More About Fake Sugar Daddies

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More About Fake Sugar Daddies

I have received more questions about this topic, so I will talk about those concerns. Sugar babies will always have questions about fake daddies and scams.

There is one issue that needs to be discussed, and that is pedophile sugar daddies. These guys are picture collectors, and possibly distributors. The first sign that something is wrong is he will ask if you have any kids, then ask for pictures of your kids, don't send any pictures of your kids to anyone you don't know. He may also become fixated on your kids. He will cross the line between polite, normal questions into that being all he wants to talk about. He may even ask inappropriate questions. I even heard of one woman who had a daddy ask her to pull her kids out of school. Don't ever pull your kids out of school on the request from a daddy, they are your kids, raise them how you see fit. Advice may be accepted if it's seen as appropriate, and along the lines of any advice a parent will give. Never give kids names, or names of schools. Another way to know that he's a pedophile is that he wants a young quality like braces. They prey on sugar babies, because they think they are desperate, and will do anything for money.

If you run into a sugar daddy who asks for PayPal, and something else like a card, it's a scam, because PayPal is all you need. You don't need a debit card or anything else for PayPal to work. I knew of one girl who had a daddy ask her to send debit card info and PayPal. The point of PayPal is that you don't have to send bank info, or get a debit card.

Also if he asks for your phone information beyond a phone number, it's a scam. If he wants to pay your phone bill, have him go with you to the phone company store or have him give you the money. There is no reason for you to give anyone your account info. So only give your number when you're comfortable. They can get all your information and mess with your plan. They can also charge stuff to your account. He may not do anything to your plan, but he still doesn't need your info.

Also something that came up is a vanilla card. A vanilla card is a pre-paid debit card. The reason that this is bad or wrong is because he is not guaranteed to put money on the card. You should also not have to buy anything for your sugar daddy to put money on it. The only thing that you could consider buying to make getting money easy is a card square for your phone. If you don't know what a card square is, it's a card reader you can plug into the headphone jack on your phone.

Women think a sugar daddy have to pay $4,000 a month to be a real sugar daddy. Some guys don't do cash, but opt for giving gifts. There are other daddies that are just happy giving their sugar babies enough money to hold up a certain lifestyle. I had one sugar daddy that was going to give me $150 a week. That's fine for me, because I was just a sugar baby to make extra money to help me get ahead. Some women just expect the over the top stuff from Sugar daddies. $4000 a month daddies are rare, so don't expect to find one easily.

A guy who calls sugar babies sellers needs to be questioned, because he may just subscribe to the new idea that Sugar babies can sell things like pictures. Sugar babies don't realize that they can be paid for basically being a girlfriend. Some babies may just want to offer more for their daddies. Sugar babies can sell anything except porn or sex, check your local laws.

Sugar daddies should pay you, and make your life easier. They should add to your life, not take away from it. Don't cause drama for your daddy, you also need to add to their life as well.

How does it work?
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