it a go. All in all it was an okay experience I made some money and didn’t have to sell my soul for it or compromise my integrity. I’ll see what happens in a month. Keep tuned :)

Oh yeah and if anyone wants to sub to my vanilla account : @Morcika


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