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More than a Massage, Part 1

A hotel spa break with special benefits

By CR BaxterPublished 3 months ago 10 min read
More than a Massage, Part 1
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

At the end of a long week, I sometimes like to relax at a spa. I might swim a little or spend time in the sauna, maybe get a treatment of some sort. Occasionally, if I’m in the mood, I’ll get a massage. There’s nothing quite like having someone kneed your shoulders and pound your muscles to drive out the tension.

Today was a massage day. It had been a tough week, I hadn’t been sleeping well, and frankly I needed some rest. I should have been at home having a solid meal and an early night, but here I was in a five-star hotel, wrapped in a towel and awaiting a massage.

The spa, and the massage, had been recommended to me by a friend, Sarah.

“You just have to try this place. Trust me, it’s beyond brilliant.” She’d kept raving about the massages until I gave in an agreed to book a session. “You won’t regret it,” she promised. “I go every week or two. Can’t get enough.”

Right on time, the door opened and a young lady in hotel uniform smiled at me.

“Mr Roads? I’m Charlene, your masseuse for today. Would you like to come in?”

I say ‘young’, but she was, I guess, about my age. Late twenties, if you’re wondering.

I padded in and Charlene asked me where I was tense and which parts of my body she should focus on. That settled, I stretched out on the table, face down, and Charlene went to work.

She massaged my legs from ankle to towel, my back, my shoulders and arms. She ran her fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp. Then she did everything again with greater pressure. Over and over she cycled through the process. When the session ended forty-five minutes later, I was so relaxed you could have poured me off the table.

I sat up feeling better than I’d done in weeks. I said as much to Charlene.

“I’m very glad to hear it. Now, if you like, we do have some extra special services we sometimes offer to our most important customers. Would you be interested in hearing about them?”

“You do? Well, sure, what have you got?”

She smiled. She really was very pretty, and the hotel uniform - a dark, tightly-fitted dress that covered her from neck to knee - only emphasised her curves.

“Before I tell you about them, we ask our clients not to discuss these services with anyone who isn’t also a client.”

“What, really?” I said. I couldn’t really see what they’d want to keep secret or why they wouldn’t want word-of-mouth publicity.

“Indeed. We take this very seriously, and you’ll come to understand our reasons, but we are regrettably unable to accept or service clients who aren’t happy to abide by this rule.”

“The first rule of massage club is that you don’t talk about massage club. Right, got it,” I said with a nod and a grin. “Your secrets are safe with me, promise.”

“Thank you. So, we have a range of services, starting with a special massage for the lower abdomen, groin and genitals.”

“Genitals?” I managed to croak.

“Exactly so, sir,” she said with another smile. “A simple warm oil massage to relax and tone. There’s nothing sexual about it, it’s just a more complete massage.”

“Interesting,” I said with a nod, wondering what it might be like to have my cock massaged non-sexually by a beautiful woman. It wasn’t something I’d ever imagined to be possible.

“Where a more sexually fulfilling service is required, we offer manual masturbation to orgasm.”

My mouth fell open. Had I heard right? Surely she hadn’t said what I thought she’d said! Had she? The prohibition on public chatter suddenly made a lot more sense.

“This service is known in some places as a ‘happy ending’, but we like to be less euphemistic about our offerings. It helps prevent misunderstandings.”

“Ok, wow. Well, yes, I suppose it’s best to be clear about these things. Did you have, ah, anything else?”

“Of course. Next on this list is our fellatio offering. A blow-job,” she elaborated when I didn’t say anything.

“I’m familiar with the word, it’s just a little unexpected. Most hotels don’t offer these things.”

“We get that a lot, but we believe in going beyond normal expectations to provide the very best experiences we can.”

“And it would be you delivering these, er, experiences?” Despite my surprise, I was now very interested. The thought of this beautiful woman’s lips on my cock was making me hard, and I shifted to better hide my growing erection.

“It would be me, yes. We’re very discreet, and very selective about who we offer these services to. I feel you might become one of our most important customers, and the hotel prides itself on giving our guests everything they might want.”


“Absolutely everything. The range of services we can provide also includes a vaginal penetration sexual experience. For this I would disrobe, obviously, and you would be able to engage in your preference of intercourse positions.” She passed me a menu filled with sketches of people posed in a variety of sex acts. “We have a selection of prophylactics should penetration be your preferred option. Would you like to see?”

I nodded and passed the menu back. Speaking seemed suddenly far too complicated, like my tongue was no longer under my control.

Charlene produced a delicate lacquered box and opened the lid to display a range of condoms. The variety of sizes, colours, flavours and finishes was impressive.

“I think maybe one from the larger end of the size range would be appropriate?” said Charlene with a nod to my crotch.

“Er, right,” I said. “That’s a very intriguing set of services.”

“Oh, we have more.” I could swear she was enjoying herself. It looked like she was becoming aroused just by talking about their services. Or maybe she was simply being professionally enthusiastic and I was conflating my arousal with hers.

“As well as the vaginal penetration solution - always a popular choice - we offer both an anal sex option and mammary intercourse, if you prefer. We also have a range of sex toys and devices, including butt plugs, penis rings and vibrators. There are additional charges for the use of those items, and they would then be yours to keep.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“If you prefer to give pleasure rather than receive, we can enable you to engage in fingering, cunnilingus or, my personal favourite, face-sitting, should you wish. And, of course, any of these options can be combined to create whatever sexual adventure you desire.”

“And this all happens where? Here, in this room?”

Charlene nodded. “Over there is a wet corner with a shower, use of which is mandatory before any engagement, and the sofa can be converted into a large and perfectly serviceable bed.”

“It seems you’ve thought of everything,” I said weakly. “Anything else?”

“The final, most exclusive, part of our offering would see us joined by one of my colleagues, either male or female depending on your taste. This allows us to offer additional creative options as you might imagine, including letting you enjoy both intercourse and cunnilingus at the same time, to watch as we engage in lesbian or heterosexual activity, to be massaged or stimulated by us both at the same time, or any other combination of the options I’ve described.”

She glanced at my crotch, where my erect penis was now completely obvious despite the towel around my waist.

“Would you like me to run through the options again?”

I licked my lips. “I see why my friend, Sarah, spoke so highly of your establishment, although she didn’t mention anything but the massages.” I couldn’t help but wonder which services she might have made use of. I made a mental note to find out at the earliest opportunity.

Charlene smiled.

“What’s this going to cost me?” I could see an immediate future where I ticked a number of sexual fantasies off my bucket list, but I wasn’t too keen to bankrupt myself in the process.

“We have a very reasonable payment package. You can buy up to four hours at a time, with each hour charged at twice the standard massage rate. My colleagues will be happy to join us at the same additional rate.”

At that price, I didn’t even have to think about it. “In that case, I think I’d like to take two hours, please. What’s good on the menu?” I felt like a diner asking a waitress for a recommendation. “If you were advising for maximum enjoyment…?”

Charlene smiled again. “The ultimate pleasure comes from the fulfilment of long anticipated joy, so I suggest a mixed package of observation, masturbation, reclined cunnilingus, and finally vaginal penetration using the Cowgirl position, which gives us both a solid framework from which to build explosive orgasms and lets me do all the physical work.”

“That sounds amazing,” I said. “When you say ‘observation’, you mean…?”

“I would disrobe and masturbate for your enjoyment. You can watch me as you shower or, if you prefer, we can lie on the bed while I use my fingers or a toy to reach orgasm.”

“Do you feel comfortable having this conversation? I mean, you’ve been very professional, but surely it’s a little awkward for you?”

Charlene looked a little embarrassed. “Thank you for asking. You’ve been very polite about the whole thing, and I’m actually quite aroused by both the conversation and the thought of providing some of these services to you. So no, I’m not at all uncomfortable. In fact, I’m very much aroused at the thought of having you lick my clitoris and then penetrate my vagina with your penis.”

I smiled and bowed my head. Then I looked up and grinned. “Would it be too much to ask for a taste? Something to keep me going while I shower.”

“An amuse-bouche, one might say?” She licked her lips. “I can accommodate a sample. Let me just…” She reached around her shoulders and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor revealing an ultra-skinny pair of knickers and a thin bra that barely covered her nipples. Everything the dress had promised was now visible, and she looked amazing.

She danced in a circle letting me gaze at her from every angle. Then she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her knickers and pushed them down.

“Oh, yes. I do like a nice smooth vulva,” I said, eyes locked on her crotch. I wanted to pull her close, kiss her breasts, finger her pussy and slide my tongue inside her, but I let her take the lead.

“You can kneel,” she said, parting her legs. I jumped off the massage bed and dropped to my knees. She stepped closer, heels clicking on the floor, until her pussy was almost pressed against my face. “You may—“

I pressed my face into her crotch and licked at her slit. She shuddered as my tongue found her clit and gasped when I slid a finger into her vagina. I worked back and forth, the minutes stretching as her breathing grew heavier. She leaned on my shoulder and pulled my head close with her hand.

“Yes, that’s it, just there,” she moaned. I felt her pussy clench and her stomach tense as her orgasm arrived. “Argh, yes, yes!” She released me and stumbled back. “Thank you,” she said breathlessly. “Do you want to continue with the rest of the program?”

I stood, feeling more than a little pleased with myself, and nodded.

“Then the next step is a shower while I masturbate,” said Charlene. She unclipped her bra, hopped up onto the massage table, and laid one hand on her pussy. “I’m afraid I might come quite quickly after that warm-up,” she said as she began to rub. “You may need to hurry…”

I needed no further encouragement. I dropped the towel, pulled off my shorts, and rushed to the shower, chased by the damp sounds of Charlene vigorously wanking her way toward another orgasm.

As she arched off the massage table, one hand clasped to her breast the other working hard at her pussy, all I could think of was Sarah’s knowing expressions when we next met. Now, at least, we had something to talk about.


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I write sexy stories to entertain and excite. My stories are respectful, consensual, full of dirty language, and laced with humour and unexpected twists. Enjoy!

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  • Carol Townend3 months ago

    Brilliant. I loved every juicy moment of reading your story.

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