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More Than Friends: Night Three

by Asrai Devin 3 years ago in fiction
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Hard and Fast

Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

Previous Chapter: Night Two Sugar and Spice



I open the door and lean against the jamb. My cat, Pussy, rubs against my legs. She knows better than to go further than the doorway, but she pokes her head into the hallway. Who can blame her from wanting to get a glimpse of Taylor?

He saunters down the hallway, his form taking up most of the space. It's just his confidence that makes him seem larger than life. But he could qualify to be the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. A sexy smile, dark wavy hair, and soulful eyes. I've looked into those eyes so many times, they no longer make my heart skip a beat. Holding a guy while he cries about his ex cements a friendship in the friendship zone.

"Hello gorgeous," he says, kissing my cheek.

My attention moves to the box in his hands. "What did you bring?"

"Cinnamon buns," He smiles as he holds out the box.

I plaster a smile on my face as my heart plummets. Holy shit. This has to be the weirdest coincidence in my entire existence. "Sounds yummy." How can I even speak through my dry mouth? "Should I get plates?"

"Yeah." His eyes hold mine. Oh god, he knows.

I rip my eyes from his. He can't know. There's no way he knows.

He bends to pet Pussy, singing "What's new Pussycat whoa, whoa," in a sexy baritone. One of his hobbies is playing guitar and singing. He's good enough to join a band, but he refuses. His concerts are for friends only. Live, acapella for me only tonight.

I watch him croon to my cat. Nope, he knows nothing. I head for the kitchen. He joins me there as I unwrap the box. What is he going to instruct or quiz me on tonight? Since I don't have a big brother, he's appointed himself my guardian. If I didn't love him so much, this would be annoying.

"I've been craving all things cinnamon lately."

I freeze while reaching for the plates. The word echoes in my head: cinnamon. I sense him behind me and my hands drop to my sides. My heart is beating out of my chest, my insides twisting. His fingers press into my hips, then slowly travel up.

My heart flutters. Taylor? He knows. My body goes cold. How? "Taylor Jude." I lift my head. "Tay."

He cups my breasts, "Cinnamon." He nuzzles my neck, his lips drag across my hot skin.

"TJ," I relax against him. Questions flood my mind, concerns, anger. How long has he known? The whole time. He saw me. He chose me. He hid it from me.

I want to twist away, but he's sucking on my earlobe, and I might melt into the floor. His hands are moving under my shirt. Why didn't I put a bra on? Oh god, he's pinching my nipples. My pussy floods with desire for TJ. Taylor. It's so mixed up in my head.

"I asked if this weekend was good for you. You didn't answer, and I wanted to tease you with the cinnamon buns, but I couldn't keep my hands off you."

"Why didn't you tell me before?" The words are like smoke, I choke on them.

His thumbs soothe my nipples with light circles. I don't care, I want him so bad. I want all those things he promised.

"Remember when you said no one else makes you come the way TJ does? It's the same for me. But each private show, made me want to see you, Chloe. And each time I saw you I wanted to touch and taste you." One hand slides down and cups between my legs. My body grinds against his hand. No doubts in my physical desire for him.

My mind is another story. I close my eyes. Do I want this? Am I going to ask all my questions or give into my desires?

"You're tense. Should I stop?"

I shake my head, "I'm just thinking about if you undress me, you'll see my underwear." My hands flutter against my thighs.

"I've seen your underwear. I've seen all of you. I've dreamt of tasting you." His mouth is close enough so the words brush against my earlobe.

I turn in his arms, facing him for the first time since his confession. His eyes are heated, sexy. Anything but boring brown.

I shake my head. It's settled in my mind, the questions can wait. I want his, TJ's, hands on me. Taylor. I look up at him, my heat reflects back at me. "I want you."

"You'll let me be in charge? Be as submissive as you are as Cinnamon?"

"Tonight I am Cinnamon," I stretch and press my lips to his.

He shakes his head. He turns me in his arms. "Call me TJ." Taylor's lips press just behind my ear and travel down my neck. His hands cover my breasts, massaging, teasing my nipples. "I always loved your breasts. After you took your top off, it was difficult for me to talk to you without picturing you naked."

"You are such a guy."

"I'm glad you noticed," Fingers squeeze my breasts, hard enough to make me cringe, my knees go weak, the pain turns me on more than in chat. He kisses me for the first time. I spent more time than I'd admit during his broken heart-phase wondering what it would be like to kiss him. And kissing TJ haunted my fantasies. Now it's all coming true.

"Do you like that?" His mouth is against my ear.

Unsure of what to say, it takes me a few seconds to straighten my head, "I didn't know you were dominant."

"I am. So when I undress you, you won't fight me?"

"I'll be good."

Taylor's eyes are intense as he unbuttons my shirt and pulls it away from my body.

"Don't move."

I remain still while he circles me, his eyes caress my body.

"Not my favorite outfit of yours."

"Which is your favorite?"

"Your skin. I guess the red lacy one if I have to choose." He stops in front of me, "Bedroom, then you get naked."

I follow silently. My skin sticking at the inner thighs as I walk.

"What were the order of events I promised? Spank you, fuck you from behind, let you sleep, show me your deep throat progress, come on your body, wash you off, make love to you."

All the liquid in my body is flowing between my legs. My mouth is dry, too dry to speak, "Yeah."

"The first time has to be hard and fast. I've been fantasizing about this for so fucking long, I won't last once I'm inside you."

I can only stare at him as he pulls my skirt off.

He licks his lips as his eyes caress my skin, "I forgot the part where I bury my head between your legs."

"I think we can skip the sleep part as well for now. You also forgot a spanking," I need him to inflict pain on me.

"Good thing we have the whole weekend."

Just the weekend? My worries are pushed away by his fiery gaze on my skin. My panties are still on, but the rest of me is bare to him. His eyes, his instructions, his touch.

My lungs burn. I forgot how to breathe. I suck in air.

"Don't look so afraid, spice. I promise nothing but pleasure."

I know. But… "Spice?"

Taylor grins then swoops in for a kiss. When he lifts his head, his expression is all business. "Cinnamon - spice. Pleasure." We move to the bed and he lays me back.

He covers me, his clothes scratching my skin. He whispers for me to close my eyes. His mouth slides over my skin, shoulder to belly, my legs part in anticipation. He returns to my breasts: lick, suck, nibble. I've fucked him a dozen times, but it's all been foreplay for tonight. Nothing could have prepared me for TJ in the flesh.

His mouth is so hot down my torso it's like being branded. He lies between my legs and presses a kiss against my pussy so heated my skin blisters with the need for more. An urgency to come floods me, I grip his head. "Please, TJ. Fuck please, I need to come."

Taylor lifts his head with a growl. "Say my name, Chloe. Say my name while you come so it's imprinted on you. No one else can make you come like me, right?"

My fingers brush through his hair. He teases me with light flicks of his tongue across my clit. "Taylor," I moan. "Please, Tay. I need…"

"The more distracted you get the longer this will take."

"Taylor. Taylor Jude Denn. Taylor. Taylor… Taylor… Taylor." His name repeats on my lips as the fireworks of pleasure detonate in my nerves. The shaking feels like it may go on forever, the pleasure echoing endlessly through my body.

My eyes are blurred but I watch him, unable to take my eyes off him for a moment. He undresses, and I try to force focus on myself. I stretch my hands toward him, wanting to run my fingertips over his honey-looking skin. I can't reach him before he grabs my wrists. "I'm in charge," he reminds me. "You did good with saying my name."

He pushes my wrists over my head while his mouth captures my bottom lip. I suck on him, inhaling my scent from his mouth, swallowing my desire.

"Thank you," I say.

I'm still shaking but he flips me over.

"Hands and knees," he urges me. Somehow my limbs stabilize under me and I'm on all fours before him. "Condom," he pants.

"I'm on the pill. If you trust me," I glance back at him. "You said you wanted to fill me with cum." Also, although some guys have a fetish for period blood, it's not my thing, so I control my cycle so I can perform more days.

His cock probes my entrance. His fingers dig into my ass as he pushes inside. I'm shaking, instantly, primed to come. His movements are slow, teasing. I try to submit, to wait, but I want him to pound me.

"You're so impatient, Cin," Taylor massages my butt hard enough to make me whimper. The pain helps me relax, I can sink into it. "Your body is gripping me so sweetly. I want to savor this." Thrust, slow pull out, breath, breath, thrust.

He squeezes my hips and pounds me. I whisper his name.

"Say it louder, Chloe."


"Who do you belong to Cin?" He pauses.

"You. TJ. Fuck me Taylor."

His fingers bruise my skin as he claims my body. He rams me with a howl as he comes. I collapse, the blankets cushioning my fall. He drags me up to the pillows, my head on his shoulder as he holds me.

"That was way fucking better than my fantasies."

I close my eyes—now that the haze of lust has passed the questions are crowding in.

He kisses the top of my head.

"I should have told you when I first found you. But that first live show, you turned me on. And you know how you said no one else makes you come the way I do, I felt the same."

I nod. "Why were you on the site?"

"After Sherry left, I was horny, but I didn't want to get involved with anyone. Porn was way too anonymous."

A chill fills my body. I pull away a little. "So you just want…"

He holds me, "I can't promise anything. I'm still hurting from Sherry." He closes his eyes.

I frown. I almost say 'I love you,' but there are lingering questions. A breath escapes my lungs. "I was on there, because my rent was increased and I couldn't afford where I live."

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped."

"That's why. I'm not relying on someone else to pay my rent. This works." It pays so well I'm considering it as a full time job, "Plus the orgasms."

"I don't have a problem with it. I was your client. I'll keep paying you."

No, no no, "I'm not letting you pay me for sex."

"Just for one show a week."

I shake my head, "It's too many lines. Even if you aren't emotionally involved, I am."

He kisses my head. "I am too, how many times have you propped me up when I thought I would die from the pain?"

Enough times. "That's what friends do."

"We are more than friends now." He looks down my body. I'd all but forgotten we were naked.

"So now what?"

"I will get the cinnamon buns, maybe spank you, then cover you in come. Then clean you up." He grins.

I smile back, my heart sinking. That's not what I meant, but it's okay for now. I have to move forward carefully, keeping my heart close. I don't want to give it away to him if he won't commit. Nor will I give up my work. But I will let him give me a few more orgasms this evening.


// ❤ Asrai


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