Messy-face Girl Gives Romantic Advice

"Vanilla yogurt is best served warm."

Messy-face Girl Gives Romantic Advice
Sister Rosalee, Reformed Catholic who enjoys yogurt.

Don't even think about using a spoon. There is no reason to be tidy and prissy went the action is on.

Smile. Laugh. And gulp it down if you want to. It's all a matter of personal taste. There are no rules worth talking about.

We can talk all day about spurting cream, and find many examples on RedTube, tens of thousands of educational videos only a few clicks away. I do wish real joy, and actual shared pleasure were seen more often. Scrolling around I see.... Fake. Fake. Fake. And more Fake. Oh, there's a one homemade porn clip--- two attractive young people who look like they might even care about each other.

So what is the point? Stimulation of the imagination, when there is no live, breathing, worthwhile human being close by, willing and cheerful to have orgasms with. I enjoy solo stimulation as much as the next girl, but why settle for that? Why settle for anything less than tenderness, and even love, from a few conveniently located sexually attractive men or women, or both.

There is sooooooooo much emphasis on the sex and not nearly enough advice on how to find a worthwhile human bring to spend time with. It honestly puzzles me why many men and women have no clue at all about How To Chose a Loving Sex Partner. They go for the superficial, the trendy, the well-scrubbed (or not well-scrubbed, if hot-mess people turn you on) or any number of personal turn-ons, having little to do with the person who lives in the body you wish to fuck.

Money can be attractive. That's why the sex-worker business is more reliable than any new software invention. There is always a demand for orgasms, and always people willing to pay for that pleasure.

There are cute-sy coded categories--- like Girl-Friend-Experience. (If there is no girl friend, there is no GFE.) Fake. Fake and more Fake. The fact is actual girl friends can be more demanding and less fun than the fake GFE.... If you have chosen the wrong girl-friend, or are too lazy to have an actual relationship with another human being, well that is on you, little one!

There is the core of the matter. Many people are honestly too lazy or too self-involved to want an actual relationship with another human. Vibrators don't talk back. They never beg you to take them in your ass. Vibrators just hum pleasantly, and go where you want them to go. And go back in the drawer and never want to cuddle. Likewise, a good sex worker takes the cash and leaves, and causes no grief or stress in your daily life.

So those are the facts. As long as people are too lazy to even attempt to love each other, and be considerate and kind, and non-demanding of each other--- the sex-for-cash business will go on forever. Thank God there is at least one industry to be relied-on to make a dollar or two. No matter what country, and what century, no matter who is President-- any reasonably attractive person can make a dollar or two by fucking. The smart ones chose carefully who they fuck, and make sure they are paid well for the effort.

Don't despair. If you want to settle for a wham-bam good fuck, or prefer that stress-less pleasure instead of a wham-bam good fuck with a person who truly cares about you--- there are men and women and machines waiting for your cash. If you want to be loved, and have wham-bam good fucking at the same time-- that requires a little more effort, and that is also available, if you are paying attention, if you ask the right questions.

And, if you are not a complete asshole.

Sister Rosalee, Sister Eva and Roscoe on a summer evening.

Roscoe Forthright
Roscoe Forthright
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