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Me vs Monster D

by Love MeTrue 12 months ago in comedy

Round 3

So here were are, about to go Round 3. This particular night, he was in his feelings because of another female and I was in my feelings about some craziness that was going on around me. He had asked to come vent and I was like sure. Needless to say, I knew it was gonna be more than venting, but I said sure. Typical before "D" appointment, shave, shower and get cute. Now being that it was him, I wasn't getting too cute. I was just going to put on something that would have enabled easy access. And I am sure you know exactly what that means.

Right on time, there was a knock at the door. I was glad the kids were gone because my son would normally come to the door, but considering I make it a point to not let them see company that isn't going to be a permanent fixture or potential for a permanent position. Anyway, I answer the door, give him a hug and wait for him to come in. He bends down to hug me, he has a bag in his hand. It was about to be one of those nights.

I go to the kitchen, get two cups, some ice and return to the couch. He's sitting there looking pitiful so I start making jokes to try to get him to laugh. It works. We start joking about those other people who have pissed us off and drinking. Now I am not a pro drinker, I am actually rather ameteur if you ask me, but I was trying. So we are taking shots as well as drinking what we've mixed in our cups. Mind you, we're drinking Hennessy! Yeah, that part.

Again, I had every intention on getting me some. So I was cool with the way things were flowing. We take the last shot of the bottle and he leans in for a kiss. Considering his breath always bothered me, I dodged it and let him kiss my neck. As good as I was feeling, he could have touched my arm hairs with his arms hairs and it would have been on and popping. But that is neither here nor there. So, he's kissing my neck and rubbing my thighs and I'm like lets stop playing.

I get off the couch and lead him to the backroom versus the bedroom. And this is going to be Round 3 and he was not about to win. Well, so I thought. We're in the back room and clothes are flying off left and right. Monster was winking at me and Ms. Cukie was slobbering. He laid me down and go started eating like his life depended on it. I almost lost my whole mind! I knew I was not gonna be sucking nothing, because my mouth doesn't open that wide...but that's my business! (LOL) I don't know if it was that alcohol that caused me to feel so light, but it was like one swoop and I was on my knees with my back arched and it was on!

It was like he was taking his frustration from whatever "she" did out on me. It didn't hurt, but it was rough.He gripped my shirt like I was a damn horse and started bucking harder. I start trying to buck back but I can't move. It's like I am locked in this position and it is feeling so good. He's bucking, I'm shaking. He digs his nubbs into my back and gets harder. It feels like it is coming out my chest. My shaking increases and his grip gets tighter. I know we couldn't have been doing anything longer that 10 minutes, but with the amount of sweat that was pouring off both of us, it seemed like forever.

Then it happens. I explode and you would have thought a damn had broke. The futon, the rug, the floor....soaked. But he doesn't stop. That seems to make it worse well, better. He keeps going deeper and harder and I explode again. Sounds like water is being poured on my floor. This time, its followed by a grunt and "Oh my God" and a super hard thrust and he collaspes.

I'm laying here borderline mad because he was not supposed to do that to me. I wanted to have a two on one so I could walk away. Now I gotta plot a way for me to win and be done. Definitely wouldn't be this night. I roll off the futon, go take another shower, bring him a hot rag and a towel and tell him I'm about to go to sleep. He gets dressed and leaves and I'm up for 45 minutes cleaning up the damn floor, rug and futon. Damn....Monster D - 2 Me - 1

This is not over!


Love MeTrue

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