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My babysitter Blackmails me

Wife catches us

By DSPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
My babysitter Blackmails me
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Welcome to Jim's world. I have five females in my life. Let me explain. I have my wife, Julia and my 3 daughters aged 11, 12, and fourteen. We also have our babysitter who is 20, her name is Ronnie. As you can see it is very rough having any time alone especially alone time with the wife to make love. My wife works day shift and I work in the afternoon or second. We usually just have Ronnie stay over most of the week till the weekend, so everything does not fall behind and the girls have someone awake to help them out and keep them on schedule.

I came home extremely late one night after work. I had stopped off and had a few to many with the work crew and ended up taking a taxi home. I Made it inside and went straight out to our pool. I stripped down and laid down on one of the lounge chairs beside it. I was completely naked and fell right out. I was glad the pool was in the backyard, and we could not see it from the house unless you were in the guest room. That is where Ronnie slept.

I awoke the next morning about ten. I had been covered with a blanket. It made me curious who had done it. It did not take long to find out. I reached over for my clothes, and they were missing. I stood up and wrapped the blanket around me and made my way into the house. I had to go through the kitchen because that was the door that was unlocked.

I found Ronnie sitting there with a big grin on her face. She got up and got me a cup of coffee and some headache medicine. She asked me to sit down.

She started in by showing me about twenty different pictures of me and her in different poses. She had snuck out and took some pictures of me and her in various romantic positions. Always just catching my head turned away as to make it look like I was awake.

She started talking, " I have you now. I want you to give me your tool whenever I want it from now on. I spend so much time here that I can never get myself took care of by another man. You will now be at my beck and call from now on or your wife will see these pictures. "

My jaw dropped as she finished her demands. She had stood up and undone her dress, so it fell to the floor to reveal a beautiful body. Her short red hair up in pig tails. Her breasts all perky and bouncing as she moved. They were only a mouthful, but her nipples were standing on end. Her cute mound was trimmed to a perfect line above her nubbin. Her kitty had been pierced along with her tongue. She was a vision of my dreams.

She crawled up on the table and pulled my head to her kitty and thrust it into her already wet lips.

I started licking her kitty all over. I found her cute hard nubbin and started flicking it with my tongue. She started moaning low moans. I drove my tongue all around her body and deep inside her tight little hot kitty. Her juices tasted so sweet. I sucked her nubbin into my mouth and pushed my tongue hard against her nubbin as I sucked her juices from her body.

She let out a wonderful scream of pleasure. Her juices poured from her body dripping down my face and onto the table. She was flooding my mouth with her juices. She sat a moment letting her waves of passion pass through her.

She grabbed my blanket and yanked it from my body. She jumped down on her knees and took my member in her mouth. She played with the tip with her tongue. Moving it all around while slowly stroking my shaft. It was not long until my full size appeared to her. She was so passionate I could feel her hot breath behind every movement. She took the tip into her lips and swirled her tongue around like it was an ice cream cone melting. It was so wonderful. Her mouth formed a perfect lock on my head, and she started sucking it while she spun her tongue around my tip. Her hands stroking my shaft and massaging my balls gently. She was there but minutes and had my monster talking to her already. I could feel my passion building. I could not hold back anymore. It had been so long since the wife had done anything to me. I exploded a huge load into her hot mouth. She sucked even harder swallowing my load. She sucked me dry. My legs were quivering. I had not felt this good since I was young. She had drained me, and I felt a wonderful sensation throughout my body. I could barely talk as she stood up admiring her work and licking her lips.

She quickly came and sat down on my lap facing me. She started kissing me and nibbling on my ear. It was great. Her nipples pressing hard on my chest. It made my member regain its fullness. She lifted herself just enough to push my tip past her lips and into her cute little kitty. She moved to have me so deep I could feel her piercing rub my body. She simply made little yet big moves on me. Just grinding on me and squeezing me with her velvet walls. Her juices were flowing down my shaft. She had me so deep I could feel her lips almost engulf my balls. She ground on me for quite some time. Barely moving yet making herself sparkle and moan with each step of the way.

She sped up and started pounding my staff in and out so quick it was all I could do to stand it. Her tight lips parting and sinking me so deep each time before she would quickly rise and fall again. Her pace was that of a sprinter and she held that pace till all I heard was our bodies noises as we slapped one another. The juices were so abundant they were even making sounds with every stroke. She was screaming with every stroke. She finally slammed down hard with a big loud moan and stayed at bottom. I was filling her body with my juices as she was spilling them on my staff. We had orgasmed together.

She wrapped her arms together behind my back and pulled me tight to her chest. She kissed me with a long French kiss as her tongue piecing played with my tongue.

I was still deep within her body as I felt her velvet sides pulsing with joy. She was squeezing the live back into my member. We were so slick, and it was like an oven inside of her. Her kitty was so tight it felt as if I had put a condom on.

I grabbed her by the bottom and stood up. I took her over to the couch in the living room. I laid her down and grabbed both of her legs by the ankles. I pushed them back toward her head as her kitty rose showing my member deep inside her still. I pulled out a little and plunged back deep inside her. Our juices spilling out all over our bodies. She was sopping wet. I increased my speed and our bodies found a pace. In and out, back down as deep as I could.

She pulled her legs back further. Her kitty was right next to her face almost. She was watching me with every stroke. Our juices spilling onto her chest from her being so contorted. I was so turned on.

I slipped from her kitty, and she opened her mouth. I scooted up and slid into her mouth. She wanted it deep, so I started little by little edging inside her mouth. I started moving in and out, deeper with each stroke. She had me deep in her throat. I started pounding into her face. Her piercing rubbing my underside. I plunged in all the way. She grabbed my but and held me there. It was all too much. I started exploding in her mouth. She let up and moving her head up and down my shaft. Draining my load from my shaft.

Ronnie had me lay down beside her on the couch. She was busy stroking my limp noodle as she kissed me. Breathing hard she would squeeze my member each time a wave of passion would flow through her. She was still having climaxes as we lay there.

I heard a voice from the doorway. It was my wife. She said, " Ronnie, was he as good as I told you he was after a night of drinking?"

Ronnie quit kissing me and answered, " Even better. "

Julia replied, " Great news then. I am glad we could fix your issues. Does this mean you will continue to babysit for us?"

Ronnie licking her lips said, " Oh yes I think I will as long as this is available to me when I feel the need. "

Laughing Julia said, " Anytime Ronnie, anytime. Husband I bet you thought I was an old prude. I surprised you both because I have been wanting to watch you with another woman for so long. It was one of my fantasies. "

I looked up all confused and never said a word.

Now I am truly happy. I have a wonderful wife and family and a great friend with benefits in Ronnie. My wife said we could anytime we wanted too.

The girls are near grown now but Ronnie is still with us. We have a great bond with her. Me and my wife both would not trade it for anything. I finally made it to management at work, so I get to be home at nights now. Julia and Ronnie both now sleep with me. We have a great time. Every morning before work we all take the time and get each other off orally. It is better than coffee in the morning.


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