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Love Letters

After being in a relationship for six months and living together with my partner for five months, we still regularly exchange love letter and fantasy ideas. Although some people think this is a time of the past, because of the modern technology of love texts or emails, I still think that it can mean more to someone when they are given a handwritten letter.

Therefore, we now tend to write each other a letter when we are working and one of us leaves the house before the other returns. This can help the other person, if they are having a bad day, or just as a surprise to come home to. These letters we write for each other, they help to remind us of the love we have for each other and sometimes what we would want to do to each other once we were in bed together that evening.

Our love letter writing started a few months before we were a couple and before we moved in together. However, we would use the modern technology of texting to write them, these letters were almost entirely sexual and we would tell each other what we wanted to do to each other. These letters were a good place for a relationship to start once we had moved in together because we were able to do all of the things we had talked about and some of the things that we went on to talk together about in the letters we wrote when we started living together.

However, our relationship initially started through us flirting together and the occasional sneaky physical contact when we were both at work together. This would involve some bum to genital grinding, groping to kissing. Anything that would happen after this was strictly restricted to texts to each other. These texts would usually carry on after one of our shifts together, because we would be in the mindset to be able to have sexual conversations together. During these texts, we would talk about being together, what sexual acts we would do and we would also plan our future together.

At first, the texts would be about mutual masturbation and telling the other person how we were masturbating whilst talking to each other and the sexual positions we were thinking about. However, our first few meetings were in my partner's car. We were restricted to what we were able to do. So, it mostly ended up with one of us bending or twisting into slightly imaginative positions for the other person to be able to perform the sexual act that they wished. However, these sexual acts would usually involve oral sex, such as sucking or licking, because we were so restricted, and with my partner being over 6 ft tall, it was quite difficult for him to be able to bend and twist being in such a "small" car.

After talking about spending a night together for so long, we were finally able to spend one night together at the very start of our relationship. It involved being able to watch a movie together and then grinding on the sofa. We soon took it upstairs to finally perform the acts we had been talking about. On a double bed, we were able to perform these acts without being bent and twisted in different directions. I could finally suck him like I had been talking about and he could finally lick me the way he had been talking about it. However, the first few times we both finished a bit fast as some people may think, but over time it got "better," we were both lasting longer and longer.

However, once we had moved in together we continued to write the love letter to each other, they still mention some sex but it is a lot less now that we can perform the acts for real much more regularly than we were once able to. Although, sometimes our love letters are used to express our opinions to talk about serious points that we both may have. We have found that it is a lot quieter than having arguments face-to-face and we are able to still move on with our relationship without having the "back burner" of the past arguments that may have happened, if we didn't use the letters to express our feelings.

Therefore, these love letters are used to remind each other how we feel about each other and how lucky we feel to be able to spend our life together. We also involve how we both would like a future together, but also a lot of sex along the way.

However, now we have been in a relationship together for six months and have lived together for five months, we have now performed and lived all of our fantasies that we had spoken about. We are now exploring more areas of different sexual acts, such as watching porn together or talking dirty. We are also beginning to think about doing more sexual activities outdoors, for example, we have spoken about doing naked photos outside, which my partner has done before, but I have never. However, I have not said no to the subject because I think it might be quite thrilling and exciting. It may also help for us to be able to get more experience in different fields of sexual acts.

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