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Lunch with an Incubus

by Lorelei_Sands 8 months ago in erotic
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When I agreed to have lunch with Tanith, I didn’t know I was the main course.

As I sat on the train with the countryside flying past, I checked my phone for the hundredth time. Tanith and I had planned to meet over a year ago, but lockdowns, family and a million other things had got in the way. We’d contented ourselves with text conversations and the occasional video call. Both had become steamier as time had gone on, and our inhibitions had lessened.

As we got to know each other, Tanith had opened up more about his specific tastes and interests. He dropped into the conversation about how making me scream for more would keep him sated for months. The thought of giving someone that much pleasure had made me wet; I had slipped my fingers between my folds, my movements becoming more erratic as he described in great detail how he would collect every last drop of my desire. I buried my head into the pillow to stop from waking the rest of the house as my orgasm tore through me.

I squirmed in my seat, the crowded train preventing me from revisiting those moments. I contented myself with scrolling through our messages from the night before, my stomach tightening at the promises they contained. I was beginning to regret insisting on meeting at the restaurant, wishing we would be somewhere more private. The sensible part of my brain screamed at me, reminding me that fantasy and reality were very different, and caution was a good thing. Still, I wanted to ignore it and run ahead with the part of me that wanted to be somewhere dark and private where we could bring our recent sexting to life. Unfortunately, I also had to get back to Plymouth for a tedious nightshift. I cursed myself for not checking and changing my rota.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, my new lingerie sliding against my increasing damp mound as I did. I caught an involuntary moan before it could leave my lips and sighed with relief as my stop was announced. I hurried from my seat, my head spinning with possibilities. The restaurant was only a short walk from the station. I didn’t know Exeter that well, and should things go wrong. I didn’t want to add getting lost to the list.

Tanith’s back was turned as I caught sight of him from across the road. A slight breeze lifted his long, dark hair, blowing it across his face and obscuring his view as he turned. He was exactly as I had imagined, tall, broad-shouldered, and dressed entirely in black. The photos and small views I’d had of him by video on my phone did not do him justice. I smiled as I crossed the road, coming within arm’s length of him before he tamed his unruly mane and met my gaze. His intense blue eyes sent shivers down my spine.

“You made it,” Tanith said, reaching out, grasping my hand and pressing it to his lips. My knees trembled, and it was all I could do not to beg him to take there and then.

Struggling to compose myself, I managed a whispered, “Yes.”

He smiled and slipped his arm around my waist. “Let’s go eat, shall we?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak, half convinced that if I did, I would offer myself up as dessert.

The restaurant was dimly lit, tables spaced well apart with alcoves carved into the walls. The waiter led us through to one of the alcoves at the back of the restaurant. He warbled something about specials and left us with the menus. I hadn’t even started listening; my attention focused on circles that his fingers rubbed on my side as we followed the waiter and the sudden loss of contact as we sat at the table. The disappointment at the distance between us must have shown on my face as Tanith chuckled and slid closer to me on the plush velvet seating.

“Is that better?” he whispered as his arm brushed against mine.

“Yes,” I squeaked, blushing scarlet at the sound that left my mouth.

He grinned and ran his fingers down my arm circling them across the back of my wrist and hand. “I wonder what other noises I can exact from you.”

I pressed my thighs together, trying to control the throbbing sensation between my legs as the movement on my hand sent shivers down my spine. I swallowed hard, attempting to stop myself from moaning.

He leant closer. “You can tell me to stop at any time, and I will.” His fingers slipped from my hand and danced across my thigh, the slight pressure leaving me tingling through the thin material of my skirt. “Of course, if you would like to enact our conversation from last night, I will need you to tell me clearly.”

I gulped and turned to face him. “Here?” I said a little louder than anticipated, shrinking back into my seat for fear I’d been heard. My eyes flitted around the restaurant, and I soon relaxed as I realised no one had heard or at least was taking any notice of us.

He moved his head closer to mine without breaking the rhythm of his fingers on my thigh. “Yes, I would suggest going back to mine, but you may not make it back home tonight if we do. And, trust me, no one will notice a thing.” His breath tickled my cheek as he spoke, and the sensation combined with the movement was enough for the last of my inhibitions to fall. I moaned and leaned in closer, my lips capturing his as I did. Tanith’s arm slipped from around my shoulders, his hand grasped the back of my head, his fingers tangling in my hair. I gasped, giving his tongue entrance. As he explored every inch of my mouth, I melted into him, barely noticing as his other hand bunched up the material of my long skirt, searching for the hem.

We came up for air panting. “Say the words,” he whispered as his fingers caressed the bare flesh of my thigh.


“Please, what?”

“Please, make me come.”

He needed no further invitation. His fingers slipped beneath the soft material of my thong, caressing my entrance as his thumb made gentle circles across my clit. I moaned, bucking my hips to get closer, wanting to feel him inside me.

“All in good time. I like to enjoy my meals, and it is so much more pleasurable watching you squirm.”

Before I could voice my realisation that he had been telling me the truth the whole time we had been talking and not playing a role, he covered my mouth with his, tasting every inch of me. I whimpered into the kiss as he increased the pressure on my swollen clit. I shook as sparks of pleasure ignited throughout my being as he sped up, bringing me to orgasm. He breathed in my aura, feeding on the pleasure he had created.

“Yes, exquisite, just as I thought you would be, but I think we can do a little better yet.”

With that, he plunged his fingers between my folds, thrusting hard and fast, his fingers curled to reach deep inside me, pressing against my most sensitive spot with each thrust. Overcome with desire, only his tight grip on my neck kept me upright. His mouth over mine muffling the sounds of my ecstasy as another orgasm built.

I thrust my hips up to meet his rhythm, wishing that it was his cock inside me, imagining his weight on me, my hands and feet chained, holding me in place as he used me, again and again. The image seared into my mind and tipped me over the edge. My muscle contracted and pulsed around his fingers, and my whole body shook with the power of my orgasm. He kept his fingers pressed firmly inside me as I rode out my high, and he breathed in the last of the energy his actions had produced.

He lifted his mouth from mine and slid his fingers from me. I whimpered at the loss of contact, causing him to smile. He lifted his fingers to his mouth, sucking them clean. As I watched, I noticed the remnants of a dark grey tail laying across his hip; almost translucent wings protruded from his back, fading with every moment that passed.

Releasing my neck and pulling me into his chest, he said, “You are everything I imagined and so much more.”

I lay against his chest, still struggling to get my breath back. “How did no one see, especially your… I mean, you have wings.”

Tanith chuckled. “One of the many benefits of being an Incubus. I could have stripped you naked and thrown you across the table and, as long as you were willing, no one would have noticed a thing.”

I pushed back to look at him, not sure he was serious. “I mean, I could have, not that I would have. I would rather explore that other little thought you had when we have a little longer and much more privacy.”

“You saw…”

“Yes, my dear, another of my many talents. When I am feeding, I can see your deepest desires. But we have no time today. Now we should make ourselves seen and replenish some of that energy you have just used. Next time, maybe you can plan a longer stay.”

I smiled; I think I am going to enjoy next time even more.


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Professional copywriter and mother during the day. Poet, dabbler in fanfiction and erotica at night. I've been living with a long term chronic condition for over 20 years and I'm not ready to give up the fight yet. Glory or Valhalla.

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