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Men Can Masturbate with the Showerhead Too

Masturbation Tip For Men

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Men Can Masturbate with the Showerhead Too
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Men Can Masturbate with the Showerhead Too

It is a pretty common and well-known fact that women can masturbate using the showerhead. Strangely though, a lot of people- including a lot of men- don’t realize that men can masturbate with the shower head too. Of course; we are talking about the showerhead that has the stream that is usually adjustable. Well, this post has you covered and we are going to go over how this is a great way for men to take care of themselves in the shower too.

Why is a Man Able to Use the Showerhead?

First, let’s talk about how and why a woman is able to use the water stream from the shower when getting herself off. The clit is the largest gathering of nerves and thus provides a great deal of pleasure; which can lead to an orgasm. A steady stream of water applied to the clit, of course, leads to a constant stream of physical pleasure and will then often get her off.

Well, men have that same focal point. Yes, men get pleasure from stimulation of any part of the penis; same way women do get pleasure from stimulation on the whole of their vagina. However; men too have a focal point that is similar to a woman’s clit; in that the nerves that provide pleasure all meet in this one spot. For those who may not know, the underside of the head of a man’s penis, is the most sensitive area of the male genitals. The same constant stream of water that gets women off; will do much the same for a man if it is applied to this area of the body.

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How to Use the Showerhead to Masturbate; for Men

Now, let’s get into the part you likely want to know most; the mechanics of how to use the showerhead for masturbation. Most of the suggestions that follow will assume that you have a showerhead that is detachable and allows for adjusting the waterflow. If this isn’t true of your shower, don’t worry; it is still very possible and we will cover that as well.

While standing in the shower, prop your foot up on the side of the tub or on an overhang inside the shower; wherever is best for putting one foot on and still having some room to maneuver a bit. With the showerhead detached and the water on a mid-strength to strong setting, adjust so that you can spray the water under your leg and concentrate the stream of water where it needs to go as your “mini-me” hangs freely. Depending on your body’s reaction time; you will have to adjust the stream as you begin growing harder and more erect. Move the stream very slowly until it is hitting just right for how you want it to feel.

Be sure to move the stream of water around and not keep it focused solely on one spot the whole time. You may desensitize yourself in the moment, or worse; cause it to start hurting instead. It is often a useful and effective technique to slowly move the stream of water down the shaft and then back up again to the underside of the head. This can feel like shaft-play feels when receiving oral sex, and has the benefit of preventing the afore mentioned issues.

Undoubtedly, this will occur to you eventually in the moment anyway, but, if your showerhead has more than adjustment setting; be sure to experiment with each one and see which ones work and which do not. This will come down to your preferences as well as which settings are available on your model of showerhead. Be sure to experiment and try out different positions inside the shower as well. Like any other form of masturbation or even sex; safely figure out what you like and go with it. The more you can safely try; the more pleasurable moments you can discover.

Non-Detachable Showerhead and Another Position Idea

What if you have a showerhead that isn’t detachable? Can you still use it to masturbate as a man? Yes, you can. If your showerhead isn’t one that detaches, simply move the showerhead as much as you can (most are adjustable at least) to get the flow in an optimal location inside the tub or shower area. Since you are unable to bring the water flow to the underside of your penis, you will have to bring the underside of your penis to the water flow. This can be done by laying in a tub or the bottom of a standup shower. If laying will not work then try sitting and adjusting in order to get the water where it needs to go.

If you are able to lay down, move your penis so that it is laying against your stomach. This exposes the underside fully. After that; simply adjust your body so that the water is hitting where you need it to. This will create the same effect and pleasure. Be aware, however; if you finish while in this position, you will likely make a mess on yourself. Luckily… you are already in the shower, so, this makes for cleaning yourself up being easy and quickly done.

If you do have a detachable showerhead, this makes another great option for masturbation with the showerhead while you are tired. Lay on the bottom of the tub or shower and following the directions above you are able to do the same technique. In fact; if using a detachable showerhead; you can even still adjust the intensity by moving the waterflow further or closer.

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That’s It for Now

Well; now you know how men can use the showerhead to masturbate too. Give it a try and be safe about it. If you are a woman reading this and you want to surprise your man in the shower next time; use the shower water to get him started. You may pleasantly shock him. Stay safe. Have fun.

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