Loving the Beast

by Dan StrawberryHall 11 months ago in fetishes

A Monster Fetish Erotic Short Story

Loving the Beast

You can keep your sparkly vampires. They’re not for me. Give me a shaggy, wild, barely-controlled beast of a man any day. I want hair and fur and claws and rippling muscle. And that’s exactly what I got with him.

I had my suspicions right from the first day we met. His thick but oh-so-soft hair, those predator’s eyes, that haunted look, I knew he was different. And then there were the business trips out of town, regular as clockwork, always when the moon was at its fullest. Once or twice could be a coincidence, but not every month.

I had to be sure though. It’s not every day you meet a genuine one. I had to banish my doubts. A girl likes to be certain. One day I blew on a dog whistle from a different room. I heard him swear and drop his bottle of beer. The next day I wore a silver bracelet, and when I brushed it against his skin he recoiled. I had my beast man.

He had no idea I’d discovered his secret, but then one night I let slip that I knew. He tried to laugh it off at first. He made fun of me, he called me crazy, he told me in a patronising voice that things like that don’t exist in the real world, only in fantasies. I threw my silver bracelet at him. He caught it without thinking, then he yelped and dropped it. He stormed out of my house without talking to me.

I won him back round, eventually. He knew I knew then, but he refused to talk about it, at least at first. I was persistent though. I wouldn’t let it drop, and he soon grew angry whenever I tried to talk about it. It still didn’t stop me though. I loved it when he was angry, he scared me, but he excited me too. His eyes flashed and he looked wilder than any man should.

During one argument, he finally snapped. He said he was dangerous, an animal, that he didn’t want to hurt me, or worse. I told him I loved him, that I trusted him, and that I wanted to see him like that. I said I wanted him to take me during the next full moon. He looked more than unsure, but I begged, and he finally relented.

That night the sky held the fullest moon of midsummer. I waited inside for him. My nerves came on strong, I had second thoughts, I knew what I was doing was crazy, and when I heard him howl my heart froze. I was so scared I felt sick. I forced myself to stand though. I unlocked the bay windows and stepped out on trembling legs into my garden.

The sky was clear and filled with stars. The moon hung low above me, pure and bright and heavenly. A light breeze held the scent of midnight flowers, but it was still warm. The grass felt dry but soft under my bare feet.

One second I was alone, but I blinked, and there he was. He’d slipped out of the cover of the trees at the bottom of my land and he was bounding down the slope towards me. He was too quiet for something that moved so fast. For something so big.

I saw him properly as he drew closer, his bulk, his dark fur, his claws and teeth, the way his muscles flowed under his skin. My fear became barely contained terror. I felt like prey being charged by a predator. Every instinct I had was screaming at me to turn and run, but I managed to master them. I stood my ground, if on shaking legs.

He slowed to a stop in front of me. He reared up onto his hind legs, he inspected me, then he growled. It was a deep, resonating sound I felt in my chest more than I heard. My legs shook harder. I curled my toes into the grass. My whole body tensed. I was on the verge of losing control of my bladder. I’d never seen an animal so dangerous looking, so capable of rending me to bloody pieces.

But the excitement was there too. I felt the adrenaline coursing through me, my body thrummed with it. There was a heat between my legs already as well. He was a beast, he was powerful and deadly, but he was beautiful too. And he was mine.

He growled again and it brought me back to my senses. I managed to coax my body to move. I slowly turned away from him, I lifted my dress off over my head and I dropped to my hands and knees in the long grass.

The night air pimpled my skin, and then suddenly he was over me. He’d moved without making a sound and I quailed when he touched me. I fought the urge to run again, and I held myself still for him.

He dropped his head and he sniffed at me. I could feel his warm breath on my skin, I closed my eyes tight and tensed, this would be the moment he decided if I was friend or foe, mate or a meal. Something warm and hot slid over my buttocks and I let out a gasp of breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

His tongue moved lower and I raised my bottom and spread my thighs to offer myself to him. His breath touched my skin down there, he was sniffing me, then his tongue passed over my skin. It felt hotter than a normal man’s, and so much wider and longer and more tactile.

He ran his tongue back and forth along the length of my pussy as if he was tasting me. He pressed it more firmly against me, opening my lips up, to taste me between. It felt so good I quivered with each pass of his tongue.

He licked me all over, he explored every inch of my pussy, he got me wetter and wetter, he made me gasp and moan. He moved higher and licked my arsehole, and it felt better than I ever imagined it could. I forgot my fear as my pleasure took over me. I lifted myself up higher, I spread myself wider for him. He lapped at me with growing enthusiasm, with growing force, he was rough, and he was going to get me there already.

But then he raised his head and he snarled so close to my ear it made me jump and shriek and my fear surged back. Fuck, what was I thinking? He was huge, and I’d seen his teeth and his claws, and those slabs of muscle, I’d be a ragdoll in his paws. He could do whatever he wanted to me and I’d be powerless to stop him. My instincts got the better of me. I tried to press myself up onto my feet and run.

I tried. It didn’t happen though. He placed a wide paw between my shoulders and he pressed me down easily. I squirmed to try and escape, but he held me fast. His paw and his arm felt like rigid iron above me. Panic took over. My breath came so fast I was on the verge of hyperventilating. I fought not to scream out.

I felt him move above me. I felt the soft fur on his stomach make contact with my back, it tickled as I trembled. He took his paw off my back and held me by each of my shoulders. I felt the tips of his claws, as if he was warning me not move. He used his body to manoeuvre me into position.

Something touched my pussy and I shouted that time, I couldn’t stop myself. I was so scared I couldn’t seem to think straight. I felt like I was losing my mind, but then he slid into me and I closed my eyes and groaned long and loud and forgot about everything else.

He was thick and so long, and he kept coming and coming into me. He did it slowly, but he stretched and filled me gloriously, he made me squirm and gasp beneath him, and just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore his soft fur was pressing against my skin and he was in me up to the hilt. I panted and shook as I tried to adjust to the feeling of being so filled, but he didn’t give me long. He pulled back a couple of inches, then he drove deep into me.

All the breath was forced from my body, and I tried to gulp down more air, but he thrust into me again and I couldn't hold it in. He moved slowly, but he was so strong I couldn’t seem to catch my breath and my head started to lighten and swim.

His strokes grew faster and faster, each thrust sent a rush of pleasure through me more intense than anything I’d ever felt, and I moaned loudly as I tried to get control of my breathing. I could feel the weight of him too, the hardness of his muscles under that soft fur, the claws scratching at my skin.

My body flushed with heat and pleasure as he fucked me, and he moved faster, he grew wilder, he growled above me, he took me like an animal. He pounded into me. He used me. His cock felt like it was swelling inside me too, it was filling me more with each thrust, stretching me wider, until it felt impossibly huge inside me.

He fucked me harder and harder, like no man ever could. I didn’t try and push back against him, I just tried to hold on for dear life. I just tried to take what he was giving me without losing consciousness from how incredible and overwhelming it felt.

A tight, heavy feeling formed inside me at the base of his prick, like a bulbous knot was growing there. As it swelled it felt like it was holding him inside me and my whole body began to slide back and forth as he rode me. I could feel how tight I was around him now and I knew I wouldn’t be able to escape him now, no matter what happened, until he was good and finished with me.

He moved even faster and harder, he got wilder, he growled and snarled above me, and my orgasm rose up and took me. It hit me so hard my vision whited out and at some point I realised I was screaming and shouting like he was killing me.

He kept fucking me though, he got rougher, he tore my skin, he crushed me underneath his massive body, and I couldn’t breathe again, but then he reared up and he howled and he was coming too. He thrust himself as deep into me as he could, his prick jerked and pulsed, and he was filling me with his seed.

I felt it all so clearly, the way his cock throbbed, how his sperm was hotter than a man’s normally was, and how it kept coming and coming out of him, until I felt like was filled up with it. It kept coming though, there was so much, it spurted out of me, it ran down my body, it coated my cunt and my thighs, and the feel of it set me off again and I climaxed a second time beneath him.

He still didn’t stop. He kept thrusting and coming inside me for I don’t know how long, but it kept me coming too. The feel of him in my cunt, his hot seed, his animal power, the smell of him, it was overpowering, and I came over and over.

He fucked me until I was delirious, until all the strength had drained from my body, then he finally stopped. He withdrew from me slowly. He rolled us gently onto our sides and he wrapped his body around mine and he held me in the moonlight.

I dozed against him before he slipped off into the night to hunt.

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