My Foray into Online Foot Fetishes

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The start of something beautiful?

My Foray into Online Foot Fetishes
What is known as a "toe spread" (AKA hot stuff bb). 

Bored with the monotonous grind of my first full time job after college, last month, I decided to create a secret Instagram account. Inspiration struck, and I chose to dabble into selling photos and videos of my feet online to those who find soles sexy.

This was not as simple as it sounds. Turns out the pervasive joke that foot fetishes are to those who don't partake in #wrinklewednesday, has made for a flooded market of people hawking their feet pictures on every social media platform. Not to say it can't be done, but by day two I realized this game was going to require some saucy captions and a lot more followers...

Hard cut to a week later, DMs popping, but few real customers have taken the bait and sent me money in exchange for short videos or picture packages. I've posted around 12 pictures of my tootsies: in heels, in socks, barefoot, from the side, etc... and had sooo much fun taking these pics, possibly too much fun?

You see, after a week of staring at "sexy" feet, I found myself desensitized to the toe. Instead of seeing feet for feet, my brain began to notice the curves in a foot, and it began to see feet, the way feet lovers see them 😶after a short SOUL searching episode I realized that I, in fact, had no desire to suck my bf's toes. What I did have was a case of finding beauty in every part of the body (body positivity, rise uppp!)... and also that could've been combined with the sex oozing from captions into my subconscious.

Mental clarity restored, I decided that I had worked up to 250 followers and was feeling like momentum was growing, and the cash was almost within reach! But, alas 😭 IG has community guidelines on sexual suggestiveness, and apparently I had crossed that line. Now I can't say why this happened, because truly I was mimicking what I was seeing posted around me on the platform. But nevertheless it's done and gone forever, and I don't know if I could go back and recreate my truly inspired 😂 feet IG page. My time as toes_bb is gone..

Stay tuned though, because in that week I learned something about making money online.

I learned that the real money is in camming, and baby am I in it TO WIN IT, okay!

So check me out later and I might be letting you in on what it is like to cam as a total newbie, who is SHOWING UP for the fetish community, and who plans to have a lot of fun along the way. ;)

Prudence is Late
Prudence is Late
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