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Mile High

by Heather Kinnane 13 days ago in relationships

A fantasy whispered over a long flight can only lead to one thing…

“…the seatbelt sign has now been switched off; you are free to walk around the cabin…”

Macy undid her belt, shifting in her seat so she could get closer to her husband. “You know what I’d like to do right now?” she whispered directly into Sandy’s ear, keeping her voice soft and low to pull his attention from the Captain’s message.

“What might that be?” he asked, one eyebrow raised.

“I’d like to unzip your fly, slide my hand inside your pants and play with your cock.” Her tone was husky now, teasing.

“Would you now?”


“Damn shame the plane’s full then, isn’t it.” He glanced at the passengers around them, but sitting in economy the seats were too close for anyone but the passengers across the aisle to see, and everyone was too involved in their own conversations to be listening in to what she was saying. She knew there was no way anyone would hear her.

She shrugged. “That would add to the excitement, don’t you think?”

He grinned at the wicked smile across her face. “And how would you play exactly?”

She loved that he was so eager for the details.

“I’d start gently,” she said, “with my fingertips. I’d start by stroking and patting your soft, sleeping cock until he started to rise. Then when he was about halfway I’d release him from his cloth prison and take him in my hand. I’d continue to stroke, but I’d add in a bit of squeezing and pulling, maybe give him a little suck to help him stand up. Once he was firm, I’d bend over, and take him in my mouth.”

Sandy shifted slightly in his seat. Macy glanced at his crotch and giggled. She could see the effect her words were having already, as his cock strained against his jeans. His gaze met hers.

“Keep going…” he said, his words breathy.

“I’d take your cock in my mouth,” she repeated. “And I’d suck the tip, just gently, just to tease, and I’d lick the little slit at the end. And then I’d take my tongue and explore the length, from base to tip and back again, before opening my throat and swallowing you whole.”

He swallowed, shifting in his seat in a hopeless attempt to get comfortable.

“Then, when I knew you were close I’d stop, unbuckle this seatbelt, and straddle you.” She paused for a moment, lowering her voice even further when she continued. “I’m not wearing any panties you know.”

She glanced around the cabin again. “I’d lift up my skirt and straddle you, and ever so slowly slide my hot, wet pussy down the length of your cock. And then I’d start grinding. I’d rock my hips back and forth over your rock hard cock and I’d ride you until we both came.”

“God, you’re an evil woman!” He groaned, and she laughed.

“Always happy to please,” she said. “And now you’ve got — what ? An hour and a half till we get to our hotel. Plenty of time to think something up to release all that tension.”

“We could wait the hour and a half,” he said, “or we could just head to the bathroom and we could release our tensions there.”

Her eyes shone at the idea. “Think we’d get away with it?” She glanced up to see two air hostess chatting by the nearest restroom.

“Why not? There’s only one way to find out. You up for it?”

“It’s a tiny space.”

“And you’re a tiny woman — come on — thought you were up for a bit of excitement!”

She hesitated a moment, before a grin crossed her face. “Let’s do it!”


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Heather Kinnane
Heather Kinnane
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