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Chance encounter

Paradise ?

By DSPublished 3 years ago 10 min read
Chance encounter
Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

I had a business trip in Japan. I was to be there about six weeks. I had to help install our systems so we could link up directly with the overseas offices. It was a great gig. I am single and have nothing really going on back home. Oh, by the way my name is Jerry.

I got into my hotel room which was quite different than ours back home. It had a small kitchen and a living room. The bedroom was off to the side. It was more like an apartment than a hotel room. I settled in and got everything stowed away.

I ordered some room service and called in to work back home to get any updates I might had missed. Eventually room service showed with dinner. It was Friday night, and I did not have to report in till Monday, so it left me some time to check out the area.

I walked into a small bar about a block down from my hotel. I grabbed a drink and sat at one of the tables to drink it. The place was empty except for me and the bartender. It had a small stage up front with doors to a back room off it. It was still light out when I went in. I had sat there maybe a few hours and the sun had finally set. Suddenly, the place was packed. Standing room only.

The stage lit up and out came some beautiful women dressed to kill. They started some music and were all dancing on the small stage. At least 10 women were up there at once. They were wonderful to watch but it was not a strip club or even a dance hall like back home.

An hour passed and the place was totally empty except for the women and the bartender this time. I was still sipping on my drink wondering what had just happened. I finally got a woman who spoke English and she explained. She had said that one of the offices nearby let out for dinner and most of the employees come in for it. We provide a little atmosphere while they hurry and grab some food and a quick drink before going back to finish the day. She said they would be back at the end of the day which would be around eleven for most of the workers.

She sat with me for a while and even though she was older than me she had daughters that were my age. She got my phone number and promised that one of her girls would be by tomorrow to show me the sights and take me out on the town.

As promised a young woman who was my age came knocking on my door early in the morning. She was dressed nice and had a younger version of her mother's body which was killer. Her dress barely held her breasts in. She had long hair all feathered back and colored various colors like the anime girls in the media. She was full of life. Her name was Yoshi.

We took in the sights all around the town and ended back at my hotel toward dinner. I invited her in for a room service dinner, but she had to work that night and took a raincheck. I did get her number though and said her mom would be at the little bar tonight. She always worked the night shift.

We said our good-bye and I went on up to my room to shower and have some dinner. I took a short nap and woke up in time to catch the show at the bar.

I got dressed made it in just before it started. Yoshi's mom was there and after the show she sat with me again and we went over the day. It was wonderful I told her, and we both enjoyed ourselves. I mentioned that she gave me her number too. Her mom was pleased it went so well. She invited me back to her home late after her shift ended. I thought it would be nice.

I was so surprised. Yuki, Yoshi's mom, picked me up from the hotel and we rode the train back to her home. We got in and she poured us some drinks and walked me into a room with a large in ground tub. It was big enough for a kiddie pool but was deep for a tub.

Yuki undressed to reveal her beautiful body. She had curves that went on for days. Her small size just made everything pop. Her breasts were still perky, and she had trimmed her bush completely off.

Yuki came over and stripped me down and took my hand. She guided me into the water and sat me down. Handed me my drink and then sat beside me. She seemed quite comfortable with everything. We sat drinking and soaking in the warm water for about twenty minutes when the doors to the room opened. It was Yoshi.

Yoshi said hello and was already undressing. Her mom grabbed a drink for her, and she sat beside me on the other side.

We sat there talking about my trip and both women started taking pictures of me with them in the tub. I started feeling buzzed from the drinks. My little soldier was standing on end, and you could see through the clear water and see everything. The women had noticed it too and acted normal.

Yuki spoke some Japanese to Yoshi, and she answered back in it too.

Yoshi switched hands with her drink and scooted up close to me. Her mom did the same from her side. Yuki put her arm around me and told me to relax.

Yoshi reached down and started fondling me and stroking my shaft. They were both giggling. She kept the pace though and soon I exploded. Shooting my massive load out into the clear pool. She milked it dry afterwards making sure I released all my load. It felt wonderful. I had never had a better hand job than she did for me that night.

Yoshi and Yuki still giggling grabbed my hand and we got out of the pool. They both dried me off and wrapped me in a robe. They did the same but they left it open so I could see their beautiful bodies. We had some more drinks and polite conversation. By now it was getting late.

Yuki said I could stay over in the guest room. Both women took me in, and Yoshi pulled down the covers on a bed roll on the floor. Yuki disrobed me and sat me down. I was completely naked with two beautiful women, and they were treating me like a king. I fell out almost immediately from the drink and the lateness of the hour.

I awoke Sunday morning to both Yuki and Yoshi in very short see-through robes loosely tied at the waist, so their breasts peeked out of the top. They had breakfast for me. I sat up and ate while we all traded small talk. They were very interested in the United States and my life there.

After breakfast they led me to the pool again and they had me in the center this time and both gave me a wonderful cleaning. This time Yuki grabbed me from behind and made my hard shaft hers. She rubbed me ever so gently but with a purpose. Her hands were so smooth. She would bring me close to climax and then back down. She did this three times. On the fourth time she had me so hot it was not funny. Her naked body pressed hard against my back. Her nipples almost piercing it they were so hard. I could not hold back anymore, and I let my juices flow with a loud groan of pleasure.

Yuki let go of my shaft and kept hold of my chest and stood us both up. Yoshi took a cloth and cleaned up my mess that was still pouring from my member. They then got me out of the pool.

Yoshi dried me off and Yuki dressed me in a wonderful robe. It was so detailed and soft. They had some sandals for me too.

After the women got dressed, they took me outside in the back to a great garden where we sat and talked most of the day. We took light meals in the garden and enjoyed one another's company. They were busy with taking pictures throughout the day too.

It was getting late in the day, so I offered to take us all out to dinner, and they agreed. I went and put back on my suit and the women were wearing some very nice dresses. We went into town by train and had a wonderful dinner.

After dinner I found that the trains would not be running that night. I invited both the women back to my place to stay over until tomorrow when the trains would be running again. They agreed.

We got back to my place, and I put the bar to good use. We all had a nice tall drink and the women had already stripped completely down to their birthday suits. I went ahead and stripped down to make them feel more at ease too.

We were sitting on the couch and Yuki reached over and started stoking my shaft making it extremely hard. She nodded at Yoshi who stood and came over and straddled my rod placing one knee on either side of me. She lowered herself down as Yuki placed my manhood into her very wet love nest. She started sliding down my pole with her very tight pinkness. I was wrapped in bliss with her tight velvety lips and body engulfing my member.

Yoshi was moving at a nice steady pace. Moaning with every downstroke. She was taking it so slow I was getting so large. My manhood was swelling with each stroke. My length had almost doubled it felt like. She was steady flexing her muscles the whole time riding me. It was one of the best rides I had ever had.

Yuki started rubbing my chest and playing in my hair on it. Her head resting on my shoulder just watching Yoshi ride my manhood. Yuki had said something in their native tongue and Yoshi sped up.

Yoshi screamed in delight and jumped up letting my member loose.

Yuki quickly grabbed it and took the tip in her mouth. She started jerking it, but it did not take much. I exploded my juices into her mouth. Yuki swallowing every bit of my seed. She milked me dry swallowing it all. She drained me.

Yuki and Yoshi took up spots beside me just rubbing my whole body. They both looked into my eyes and asked, " If I was happy. "

I replied, " Very much so you two are wonderful. What did you say to Yoshi when she sped up? "

Yuki replied, " I wanted to make sure your seed did not explode in Yoshi. I told her I would finish you with my mouth after she was done. We do not need any little ones yet. "

Giggling I said, " So you two do this often then I take it. "

Yuki with a weird stare said, " No we never till now. My husband passed two years ago, and we are about to lose our home. We do not make as much as he did even work together. I showed Yoshi your picture and she fell in love at first sight. "

I replied, " I am quite taken with Yoshi too. "

Yuki laughing said, " I know, I could see it in your eyes when you look at her. That is why we decided to treat you so well while you are here. You said you will be here a while and I would like for you and Yoshi to spend time together. "

Without a word I spun around so I could lick on Yoshi's nubbin. I started moving my tongue all around and making her moan loud. I worked her nubbin over good. Pulling it in between my lips and flicking it with my tongue. I had her juices flowing. They were escaping and running all over the couch.

Yuki took it on herself to spin me around and start riding my manhood. I was already hard from eating Yoshi. Yuki was pounding me. You could tell she was starved for human contact. I could feel her tight insides give way to my massive member. She was moving so fast and pounding so hard. It was hard to concentrate on eating Yoshi.

Yoshi let out a scream that brought me back to her. She was gushing her hot sweet juices all over my face. Her legs were quivering, and she collapsed backwards.

Just then Yuki screamed in pleasure and slammed down hard on my rod. Stopping at bottom and coating me with her hot juices. It was just too much for me. I let go of a heavy load deep into her body. Yuki fell forward onto my chest and kept moving ever so slightly. Milking me with her muscles deep within her body to extract every drop.

We all climbed into the shower and cleaned up and dried off. We all went straight to bed. Me in the middle with my two beautiful Japanese women on either side.

I finished my project overseas and came home with a wonderful new bride and a very thankful mother-in-law. We had to do some remodeling in the bathroom to make room for a big bathtub that we all could fit in. But all in all we managed to integrate both our cultures to have a great relationship. A bit dysfunctional but still wonderful.

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