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Love is like pulling teeth

Love is like pulling teeth

By Dereck ChamblissPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

"Dad, Dad, I lost another tooth." My son ran over and showed me the missing tooth.

"Dad you see, this tooth long so ugly oh, is that day to show you have moved the one."

"Oh, that's the one down there. Remember to throw it on the roof."

"Dad, I have lost 14, our class and lost 10, that *** all lost 28."

"Remember not to lick oh, lick more long crooked, dad tooth is tooth loss old lick, long crooked."

"Ok, got it."

Continue the old customs of each family, the experience of each child. Teeth out is always very ugly appearance, because you can see closer, or because useless? Lost teeth, no one will not lick, as for long crooked and this what relationship, who knows? Children lose a tooth joy, perhaps with proof of growth; Adult tooth extraction, the pain is unmatched; When you get old and lose a tooth, there will always be a sigh for your old life.

Suddenly, I remembered a joke I saw a few days ago. My dentist once told me, "Letting go is like pulling teeth." The moment you pull it out, you'll feel free. But my tongue would go into that empty cavity, several times a day. The pain does not mean that you have completely ignored, leaving the vacancy is always there, sometimes even abnormal miss. it takes time to get used to it, but the tooth is always pulled out, because it hurts too much, so eventually you have to let go and let it go.

Let go like pulling teeth? Love like teeth? Love like pulling teeth?

Some things exist very humble and not manifest, but also important, such as teeth, such as love. Mouth is not good, eat well is not sweet, this life at least boring tight. Without the pleasure and processing of chewing, the taste is not good, and it seems to be difficult to digest. If you don't take good care of it, it will hurt sooner or later. Some believe that teeth are omnipotent, wish to show that they can chew bricks, so sooner or later full of air leakage; Too maintenance, hot and cold sweet and sour does not touch, regular beauty, may also be too much, a sand will collapse.

Children lose teeth, do not worry about it again, because it will grow out. Like the love of your youth, you will always feel better in the future, even loose, still have nothing to shake it, let it fall early. Except for the first tooth, which makes a fuss and leaves a few shy zipped photos, the other teeth are long forgotten. When it comes off, lick it, and when it comes out, lick it. The front and back have little to do with each other, and occasionally the shape and size seem to have little to do with each other.

Adult, this tooth better not trouble, see trouble is painful things. I thought I was mature, used to it, but really touched a tooth extraction thing, that pain, than a child. Some people pull the tooth simply, the long pain is better than the short pain, the draught is still cool. Some people fully enjoy the pain of toothache, it is to fully enjoy themselves to others fully show, see the pliers that is terrified, played anesthetic, but also painful hem ha ha a moment, the performance. When a tooth is removed, it is stored away for days, displayed everywhere and scrutinized in the dark, recalling the pain, but surely forgetting what the tooth once looked like and how it worked.

And then there's the odd one. A dog eats shit, a front tooth breaks out, and something happens. Or just for beauty's sake, knock out all your teeth and make a porcelain one, as white as jade and as bright as new. And whether it is pulled, or knocked, or to look at the beauty of the exchange. Bright is enough, the function is also perfect, but it is a pity that the chewing is weak, affecting the appetite of the mouth.

The extraction of the tooth is to remove, or really very painful, but why always forget how to have to pull the point; Love will go when it is time to go, very painful, there are very sudden and voluntary. You may forget why love will go, such as you forget to care for the teeth, forget how to use the teeth, forget to make some gaps, you do not care, but keep looking for toothpicks and so on.

You think that love is omnipotent, and think that the teeth are omnipotent, really not omnipotent, must be pain; You over maintenance, sooner or later also tell you that things are used to use, to live, or pain; You are OK because a little gap will keep tinkering, do not go to remedy also keep fidging, sooner or later to tell you need to pull him, is still pain; As for the sudden occurrence, or for the sake of beauty, seemingly helpless or resolute, the final pain seems to endure, but sooner or later let you eat tasteless.

A doctor friend once said that teeth are amazing things. If you lose one on one side, it may affect your chewing a lot. Because you chew on the other side, which involves the other side and accelerates aging; They also told me that my teeth were better as they were, because the feeling of chewing is part of the taste of food; Nothing knock tooth three hundred, when eighty broken walnut; Toothpicks are more evil than dental problems; Wisdom teeth like adult teeth, you don't have to take them out, otherwise he will always compete with the original place. And so on.

Oh? Shall I have a laugh? First love is like braces, although very painful and let you remember puberty at any time, but adult mouth is still full of good teeth, easy to use and beautiful; When it's time to pull out the tooth, but remember in the future it's best to form a good habit, don't always pull; The repair to repair, the maintenance to maintenance, the use of use, do not envy others white, proud of their own health; Tooth extracted, can lick, after all, vacancy, after all, air leakage, you can miss, but still want to fill the new, is better than nothing. You'll forget about your teeth, too, unless you change your chewing habits when the teeth fall out, and you go from fat on the left side of your cheek to fat on the right side of your cheek, which is balanced, which is fat.

Love is love, teeth are teeth, it doesn't matter.

But love, there is no useless love, there is no omnipotent love; Love is not for the outside who looks beautiful, love is to let you live more taste; Love is not something you can't live without; Love will make you live longer, but it's not decisive; Love needs to be nursed, but it is neither practiced against the gap nor overnursed; You can always make love last longer than what you accidentally lose or deliberately let go. Really one day, the time to put down, or put down, pain or cherish, always want to put down.

How's your tooth? Your love is still there?


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