Lover's Crest: Part Three

by LP Steinbeck 2 years ago in fiction

This story is a continuation from 'Promise To Be Tender.'

Lover's Crest: Part Three

It was taking everything I had to keep myself from pinning Kris to the magnificent bed and possessing every curve and hidden place. I took my time making love to her mouth with mine, kissing her face, resting my own in her fragrant hair. My kisses extended down her left arm to her hand, and I placed her hand over my heart, which was beating hard, just for her.


"Shhhh..." and I put my hand over her heart, showing mock surprise that a breast was there, raising my eyebrows and placing my hand over my open mouth in false astonishment. Kris giggled.

I became serious, gazing intently into Kris' eyes, and laid the inside of my fingers against her pubic mound. I allowed my middle finger to slip towards her, and felt her rich moisture, dancing the finger lightly in it. She involuntarily moved, watching my face. I lifted my hand and kissed the tip of my moist finger, then slipped it slowly through my lips and tasted her as I sucked it. I positioned her closer to bed center, making sure she had pillows supporting her upper body, and moved her legs open, getting myself in between them as I did.

I kissed her soft belly, remembering a time not too long ago when I wouldn't have considered it unless she had been the last girl in the bar after a long night of drinking. No, she wasn't a model, or perfect. No, she was better than the image of what I had previously thought was "fuck-worthy." She had loved me, served me, and cared for me as I ignored her. She was physically lovely in a rounded, modest way, but it was her spirit, and her hidden sensuality, that made her fascinating.

No, Kris wasn't "fuck-worthy." She deserved to be loved and cherished. She deserved to be savored.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and kissed her between her thigh and vulva, and then dipped my mouth and tongue into her sweet juices. She was wet, so wet, and I relished her essence, avoiding at first her clit, and focusing on massaging her labia with the pressure of my tongue and gentle sucking.

"Oh, Mac, oh, oh..."

Her hips pushed into me, and she put her hand on my head, urging me to her sweet spot. I swiped past the side of her clit and she cried out weakly. I did it a few more times, increasing the pressure, and she rocked and pushed into my mouth, riding herself onto my tongue. Her climax was near, and I captured her clit in my mouth and suckled, holding tight to her hips as it happened, and not stopping the sucking until she had climaxed twice more.

She was still moaning when I moved up next to her and kissed her fully, with the glory of her own body still within my mouth and on my face. Our kissing was the hunger of our hearts and bodies, and I didn't try to stop Kris as she took her mouth and hands down my torso.

Kris reached my belly button, and paused to look into my eyes before taking me into her mouth. I loved the way she kept her mouth around me, maintaining pressure and warmth as she moved up and down and back and forth on the top half of my dick. Her hand stroked and tickled my balls, and I was mesmerized in my pleasure.

I didn't want it to end, but I didn't want to blow it in her mouth. Not today; not this time.

I reached out to touch her.

"Kris, don't make me, not yet."

I brought her up to me, away from the gratification and satisfaction I knew her mouth could provide. No, I wanted to be in her.

"I want to be in you, Kris. I want to be with you, a part of you."

She held me tightly, and sighed softly.

"Oh, Mac, I have wanted that for so long. "

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