My Lamarion Travis

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A PM Alford Short

My Lamarion Travis

There is nothing like running into an ex when you finally have your shit together! Hair on point, skin hydrated and glowing, sundress accentuating all your curves and you're feeling sexy 'cuz you're not wearing panties! Ole loose booty! Plus your business is booming, and you have a nice car that your man washed and shined up for you this morning. Oh honey, you are ready to speak to that ex! You're not ducking and dodging him trying to get out of the store before he notices you. Oh no, you're walking right in the line of sight of the man who walked away from you because your career wasn't taking off as fast as he thought it should. The one who said he's a professional and needs a woman who is on his level. You're ready to let him see how you're doing, how you've leveled up.

Oh wait maybe you're not, but that's exactly what I did!

The fabric store or heaven as I like to call it is my second home since I learned to sew in elementary school. I was in the building early this morning, as usual, searching for coral tulle to finish a bed skirt for client's daughter. I had searched the discount fabric first, you know how I love a good deal. No luck there so I headed to the Tulle aisle. Right before I entered the aisle I noticed a familiar scent. His dreads were longer now, and from the way his t-shirt was fitting he's been eating good. He still wears the same cologne and it still lingers in the air when he crosses a room; Mr. LaMarion Travis. I'm not gonna lie the man looked good. Seeing him took me back, way back. Back to the day we met in college. The day we made out in the car for hours and made love under the stars in the back seat of his 1999 Mustang GT. When I say he was a good time, girl, I mean real good!

"LaMarion," I whispered, just in case his girlfriend was somewhere in the store, I did not want those problems!

He turned and saw that it was me and all but ran into my arms. I've never seen a man move that fast. You would have thought I was his 97 year old granny who had wondered off and he had finally found her.

When he hugged me I got lost for a second. Maybe I should have ducked out of the store when I had the chance! That smell, those arms, his touch, I'm taken, but I was thinking of letting him take me. When he finally let me go he looked me over. Up down and he even peeked around to see that peach.

"Put your eyes back in your head!" I gushed, literally.

I could not believe I was still attracted to this man after all that we went through. He still had the ability to make me drip puddles with a freaking hug.

"I can't. You're looking good Kat Kat. It's been a minute." He paused for a second and shook his head as if he was in utter disbelief that I had walked up behind him in the fabric store.

"How you been? How's your mom?" he started spouting off questions like he wanted to catch up on the entire two years we'd been apart in one sitting right there in the aisle.

"Slow down!" I giggled this time!

I had to be looking good for him to be going on the way he was. I love it when a man gives me the upper hand back! You know the feeling when you're stuttering stumbling over words, eyes wondering down to his package thinking about how bad you want to touch it, and he lets you know you have him feeling the same way? That raw chemistry, that's what we had going on in the tulle aisle of the fabric store!

"I'm good, mom is good, and business is real good."

That was me letting him know I didn't forget what happened in this fabric store a couple of aisles over two years ago. I did not forget that he told me I should stop spending all my money on fabric. That my "little bullshit ass business" wasn't going to get me anywhere, and that he was a professional and he needed a woman who was on his level. Yeah, it all happened right here in the fabric store, and here we are two years later. Isn't that something?

His smile went from 😍 to 😐instantly, but mine remained.

"How have you been?" I asked, genuinely interested.

I really was! I just wanted to remind him that if he was going to shoot his shot he better come with something better than that old friends catching up bit he was trying, because the place we were standing held memories that his delightful scent and sexy body could not erase.

He told me he was doing well but the company he was working for went out of business, and he had been looking for a job for a couple of months. All I could think was karma, my professional ex boyfriend, karma!

There was more small talk in the aisle, I found what I was looking for and helped him find what he was looking for, tulle for a tutu for his daughter in case you were wondering, like I was, why the hell this man was in the fabric store! We paid and as we were walking out I turned to tell him that it was nice seeing him. Do you know when I looked at him his eyes were on my ass again? In that moment I made a decision. Some may call it a bad one, some may call it an obvious one, I'll just call it the right one!

I asked if he wanted to go get cupcakes. He looked up across the street and around the parking lot. Not a cupcake shop in sight. He smiled he because he knew exactly what I meant.

"Where?" he inquired with a knowing smirk.

I didn't say a word I just headed toward my car. He followed of course.

"Do they have any that taste like peach cobbler? You know my favorite flavor is peach."

It was a rhetorical question and I looked back at him with my own knowing smirk.

We reached my car and, oh was he surprised to see I was driving the black Audi A6 he told me he wanted back when we were dating? Oh did I forget to mention that? Oops. He was about to walk around to the passenger side but I stopped him. I opened the driver side door and bent over to put my things down or did I bend over to touch my toes I can't really remember it's all a blur!

He finally got up the nerve and grabbed a hand full of that ass he had been admiring. I was tickled to say the least. He rubbed it a little and then he spanked me, twice. He was getting excited saying shit like, "I never would have thought my day would turn out like this." "The damn fabric store." "The mother fucking fabric store." He thought for sure he was about to be balls deep in this soaked pussy of mine in just a minute. He thought he would get to ask me if it's still his. He thought he would get to pull out and bust on that cute little butterfly tattoo on the small of my back, the one with his initials in it, but I had a surprise for him. I got that bitch covered up two years ago with the words 'Fuck You'!

This pussy and this ass belong to me. Because of Mr. LaMarion Travis no man will ever have the pleasure of hearing me say it's yours ever again. And his dick, as nice as it is, and as nice as that sounds will never see the inside of me again. I don't double back. You get one chance with me, and if you hurt me I promise you will never have the opportunity to do it again. But...

I turned around and looked him over the same way he had looked at me earlier, up and down. I even stopped and stared for a while at his dick, considering breaking my rule just this once. It was pressing up against his zipper creating a bulge that made my toes curl up in my sandals! Naah. As nice as it looked it would not be taking a dip, but his lips on the other hand...

I lifted my dress up above my waist and I sat down on my warm leather seat. His eyes followed me. He was so confused he wanted me from behind but now I was sitting in the car with my dress up. He didn't know what to do, so I gave him some instructions.

" Come here." He came a little closer. "Spread my legs." I bit my lip as he did exactly as he was told. He licked his lips when he saw how sticky he had made me. He knew what to do next but he patiently awaited my instruction. "Get on your knees." Down he went. "Now clean up that mess you made!" His smile span from ear to ear as he accepted his invitation to taste me.

"Does it taste like peach??" I asked, as he devoured my cupcake.

The End!

PM Alford
PM Alford
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