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Making the Most Out of the Time of the Month

by Cam Codes 2 years ago in how to

The Cam Girls' Guide to Working Online During Your Time of the Month and How to Make the Most Out of It

Being on your period and going to work is never fun, but it can get a little more complicated when you work as a cam model. However, there are plenty of ways around it without giving up cam for the rest of the week but saying that my first suggestion for this is ... Try not work on the first day, I find this is the heaviest and most painful day and if you can take this one off without it affecting your earnings too much, then I recommend it.

Once things start to lighten up a bit though, there are a few little tricks you can do to make things easier.

Tampons, Cups and Sponges:

My preferred method of the three are menstrual cups (moon-cup, tulip-cup etc), they're cheaper in the long run, environmentally friendly. Most importantly for this, they're quite discreet for cam and you don't have to worry about hiding the tampon string away neatly. You can also now get cups called Ziggy Cups which you can supposedly use during sex, this could be really useful if you want to use toys on your period and on cam or if you escort or just for fun. I have not tested this cup out myself, yet but will leave a product link at the bottom of this post regardless.

You can also find sea sponge tampons which are similar to cups in the sense they are discreet and environmentally friendly.

Lastly, if you're not comfortable with trying cups or sponges you can of course use a tampon, just make sure you fold the tampon string away neatly.

Heat Pads and Self-Care:

It's all very well disguising the problem, but if you're in lots of pain then you're not going to be able to have any fun. I like to put a heat pad under the blanket I'm sitting on or lay on my belly on top of it to ease cramps as well as keeping topped up on ibuprofen and paracetamol if necessary. Make sure to embrace self care rituals such as hot drinks and bubble baths ... Why not do a little show while you're in the bath? Brush your hair, moisturise your skin and make yourself feel good all while your customers think you look great too!

Honesty Policy:

Some models don't want to be so up front with their customers. They worry they might be grossed out or turned off and to be fair, maybe if its your first session with them you might feel uncomfortable bringing it up. However, if this is a regular customer then there shouldn't be so much to be afraid of. Lots of cam girls will be honest with their customers when they're on their period and even get sympathy and tips from them! You never know your period could work in your favour for that session...

Period Play:

*Make sure this is allowed on your site* Speaking of your period working in your favour, there is no denying that period play in itself is a fetish for certain customers. Please do not perform period play if it has not been requested and only do so in private session. However this does not mean you can't advertise it during your time of the month or cater to it if a customer has requested it or says that they don't mind once you've told them you're on your period. This is often something a lot of cam models aren't comfortable with, but the customers really don't mind or actually really enjoy.

Domination Services:

As long as you're the one directing the session, then you can pleasure your customer and offer a great session without having to worry about things getting messy. If you're doing sissy training sessions why don't you get them to wear pads and tampons too? The possibilities are endless, but generally speaking its easy to avoid period problems when you're the one calling the shots.

Hopefully from these ideas, you can pick and choose what suits your cam character and your sessions appropriately and what will make it enjoyable for you and your customers. Find what you're comfortable with and make the most of your time of the month on cam.

Product Links

Again, I have not trialed and tested this but this is supposedly the only reusable cup that can be worn during sex.

Mooncup is one of the most well known brands of menstrual cups but there are lots of different brands available. Make sure that you get the right size for you, there is size A and size B which are dependent on age and childbirth.

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