My Journey Through Dominance and Kink

by Charlee Love 2 years ago in fetishes

What I Have Learned and Loved Along the Way

My Journey Through Dominance and Kink

Sex has always been a large part of my life. A LARGE part of my life. At 14 years old I lost my virginity to, whom my small-minded 14 year old self though was, the love of my life. Of course, at 14 years old, sex was this forbidden adult act that neither of us knew a damn thing about. We were all awkward movements and quick glances at body parts that weren't meant for long term viewing.

Throughout the years, sex has become a lot more enjoyable to the more I learn with and about my current partner. We met two years ago with an instant sexual attraction. I loved his asshole attitude and he loved my thick ghetto booty. We had no idea that a relationship would blossom out of sexual desire for one another. I had no idea, however, just what kind of sexual relationship I was getting myself into.

When we met, we didn't really converse about the types of fetishes each of us had. We were caught up in the excitement of learning our new partners' bodies. Within the first three months of our relationship, we had sex three to four times a day. Three to four loud, hot, sweaty, and obnoxious times a day. My partner had a roommate at the time, but we had no care in the world of our noise level. The only thing we cared about was pleasing and learning each other.

As our relationship grew and time passed, we had learned new things about each other and began to open up to one another. Initially, we had a brief, almost non-existent, conversation about anal sex. Both of us played the "Never in a million years" card and brushed that topic way under the rug, until one interesting night during sex. I was on top, still learning the rhythm of my own hips agains his, when he wrapped his arms around my behind. With each bounce of my body against his, he slowly inched his fingers between my cheeks. I could tell his slow approach was him asking for my permission for him to make his next move. I paused briefly before diving back down with my hips and he knew I was telling him yes. The excitement of this new bedroom play gave us both rushing orgasms that night.

After the discovery of our new found likes, things became even more interesting and pleasurable. We began to buy toys and lubricants and other things to make anal sex extremely pleasurable. Our new found likes did not stop there. We had this domino effect with opening up about our sexual desires. He began to become rough and dominant. I was unsure about how I felt about being dominated and soon learned it was something that I yearned for. He slowly incorporated dominant acts in our sex life throughout the last year.

We often use ties to bind my hands and feet, whips, blindfolds, and toys during our sexual intercourse. All of these props are not for everyone, but we surely enjoy the extra pleasure.

The feeling of his hands around my neck, the hard, unexpected smack of his hand on my bottom, and the firm grip of my hair in his hand are all things that I now crave in the bedroom. We have opened up this whole new world to each other and we now have unbelievable sex together. It did take a while for us to get to this point, which is why I stress to couples that communication is key. If we would have just communicated in the beginning what we truly wanted, we could have been having this amazing sex two years ago at the start of our relationship. Don't be afraid to be vocal about your likes and dislikes. This information is vital to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life. I didn't have anyone to talk to or ask questions to until I met my partner and felt comfortable enough to open up to him and begin our sexual journey together.

Charlee Love
Charlee Love
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