Love Has No Limits

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Short story

Love Has No Limits

Today Xavier tells himself "I am going to find me a good woman."

Xavier Johnson, by all standards, is a well-rounded individual. He has a bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management. Xavier is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and the money to prove it. He has had a lot of trouble finding a good woman. All of the women he tends to meet have some problem attached to them. They are cheaters, abusers, or gold diggers who don’t have anything going for themselves.

Xavier Johnson, 34, muscular in build, is ready to settle down with someone. One day he heads to the grocery store, and this sweet lady starts to flirt with him, he teases back then he asks this lady for her number. She gives it to him and the two talks for hours the first night.

As he gets to know her, he realizes that this woman is 65 years old her name is Sarah Dingle, he did not care about her age because his connection and chemistry were there, so it continued to talk to her. His friends and some members of his family had an issue with the age difference, but he told them that he did not care because he was falling for this woman.

His sister says, “You can’t have kids with her you have no kids, and you know Mom and Dad want grandkids!”

He responds, “Then you better find someone to settle down with and have some kids!”

“You’re the oldest,” she replies.

He walks away gets in his 2019 Cadillac Escalade and speeds off from her house.

He calls Sarah and asks her to come over to his home. She consoled him and told him that everything is going to be alright. He begins to undress her slowly, then he undresses and put his mouth where she was moist and desperate. Her body begins to tremble uncontrollably, and that is when he picked her up and threw her on the bed. She felt the hard pulse of his arousal and begin to rise to meet his primary thrust. She was writhing with burning caresses; his turgid shaft continued to penetrate the door of her femininity. The two finally soared over the edge after one and a half hours. They cuddle then fall asleep.

The two lay there for a couple of minutes; then they both jump into the shower. They go downstairs to watch a movie and eat some dinner. The already tired couple heads back to bed. The next morning, they get dressed and head to work, Xavier texted Sarah to see how her day was going, and they both hooked up after work for dinner.

They talk about what everybody has been saying to keep them apart. Sarah’s two children are not happy about the two being together, and Xavier’s family always has their opinions on the relationship. The two decide to take a vacation to Aruba to get away from their family and all the negativity in the states.

Their private jet lands in Aruba and their car is there to meet them to haul the pair off to their five-star resort. They are tired after the flight, so they lay in bed the first night. The next morning, they got up and order some breakfast with margaritas. The two decide to enjoy the island to the fullest got on boats, swim in the ocean, as well as talk to the locals about the island.

After dinner, they came back to their hotel room, she grabbed the swelling in his loins and put it in her mouth, and after twenty minutes he felt a blinding, pulsing moment of release. Then he grabbed her and immediately put his mouth on the juncture of her thighs, she felt staccato spasms. He begins to rock inside her, over and over while she was wiggling her hips experimentally. He kept impaling her on his straining shaft until they both felt a frenzy of simultaneous explosions.

They head back to the states feeling like brand new people again when the plane lands, they both head home. He continued to work and text her during the day and meet up with her at night for their nightly trysts. Until one day she got tired of the nightly meetings and asked for the two to split up and part different ways.

He told himself that he enjoyed it while it lasted, and they both parted amicably, they continue to communicate from time to time whenever Sarah wanted some late-night attention.

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